The Beta Test

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Todd Santsaver : You guys are underrated, you need some advertising

Shinobi X : Of all the creatures added, who woulda thought sweaty creatures on two legs combined with apposable thumbs would be so overpowered.

lakamokolaka : "Just keep slapping them," that what I do to solve all my problems. Now I know heaven programmed me like that thanks god and bored IT guy

WilliamEdword : “Don’t say Sabretooth Tiger”

Dave J.E. : Guy playing adam is cute as heck.

Kirby : 10/10 concept and execution. funny shit

Mr Rishi The Cookie : lol these npcs

ZERO 313 : Is anyone on this channel still a brony?

Guillermo Bravo : Democrat=beta male

Shinobi X : Human weren't made with different races for no reason, we all started with the same race, living in Africa, but as we spread out across the world we were exposed to different amounts of UV rays from the sun, so we had to develop more or less melanin to prevent skincancer. Africans need lots of it, Europeans only need a little.

Ryan Brouse : This has turned into one of my favorite videos on youtube keep it up guys

Raheel Ishaq : I don't remember subscribing to you guys, but I might as well stay.

Renoh Ajinasawor : Saber tooth tiger!!

TheFunnyMan : Man coming back 3 years latter expecting this channel to be dead, and man are they still up, working with a criminally undersized audience. you guys are too talented to be stuck at around 30K

StarLightIndustries : You guys need more subs

S.C. Jones : This is great. Y'all and Chris & Jack should do a collab