Eric Chien 2018 Fism Grand Prix Act -Ribbon-

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Eric Chien : Thanks again for the support (: I wanted to share this sooner but didnt get a good quality of my performance till last week! Please help me share my act with the world

shin lim : holy shit... that was amazing!

Belen Aragon : Like si vienes de un poco de todo

freezeme360 : If you look closely at 0:10 you'll notice that he opens the box. That's about all I'm able to explain

MagicSebi : People complaining about video editing is the best compliment you can get as a magician.

Stannis Baratheon : Okay, this is epic. Ben Shapiro sent me.

MrTriXXL : I'm feeling like a little child again...this was so amazing to watch, thanks for f*cking up my brain, man :D

Sam : Ben Shapiro sent me here and it was worth it. Amazing!

Phil Chao : at 4:11, anyone else get annoyed when he didn't put the ribbon perfectly flat? lol

Kaitlin : Who else is here because of Ben Shapiro?? Lol

Iancu Paveliy : My dad did a trick like this, but instead of playing cards, he used to drink heavily and beat my mother

MDB : 200 years ago this kind would’ve been hanged for sorcery lol.

Reali T : I'm surprised that the Ministry of Magic has not arrested him yet. :O

Captain Cluster : It's pretty obvious how he does it. Invisibility cloak with a house-elf underneath.

victakai1 : @5:55 WTF? "Taiwan China" ?? Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan! No China, No China, No!!

nazlfrag : If you look closely you can spot him cheating by dedicating years of his life to perfecting his art.

Joseph Ma : maybe, there's real magic in this world

Espindola Max : Quién vino por UN POCO DE TODO?

Phymatic : You can watch this is .25 speed and still be extremely confused. Some of it straight up doesn't seem possible it's actually insane.

Cactucilio : Like si vienes de Un Poco De Todo

Wolf Cloudy : If you slow down the speed of the video to 0.25, you will be confused in slow motion

Zombie Chick 18MB : ¿Un poco de todo? :V

Zom Bee Nature : Ur a wizard Harry! ... I mean, Eric

Marco ENP : Vengo por parte de un poco de todo

on No : He is from Taiwan,not China!!!

Rick Chang : There is no Taiwan China. Taiwan is Taiwan

Jin Jin : Just telling u all asians have superpowers

NetAndyCz : Well, I see some classical moves and probably gimmicks that are very cleverly used, it looks really well. Really impressive skill and deception of human mine, I mean the ribbon dividing the set into red and blue kind of makes sense and makes me want to believe in magic, it is easy to see what "makes sense" rather than what is happening.

far22186 : Thanks ben

Alexander Straub : Amazing!

Ba Bu : 0:33 why it looks so real! OMG

viola magic : Sei una persona speciale e sei una cosa più misteriosa e sei molto abile con le mani. Complimenti

K P : Omg that was so amazing😍

Eric Xu : Just TAIWAN, No CHINA !!!!!

BLUEDIAMONT Andre : Like si vienes por un poco de todo

Kevin Cameron : 1 of 2 possibilities; 1 - He sold his soul to the devil. 2 - this video is edited.

Alex Fabian Lombana Monroy : Alguien vino por un poco de todo

Daag M M : if you look really closely at 5:42, you can clearly see that it is magic.

uctriton00 : Pretty easy to see what he does. He lifts the ribbon and summons the demon Belial to transmute the cards into coins and back. He simply presents his offering backstage and the objects turn back to normal. He'll only be able to do this trick a limited number of times before he runs out of conjurings.


Matthew Baxter : Steve Allen sent me here-anybody else?

aldo ÑAÑE : chino culiao esta entero loco

Giothebest : E la Madonna

Ryan Hayashi : What a beautiful act! I'm so proud of you, Eric!

Largest Classifieds : Eric Chien's new magic act has made all magicians to lose sleep.

Whizzerand Chips : Steve Allen sent me here!

Galaxy_Gamer555 : Ya me se todos esos trucos

stinkkaefer : Fantastic !!!

LaVerduraCreacion 9000 : Vamos... enseñame

Just me : How all people complaining about "Taiwan, not China" and try to figure out how it's done. That's not was magic is about. It's about being amazed and amaze other people by showing your talent and the thing you achieved by working hard on it. And this was an amazing *live* performance. Very well done. It fascinates me in so many ways.