Eric Chien 2018 Fism Grand Prix Act -Ribbon-

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Filmed at The Ace Assembly in Hong Kong I am really excited to share my Fism Act with everyone, I know you guys have been waiting for a while now. Though winning Fism is a big accomplisment, it is also just the beginning for me. I've been behind the scenes for most of my magic career and its finally time for me be on stage performing. I have lots of things planned out right now and I cant wait to show you guys what I can do! Thank you everyone for the support and love, and please like and share my act, it will help me greatly! IG: Ecsleights FB: Ecsleights


shin lim : holy shit... that was amazing!

freezeme360 : If you look closely at 0:10 you'll notice that he opens the box. That's about all I'm able to explain

papillon : If you slow this video down to 0.25 speed... will take you 4 times longer to be as amazed as everyone else!

Luke Infimate : Who's here after Asia's got talent.

MDB : 200 years ago this kind would’ve been hanged for sorcery lol.

nazlfrag : If you look closely you can spot him cheating by dedicating years of his life to perfecting his art.

CushysKleine FanMaus : Roses are red, Violets are blue, There's always an Asian Better then you!

Reali T : I'm surprised that the Ministry of Magic has not arrested him yet. :O

Phil Chao : at 4:11, anyone else get annoyed when he didn't put the ribbon perfectly flat? lol

Captain Cluster : It's pretty obvious how he does it. Invisibility cloak with a house-elf underneath.

porter robinson is bae : wow this is so beautifully and MAGICALLY done, just the storytelling and skill alone. so amazing. i see it as a kid who finds a magic box, learns what it can do, then tries to turn it into profit, and because of this *sin* it is taken away from him. really amazing and hope to see more from you. thanks for this gift. :)

Dimes Tu : this is cheating! you are not supposed to use real magic power!

darksetor : Soundtrack please? Your video is perfect, your magic is perfect, so much dedication, good job and keep grow up, don't stop dreaming, try to touch the sky and you will be happy with this adventure

Dave Menge : if u watch at 0.25 slowmotion you'll see true magic

Wolf Cloudy : If you slow down the speed of the video to 0.25, you will be confused in slow motion

Phymatic : You can watch this is .25 speed and still be extremely confused. Some of it straight up doesn't seem possible it's actually insane.

GamerBombHD Tim : Even if you know every Trick! Out of this Performance... It's even then... F*cking AMAZING! You did it so clean! Even if i go on slowmo, and watch every Problem zone of them, you won't Find any! It's Art to have so much Perfection, and this on Hard Tricks like this! I am happy, to life in Times like this, where people Like you Shows how Amazing magic can be! So, thank you for this Master Piece!

Call me Schibboleth : just imagine this guy and shin lim making a fusion, dragon ball style. It would create the ultimate wizard.

OhDammn : this is actually the best magic trick that exists, period.

Stannis Baratheon : Okay, this is epic. Ben Shapiro sent me.

Mark Gil Bona : Good luck to your Asia's Got Talent journey. Hope you become a winner. from Philippines

CHARL De Gaulle : Wow...what a superb close up performance makes me love sleight of hand even more.

Harimuto : 5 of heart is on the bottom so you can see he picks the blue cards not on top ^^

MrTriXXL : I'm feeling like a little child again...this was so amazing to watch, thanks for f*cking up my brain, man :D

Sam : Ben Shapiro sent me here and it was worth it. Amazing!

Sonic Fox : Eric big fan of your magic keep it up...!!!

sine mind : SPETTACOLO! Non capisco molto di illusionismo, ma ho notato un errore che condiziona un po' la performance. A 5:10 si nota che il sound fx delle monete (ahimé sono un ingegnere del suono) che cadono nel box è leggermente fuori sync (si sentono ancora le monete che cadono ma dovrebbero essere già cadute)... da lì si intuisce che le monete non cadono dentro al box, infatti quando le mostra si vede che solo una moneta è vera e le altre sono tipo "incollate" in una tavoletta. Avendo capito questo, quando poi a 5:25 apre la scatola si nota che il contenuto si sposta nel lato superiore del coperchio e girando la scatola lo fa sparire con una manualità allucinante (si vede però che il coperchio cambia colore 5:27 una volta girato , perché appunto stacca il contenuto della scatola). Per il resto sei un DIO!

Md Minhajuddin Khan : The greatest sleigh of hands Master I've ever seen. Hats off to you

MagicSebi : People complaining about video editing is the best compliment you can get as a magician.

elvistortoise : Taiwan is not China. The world doesn't need the shxt. Just say Taiwan, and that is fine!

al Kiko : Amazing!!!

_Slaze : He is cheating

Wes Matthew : who's still watching in 2019? 😂

uctriton00 : Pretty easy to see what he does. He lifts the ribbon and summons the demon Belial to transmute the cards into coins and back. He simply presents his offering backstage and the objects turn back to normal. He'll only be able to do this trick a limited number of times before he runs out of conjurings.


MJ : I love how he looks genuinely surprised by his own magic 😃 this was fantastic!

MrUthergreen : Totally amazing!!! Greetings from Serbia!!!

Paolo Scarabelli : You can see how he changed the gilet's color if u slow the video at 0.25 speed but he is still the best magician (anyway i am not a magician so i can't insult him and there are a lot of tricks that he did in this video and i can't explain, so he CAUGHT MY EYES )

Zom Bee Nature : Ur a wizard Harry! ... I mean, Eric

Rafael Kr : That is simply incredible.. I have no idea how that's possible

Gerg : "2 + 2 = Fish"

Jemon Payo : i seen your tricks makes sure not too obvious bro. but Great Job and Congrats.

C S : Don't know if compression artefacts or post editing

Dan C : DID YOU NOTICE HOW THEY ANNOUNCED :" from Taiwan ....CHINA"Wow politics even in Magic

J. F. : just watched one 10 sec. trick and I already watched enough. Incedible.

Rick Astley : That ending gives me chills every single time

kreftegleichgewicht : ok, this is seriously awsome! u blew my mind. THX!

Kaitlin : Who else is here because of Ben Shapiro?? Lol

Sauvanto : What a fine act! I'd love to see you on Penn and Teller's Fool Us!