What it Feels Like to Slide Downhill at 90 M.P.H.

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AdjayeIsAppreciated_AP : Looks intense. But not as intense as Finding good hotel prices. Trivago has hundreds of great deals for a fraction of the price. Hotel? Trivago. Oof

Grisile HNNW : What it feels like to chew 5 gums

Saila Sobriquet : My brother wears a full-visor helmet and a tight-fitting suit, too. His name is Starman, and he's currently driving his red Tesla Roadster to Mars. He texted me that he'd, "BRB."

Safiyah : How do you learn this

sincerelyselene : Face reveal please.

Al-Kautsar A. : This is actualy Stig from Top Gear. But with ice

jorbglez : I don't know how he can run to get enough speed with those huge balls of steel

LilCoconut 103 : He’s a living penguin

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : *Planking on the next level*

West Senkovec : If he's not from Jamaica I'm not interested

Andhika : The Stig from Top Gear

1pp And a dream : *WhAt iT FeELs liKE tO cHeW 5 gUM*

Nils : the most frightening winter sport for me. I am scared going above 70 kph on ski and these guys are rushing way faster through a concret hard ice channel. my respect

CasualNerd : I have to do a report about this sport and when I saw this I was like 🙏🏻 YES

พุทธพงศ์ ตะเภาน้อย : The most sexy sport in olympic

- Shooting Starlight - : Now THIS is my kind of winter sports! Best part of the winter Olympics! Such an incredible sport, football players for nothing on these guys. Just hardcore man. Hardcore nerves.

j w : Omg. His ass tho.

Jenny Joseph {Witch Girl} : Oh my goodness it looks fun and scary!!! Good job!

Big Yams 05 : What makes him good at it over others other than experience tbh not calling the sport out just wondering

triple terrific : Trump be like build that wall

Abec777 Hondatech : Imagine you sneeze while on top speed...

Predators Fan : That was in NY LAKE PLACID

bangtan mo : this is awesome but can you make videos about international players too and not just american? we want to c diversity

Timoteo Alban : It's Actually Fun I've Felt It Before.

Clorox Bleach : Longboarding is way more fun

Oh yeah Yeah : Don't ur balls hurt or something

Moon Deer : We learned about this is class JUST YESTERDAY :OO

Eagle Plyz : *Speed I am speed!!*

basher214 : John Daly...... I thought you were a golfer.

ninja : Oh hell no

YipuTheDerp : I hope he doesn’t die like me I’m dead inside.

Lord Tachanka : nice football gloves

Lifter85 : ... But did you shart...

《《 GLOCKU 》》 : Put a lil bit of Wesson oil on that 🤔ice

Spamming Good Will : He is the Stig!

LIL NATE : 12 comment let's go 💯

D 5 : Cool story bro...

X Blocky : Stig!


steve anson : “People have died doing this” well I only know of one and it was due to other people’s actions. Not sure it makes the sport sound any better making a statement like that to a large audience.

Operator Ben Me : You gonna die

Rick Bush III : Are you related to tom Daley

Firmo Yt : Faster than my *car*

JamesT : some of these Olympics sports.. like how does one even get good at it. HOW often do you see people sliding face first down a mile long slide?

Xx Kani xX : I wrote about this in school and because...... *SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS*


Thangaraj MJ : They didn't reveal his face?

Jeon Jungookie : Im Training to do this for the olympics But The Fastest ive done is 30 mph

Rilehhh : As he’s going I imagine the start of cars... “I am speed...”

Cole 19 : 0:42 how it feels to chew five gum