What it Feels Like to Slide Downhill at 90 M.P.H.

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SailaSobriquet : My brother wears a full-visor helmet and a tight-fitting suit, too. His name is Starman, and he's currently driving his red Tesla Roadster to Mars. He texted me that he'd, "BRB."

Safiyah : How do you learn this

Alkautsar A : This is actualy Stig from Top Gear. But with ice

Selene : Face reveal please.

Andhika : The Stig from Top Gear

พุทธพงศ์ ตะเภาน้อย : The most sexy sport in olympic

jorbglez : I don't know how he can run to get enough speed with those huge balls of steel

Lil uzi Verticusss : What makes him good at it over others other than experience tbh not calling the sport out just wondering

Nils : the most frightening winter sport for me. I am scared going above 70 kph on ski and these guys are rushing way faster through a concret hard ice channel. my respect

Clorox Bleach : Longboarding is way more fun

野蛮蒸気 : Put a lil bit of Wesson oil on that 🤔ice

bangtan mo : this is awesome but can you make videos about international players too and not just american? we want to c diversity

thunder23JOE : He is the Stig!

Predators Fan : That was in NY LAKE PLACID

Сергей Орлов : Go metric! Instant dislike!

Moon Deer : We learned about this is class JUST YESTERDAY :OO

Lj Doesn't Clickbait : *WhAt iT FeELs liKE tO cHeW 5 gUM*

D 5 : Cool story bro...

Lord Tachanka : nice football gloves

YipuTheDerp : I hope he doesn’t die like me I’m dead inside.

X Blocky : Stig!

Lifter85 : ... But did you shart...

AdjayeIsAppreciated_AP : Looks intense. But not as intense as Finding good hotel prices. Trivago has hundreds of great deals for a fraction of the price. Hotel? Trivago. Oof

Grozdor HNNW : What it feels like to chew 5 gums

CasualNerd : I have to do a report about this sport and when I saw this I was like 🙏🏻 YES

Abec777 Hondatech : Imagine you sneeze while on top speed...

j w : Omg. His ass tho.

Jenny Buchanan Barnes {midnight soldier} : Oh my goodness it looks fun and scary!!! Good job!

triple terrific : Trump be like build that wall

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : *Planking on the next level*

momo lolo : Wow, white people sure love to die like this, damn.

West Senkovec : If he's not from Jamaica I'm not interested

LilCoconut 103 : He’s a living penguin

- Shooting Starlight - : Now THIS is my kind of winter sports! Best part of the winter Olympics! Such an incredible sport, football players for nothing on these guys. Just hardcore man. Hardcore nerves.

LIL NATE : 12 comment let's go 💯

Martin Tabanag : this is really interesting. wish it longer and know more about how he started. and it could have been more cool to see his face too hahhaha this is very nice that it's like celebrating the winter olympics


Mauricio Guerra : Those shoes look dope af

Connor Swanson : Why don’t they show this on TV 😑

Rodigo Duterte : feel like i want to puke after trying that :v but i love speed better than anyone else

electricmaster23 : It's pretty easy to got that fast when you have balls of steel weighing you down.

cris rose : I should think you could get a similar feeling racing motorcycles :)

john vans : that would be pretty terrifying the first time

Liliana Garcia : Looks awesome and scary! !! <3

anshul bhatia : I have 2 attend funeral

Gabriel Dermawan : This is not just any sled race.... This is *advanced* sled racing

kd1s : Two things well three things I like. They all involve speed. First 70MPH on a bicycle with the attendant huge hill and a speedo on the bike. Second the Moutain Slide at Attitash in New Hampshire. Something about flying down the side of a mountain on a little plastic cart. Then of course there are cars - getting them up to red line and getting them to 100MPH as fast as I can.

Bryon Letterman : That's amazing and terrifying.

Stuffs Sperow : first squad

Chipp O : His leggs are T H I C C Af