Mad TV Corky - The Juice Pigs - I'm The Only Gay Eskimo

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monumentalbasser : I remember watching this around age 9 with my best friend thinking this was basically the pinnacle of comedy. Doesn't get any better than this.

Ben Weedon : nuckfluckchuckbuck im naming my next dog that...

John Bruno : I'm Eskimo... That was funny shit! But I'm still not switching teams.

mintycbo : Heard this about a decade ago.. And for some reason? It popped into my head yesterday.. Now my girlfriend probably fears I will move to Alaska due to me singing it.. Thank you for freeing me.

rclaughlin : This sort of thing could never be performed today. And we're the poorer for that.

Brandon Prater : The song that popped in my head when I saw the last ep of The Legend of Korra. That final scene though. 

Ghastly Grinner : Remember when comedians were allowed to be funny

白君德 : I remember watching this live when it first aired. I laughed so hard when I first saw it. Thank you for posting this video. Mad TV was my middle school and early high school years!

Weathers96 : Greg Neale is a counsellor at my school now hahaha

Melissa RMT : I'm the only gay Eskimo I'm the only one I know I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe I go out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka But all wanna do is get into his parka I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe Well me and Nuk fluk chuk buk We both like blubber But me I've got this crazy fetish for rubber I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe I make a wish on the Northern Lights That I can find a decent pair of whale skin tights I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe And the seals they sing now... [ridiculous seal noises] These cold winter nights Are taking their toll I even get excited when I see the North Pole (See the North Pole) I'm the only gay Eskimo (Only gay Eskimo) I'm the only one I know (The only one I know-oh-oh-oh) I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe Like the Proclaimers would sing it I'm the only gay Eskimo (Only gay Eskimo) I'm the only one I know (The only one I know) I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe Like Bob Dylan I'm the only gay Eskimo (Only gay Eskimo) I'm the only one I know (The only one I know-oh-oh-oh) I'm the only gaaaay Eskimo Like Rick Ocasek from The Cars I'm the only gay Eskimo (oh oh oh oh) I'm the only one I know (aye aye aye) I'm the only gay Eskimo And she used to mine aye aye aye aye Like Oasis I'm the only gay Eskimo Ach Aye ow! Like Van Morrison I'm the only gay Eskimo I've seen it going down the street (unintelligible) Jesus Christ fits in there somehow as well and the crack was good I'm the only gay Eskimo (Only gay Eskimo) I'm the only one I know (The only one I know-oh-oh-oh) I'm the only gay Eskimo In my tribe

Zenobia Roberts-Menzel : This speaks to me at a spiritual level

Scott Rabun : I couldn't masturbate to this. At least I tried.

Richard Cheese : and the crack was good...

TheDude234576 : Those imitations were spot on.

Bystander232 : Very much of its time. If you can accept that, especially if you happened to hear it in 1995, it's still hilarious.

Lorena Abreu : this is everything I aspire to be in life

quantumperception : "Jesus Christ fits in there, somehow, as well." Can't that be said of most things?

Gigas Law : This is now my spirit animal

Robin Nuno : I'm a seal and I find this offensive

Mykul403 : and the seals, they sing now...

Jesse Furlan : ..and the crack was good

ck85x65 : Canadian insanity at its best. Cheers !

Susan Dixon : this is so funny....

atzurblau : The sad thing is, that I can totally relate to this

Natalie Williams : Oh Shit! That's hilarious!!!

BayviewFinch : Are these guys still together? Are they still funny? I remember seeing them in and around Toronto in the early 90s.

Counter Blast : I came here cuz I heard it from a ff7 advent children parody

fireimp gaming : i have this song stuck in my head its just not a good song to sing out loud in collage, i got some funny looks.

guavamutt : who's watching in 2017?

Brad Smith : Imagine releasing this song in Canada today....

mini dwarfdude : I remember singing this to my mum as a kid because I didn't really get what it meant

Grant Matthews : Way back in the day BNL opened for these guys,,,

Angelus Nielson : That is still a REALLY good Dylan impression.

Scott Zaccagnini : Is this an actual band?

Ernest Lam : Sad to be only one. Intuit never use the word Eskimo..

Dinzbag : Are we all sure that drive my soul didn't steal form this? ("Youre the only road I know" "Who will drive my soul")

Terestrasz : You know, what they could have done would have been to build up to the "As the seals they sing now!"

Nicole P : This is still freakin hilarious. XD

Cesimiagabe02 : OMG hahahaa

BatZorro99 : That was soooo funny!

Robert Anderson : This is quite funny even if extremely tasteless

The Emo Emu : I wonder if you could get away with this in current day Canada? Seems like comedians are either boring or outlaws.

S pooner : thats rasist

MegaDutcher : 2015 and still the funniest song on Youtube.

Keith Schiffner : Only republicans hate this.

Gil B : instant classic

Cloud Strife : The subtitle is terrible it says "Lord or kill me" like what the hell? XD

Tommy Wright : This is funny I had never heard it and a friend told me about it the other day

ATMurdoch97 : I feel like this was one of the very first videos I ever watched on YouTube...I get the references a little better now, eight years on 😂

Samuel Holmes : Their impressions of the other artists are shockingly accurate!