Jon Stewart implodes Crossfire in 2004

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Fandom Musings : "It would be hard to top this group in terms of absurdity" Ooooooh poor John. If only you knew what 2016 had in store.

LE R : 7:29 Stewart regarding the Bush admin - "It'd be hard to top this group." Hello from 2018.

Emmanuel Morrell : I have never seen a worse verbal ass whooping given to two grown men. LOL

james Barrie : Tucker Carlson is and always will be a complete moron.

Sergey Malovatov : Jon Stewart carried out his mission brilliantly! He led two CNN nitwit puffed-up clowns into a trap and had their dilettante political show closed shortly thereafter.

Aarion Lynch : God, John destroyed them.

wandering womble : Hell this is where that Fox idiot comes from?

LO AD : The sad thing is Jon advocates platforms of news that invite more than a quick snippet. His hatred of this show was that it was writers for two TV personalities presenting a dichotomy on literally any viewpoint when any one aware of critical thought should have an issue with that. Y'all defending this show & criticizing Steward (or Lebowitz or whoever he is); are buying into the Us vs Them of Left vs Right when he simply hates both people he's at the table with.

OriginalNightshade : And tragically lost are the lesson & Messages Stewart was trying to teach you all, in a way that would hold your Attention because instead of LISTENING to the message you're all focused on who "WON" THEY did & Today we have "Alternate Facts" & they're trying to turn THOSE into Alternate REALITY SMH Don't bother to rage insult blah blah blah I wont be here to Listen-BIGGER fish to fry.

2MorrowsPeople : Jesus, Jon went in dry on them. Lol

A normal Christian : Two cnn idiots, Jon was really wasting his time with them.

Heelin Off24/7 : this was savage before savage was savage

Twisted Operator : When a comedy shows is more influential to a generation than a actual political show..

Jah Oose : I was actually able to watch this on the day it aired, I'll never forget it. He went on in October and by January, it was cancelled. He pretty much single-handedly _dropped_ that show. I'd always liked him, but Jon Stewart forever gained my respect that day.

obi wan kenobi : Somewhere there is a video titled John Stewart Gets Owned by Tucker Carlson........ same video

Harry Ortiz : Tucker, you craven dunce!

Zapruder1984 : Stewart - "You hacks are hurting the country! And you should take me seriously when I say that, because I'm just a comedian!"

rishnix : If Jon Stewart is using the excuse that what he says shouldn't be taken seriously because his show was a comedy, then why should anyone take what he's saying here seriously?

LE R : Gotta love Jon Stewart - buts through the bs with a razor. I for one miss him.

Fred Flinstone : this episode of the show radicalized Tucker

Bushdoctorbeats : Still up-to-date I get more (relevant) news from comedic news shows than these idiots at whatever other news tv-program...

sparksoffyou : 7:38 Just you wait, Jon.

Michael Shipman : Good'ole sanctimonious Jon. Look at what you spawned. Trevor Noah's Daily Show, Colbert, Samantha Bee, all progressive ideologues. You proud of that legacy? The media landscape has changed so much since this segment, the whole "were just entertainers" argument no longer holds. It's all progressive politics advocacy packaged in the most digestible way to that demographic.

Gabriel Blomkamp : I feel like if anything he went too easy on these guys.

Razlo5000 : I remember seeing this exchange back when I was a fan of the daily show. In fact, I never missed an episode. I was cheering John Stewart on and thought he demolished Tucker in this. Today, I can see what a joke John Stewart was. Not to say I support Tucker or the other guy, but Stewart is just a real classless jackass. The man did a clown nose on, clown nose off routine to dupe an entire generation of millennials into sharing his political views. Stewart made political hit pieces in-between comedy sketches. He fawned over the leftists that came on his show and heavily edited his exchanges with rightists to make them look like fools. Anytime somebody called him on that, John LEBOWITZ retreated to: "hey, I'm just a clown fellas. Yuk yuk!" What a coward. I'm glad I grew smart enough to reject the crap he filled my head with.

michael gross : Jon Stewart is acting so fake! Like a couple of you guys said, he switches from comedy to politics when it best suits him.

Túlio Fernandes : Jon Stewart is such a pain in the ass. He speaks a lot and says nothing while cracking some jokes and lecturing people on being serious.

Dan Lyons : Does Jon Stewart really think he's not a hard left wing Liberal? He really pretends to be non biased doesn't he?

erfan chowdhury : ownageeee

Rick Higson : Nice!

Craig Perkey : How innocent we were in 2004.

Richard Chase III : Funny hearing a guy(jon leibowitz) who is hid behind a fake stage name(jon stewart) talk about honesty and integrity.

Prexxuss : John Stewart is such a phony. Is is no different than them except he hides behind "comedy" so that later he can say "oh but my show is a comedy show". gtfo

charly77ish : We don't hold there feet to the fire I like how he walked right into that one lol

Wild Smile : Funny how much of an ass Stewart made of himself and still walked away feeling better than everyone. "We are talking to Jon Stewart, who was lecturing us on our moral inferiority. John, you're bumming us out." - Tucker Carlson, best zinger of the interview

phebby : Yikes jon stewart is cringe

Matthew Young : Jon Stewart lives in a fantasy bubble. He’s sanctimonious and condescending. He’s a pseudo intellectual who tries to hide behind humor. I can’t stand him.

JeevesReturns : Anyone ever watch AHS? Tucker is Dandy.

andYz00m : "OH, THAT WENT GREAT!"

be it : It's like nothing has changed...

Kartyman550 : Whats happening here?

DedifferentiatedPeen : timeless

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : Vaporized.

Funposting : And then John would go on to present conservative opinions on his show, and mock them without giving the audience time to think of the topic. He's a partisan hack now.

Tom Peterson : Tucker was 100% right in this. Jon claims cries comedian over any criticism. Now Trucker is part of the counter culture and Jon is a remnant.

Steve C : "I'm gonna come on and be serious but also I'm just kidding so you can't criticize me."

Denverb : Renee from Texas owns Jon Stewart. He can't even make eye contact with anyone after the ownage.

gyuuk : "We need help from the media" yea well Jon we need that now. Too bad you retired before the primary so you wouldn't have to be put in a tough spot. The networks would have told him what to say and he folded

B Pec : AHAHAHA!! Title should've been "Jon Stewart Implodes *on* Crossfire 2004" He's a good guy; but he fucking DESTROYED HIMSELF on that show. Good job man xD

Sandra Weeks : Stewart's an idiot. Glad I never watched him. Just an old hippie type.