What it Feels Like to Slide Downhill at 90 M.P.H.

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SailaSobriquet : My brother wears a full-visor helmet and a tight-fitting suit, too. His name is Starman, and he's currently driving his red Tesla Roadster to Mars. He texted me that he'd, "BRB."

Safiyah : How do you learn this

Alkautsar A : This is actualy Stig from Top Gear. But with ice

Selene : Face reveal please.

Andhika : The Stig from Top Gear

jorbglez : I don't know how he can run to get enough speed with those huge balls of steel

พุทธพงศ์ ตะเภาน้อย : The most sexy sport in olympic

Zach Crompton England is my city : What makes him good at it over others other than experience tbh not calling the sport out just wondering

Clorox Bleach : Longboarding is way more fun

Nils Klingebiel : the most frightening winter sport for me. I am scared going above 70 kph on ski and these guys are rushing way faster through a concret hard ice channel. my respect

Man Hound : Nice ass he has.

ØĞ ĐÎĀBŁØ : Put a lil bit of Wesson oil on that 🤔ice

bangtan mo : this is awesome but can you make videos about international players too and not just american? we want to c diversity

Predators Fan : That was in NY LAKE PLACID

Сергей Орлов : Go metric! Instant dislike!

Rule number one Love yourself : We learned about this is class JUST YESTERDAY :OO

Lj Galinato : *WhAt iT FeELs liKE tO cHeW 5 gUM*

D 5 : Cool story bro...

Lord Tachanka : nice football gloves

YipuTheDerp : I hope he doesn’t die like me I’m dead inside.

X Blocky : Stig!

Ivan Alexander : That looks easy as fuck.I remember going 100 mph as a kid downhill in the winter on my knees were weak,palms were sweaty

AdjayeIsAppreciated_AP : Looks intense. But not as intense as Finding good hotel prices. Trivago has hundreds of great deals for a fraction of the price. Hotel? Trivago. Oof

Lifter85 : ... But did you shart...

Grozdor HNNW : What it feels like to chew 5 gums

CasualNerd : I have to do a report about this sport and when I saw this I was like 🙏🏻 YES

Abec777 Hondatech : Imagine you sneeze while on top speed...

j w : Omg. His ass tho.

Jenny Ramur The Wolfune : Oh my goodness it looks fun and scary!!! Good job!

tripleterrific : Trump be like build that wall

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : *Planking on the next level*

momo lolo : Wow, white people sure love to die like this, damn.

West Senkovec : If he's not from Jamaica I'm not interested

- Shooting Starlight - : Now THIS is my kind of winter sports! Best part of the winter Olympics! Such an incredible sport, football players for nothing on these guys. Just hardcore man. Hardcore nerves.

LilCoconut 103 : He’s a living penguin

K!N6 _M3 : 12 comment let's go 💯

Aoibhe O'Donovan : it looks fun but im too much of a chicken

TETRO : 144.84096 Kilometers per Hour

biocybernaut : Invented in Switzerland.

hey it's kayla : R.i.p

Mr Laizy : Next video: what it feels like chewing 5 gums

Vid Ogris : So much drama in story telling. so American

Sanmit Gaikwad : 90mph = 145kph & 40 pounds= 18kgs

Sagnik Sarkar : This is easy...I would do this anyday!

Flynn Snowden : They look pretty fucking badass in those suits and helmets

Connor Swanson : Why don’t they show this on TV 😑

Mauricio Guerra : Those shoes look dope af

john vans : that would be pretty terrifying the first time

Dny Choong : That suit is sexy!

It’s Chloe Here : This guy is my teachers god cousin XD Didn't know he was famous till a short while ago 😂