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Daniel Matthews : Perfect anti-tailgating protection. "Earlier today north of London a man was vaporized during a road rage incident..."

Maxx B : Next time on DIY Perks, I'll show you how to make a stadium for your new 1000w light, out of some MDF, a few offcuts of timber and some repurposed aluminium brackets.

Simon Hager : put a bat symbol on it and shine it at a cloud

Kketansa Art : The Neighbour be like- "OO MY GOD Stella..! I told you to wake me up in the morning at 6!" :O!! Stella- "Go to sleep honey, its Mr.Perks".... -_- ...

Vaustick : Hey im DIY Perks and im building a *S U N*

darkridge : Add a motion sensor and you've got the worlds best security light.

Damian Reloaded : 6:28 NOOOOOOO DON'T GO INTO THE LIGHT!!!!

Eddygeek18 : Honestly $1000 was cheaper than i was expecting. Great video, it's awesome to see industry grade equipment :D

GG Next : That's one sleep cycle braking tool!

evilution : Big Clive would need a larger bench.

manystar : so that's how u got your skin tan

Open Eye : But why.... 🤔

Ignorance : Would love to see that shined toward a hillside to get an idea of falloff over distance. Very cool.

JMMC1005 : Regarding the reflectors, they're known as total internal reflection, or 'TIR' optics. Basically they work by ensuring that all the light hits the boundary of the plastic at an angle greater than the critical angle. It all gets reflected forward and out of the front, rather than refracting out the sides. It's similar to how an optical fibre doesn't lose light out the side, even though it doesn't have a mirror coating.

Jim Allmon : That would make a GREAT security light!

Şahabüddin TANRIKULU : This is brighter than my future!

D-TeK : 4:09 did you kill that mosquito just by clapping your hands? amazing !! (bottom left corner ;))

letmelooktv : "you probably wont be buying this to light your garden" lol I can think of quite a few who would love that to light their "garden"

Cekpi7 : You know it's bright when he uses sunglasses at night lol

SDG Danny : Cooooool I want one.

Dr. Alpenföhn-Kühler. : After this video... ...what will you use it for? I mean is there any practic use for this unless you own a stadium or if you are hosting Kiss?

TheSaintST1 : I think PhotonicInduction would have something to say about this....

Dominic Mammone : could you get you hands on a light like what the police use on there helicopters

Eric Marcus : We are also building and testing LED lights for stadiums at my shop. These LEDs are small, about the size of your pinky finger nail. Each panel is to hold 50 of these LEDs and takes 40amps to power it. The board they are soldered on is a 3ft by 10in piece of aluminum and the side that holds the LEDs looks like a regular white PCB, the back side is attached to a huge heat sink. I have one of the LEDs here on me cause it was defective. Each of the LEDs has 10 cells and the one I have only 9 work so its defective. I can power it on with a 9 volt battery and its bright enough to blind me. I can tweet you a picture of one of the LEDs if you want to see what this one looks like. Oh yeah, 4 of these are bright enough to light up a hole stadium, 1 panel has 50 LEDs and there are 4 panels per lighting unit and 4 for each corner of a stadium.

reggiep75 : The light panel went on and suddenly all of the birds thought it was time to wake up having only went to bird 2 hours earlier!

Sion : *Strap this thing at the back of your car, then next time someone doesn't properly turn off their high-beams...* ;P

JFrame : I wasn't obsessed with lighting colors until I came across your channel. Now I'm all into buying LEDs and mixing warmth for good ambience.

Peter Brown : You think you love lights? Not as much as this guy...

timfantry : Loving the more frequent uploads and great videos keep it up Matt!

electronicsNmore : Wow, that's some light! I could imagine how much it cost them to ship that crate to you.

drutgat2 : Thanks. That shed some light on the subject.

James Collins : That thing is a beast!

Daniel White : Police chasing you? Pop open the back hatch and blind the bastards

TheSasquatch33 : In the next episode, DIY Perks tests out an LED that draws more power than the sun and lights up the seams to other dimensions.

Rafael : That consistency with the vids 👊👊

BrunoPOWEEER : Woooowww so much LED POWEEEEEERRR ohhh yeaaahhh!!!

bookmarkthis : Should have talked about the passive cooling.

Natte Haas : Hij heeft wel een heeele snelle planga hoor. 'T is een vlugge!

Jerry Grey : Now waiting for the 10,000 watt light...

Eddie Punched : Would love to see your electricity bill :)

William Hutchinson : Wow! Are you going to use this to film or is it simply too bright?

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : You need to put this on a car

john lujick : Well I wanted a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range...but this will do for now.

Moriarty Vivaldi : Nice, get a few of em and make it day 24/7.

Benjie zheng : This 1000w led stadium light is 150lm/w, welcome to visit to know more information about the lights

devttyUSB0 : That was entertaining. :) Curious to see the DIY-reflectors thingamabobs you were talking about!

Ratomir Filipovic : Now you are Ultimate boss of douchebag jeep drivers in U.S.

Moth : **heavy breathing**

ledgeri : Why areyou asked itfor? Just to show it, or for a project?

Mister Moo : This would be very useful in a large warehouse or carpark