Mad TV Corky - The Juice Pigs - I'm The Only Gay Eskimo

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monumentalbasser : I remember watching this around age 9 with my best friend thinking this was basically the pinnacle of comedy. Doesn't get any better than this.

Brandon Prater : The song that popped in my head when I saw the last ep of The Legend of Korra. That final scene though. 

John Bruno : I'm Eskimo... That was funny shit! But I'm still not switching teams.

Ben Weedon : nuckfluckchuckbuck im naming my next dog that...

Weathers96 : Greg Neale is a counsellor at my school now hahaha

mintycbo : Heard this about a decade ago.. And for some reason? It popped into my head yesterday.. Now my girlfriend probably fears I will move to Alaska due to me singing it.. Thank you for freeing me.

Ghastly Grinner : Remember when comedians were allowed to be funny

白君德 : I remember watching this live when it first aired. I laughed so hard when I first saw it. Thank you for posting this video. Mad TV was my middle school and early high school years!

Bystander232 : Very much of its time. If you can accept that, especially if you happened to hear it in 1995, it's still hilarious.

TheDude234576 : Those imitations were spot on.

Zenobia Roberts-Menzel : This speaks to me at a spiritual level

quantumperception : "Jesus Christ fits in there, somehow, as well." Can't that be said of most things?

Richard Cheese : and the crack was good...

Gigas Law : This is now my spirit animal

Ernest Lam : Sad to be only one. Intuit never use the word Eskimo..

Mykul403 : and the seals, they sing now...

Lorena Abreu : this is everything I aspire to be in life

Terestrasz : You know, what they could have done would have been to build up to the "As the seals they sing now!"

ck85x65 : Canadian insanity at its best. Cheers !

atzurblau : The sad thing is, that I can totally relate to this

Natalie Williams : Oh Shit! That's hilarious!!!

Scott Zaccagnini : Is this an actual band?

Robin Nuno : I'm a seal and I find this offensive

Susan Dixon : this is so funny....

Brad Smith : Imagine releasing this song in Canada today....

Dinzbag : Are we all sure that drive my soul didn't steal form this? ("Youre the only road I know" "Who will drive my soul")

mini dwarfdude : I remember singing this to my mum as a kid because I didn't really get what it meant

Nicole P : This is still freakin hilarious. XD

Grant Matthews : Way back in the day BNL opened for these guys,,,

Cesimiagabe02 : OMG hahahaa

BatZorro99 : That was soooo funny!

fireimp gaming : i have this song stuck in my head its just not a good song to sing out loud in collage, i got some funny looks.

Robert Anderson : This is quite funny even if extremely tasteless

Angelus Nielson : That is still a REALLY good Dylan impression.

guavamutt : who's watching in 2017?

S pooner : thats rasist

The Emo Emu : I wonder if you could get away with this in current day Canada? Seems like comedians are either boring or outlaws.

MegaDutcher : 2015 and still the funniest song on Youtube.

Keith Schiffner : Only republicans hate this.

Counter Blast : I came here cuz I heard it from a ff7 advent children parody

Mr. Lahey : That Van Morrison impression...

rclaughlin : This sort of thing could never be performed today. And we're the poorer for that.

meckleboy : Classic

BayviewFinch : Are these guys still together? Are they still funny? I remember seeing them in and around Toronto in the early 90s.

Melissa RMT : The closed captioning in this is wrong. I watched this, how many years ago? I'm pretty sure I was stoned at the time. Still funny. To this day, when I mean to say that I'm the only one of something, I say I'm the only gay Eskimo.

Danny O'Connor : Please do a re-imagining of this with modern 2017 songs; for example like pick up from mid Van Morrison and make it as far as you can go (early 2000's boy band and beyonddddd, per chance) fuk with it, I know you brilliant SOB's can make cake from proposed duke (dookie?) Humble suggestion

casey leedham : CLASSIC and always funny

sadlobster1 : Why does the Van Morrison version sound like something from a western

Danielle Bradford : I just spent almost an hour looking for this song primarily for the Bob Dylan bit!

RobMacKendrick : Canadian genius. Seán Cullen alone is nuclear.