KOJI 2018 | Studio Mir Original

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Ryan Carless : Please tell me this will be a series. I loved that bit with Koji about to poke the tree. We need more Avatar animated shows

LimboGen : This reminds me of everything I watched in my entire life.

Ariana Perri : This little dude seems like a mix between Aang and Korra in which he is clearly playful like young Aang and confident in his abilities like Korra.

Aerul Nua : Aang with hair.. I'm dig in.

Bren Wan : K. so the creators of avatar and voltron were just like, “our stories are so similar why don’t we just combine them”

It's Alex Clark : i'll watch this

Newrux : It almost look like WAKFU, if anyone know btw

Syed : Please guys don't pirate this! We need to support animations like this so all these companies know what people want! Also StudioMir pls make it available on popular streaming sites like Netflix.

Just A Miracle : Why do the bad guys look like Black Manta from Young Justice? lol pretty cool anyway!

Petra March : Why does that kid make me think of Damian Wayne??

flexible riyah : Wakfu avater and voltron wow 3 likes thanks (edit) seven likes what wth

PC Smithy : So now we have Avatar, Dragon Prince, Voltron and Koji

Delaney Montelli : I hate how people have been comparing this to Avatar Because it isn't Avatar its its own show

Danzo Di Legend : 2:07 did... did he just use hydro pump

Kesh : Finally, a series worth watching! God it looks amazing!!

Blaze Brawler : The creater also made legend of korra,and fun fact korra and koji both mean ugly in Urdu language


Chaitanya Singh : Whoa I love the half anime (Pokemon specifically) half Western Cartoon style

Joseph Untitled. : This is a great substitute for my avatar addiction, I think I've watched the avatar series 3-4 times now and I still want more. Korra started off strong then I lost interest around the time Korra lost her powers, then I liked it again after the first avatar thing then how they handled the last battle made me not wanna watch it anymore again. I just want an anng someone young and funny who progresses, But this looks like something I can really sink my teeth into.

Noe Barba : Oh look it's what the Dragon Prince should have looked like

Silas : The hell, I'm surprised no one's talking about the Puggorillas.

Hex Hub Music : Anyway we can make this a real thing?

JettiPlus : Please oh PLEASE green-light this show! It reminds me of so many animated shows I've watched my whole life! I can't see any flaws from this pilot episode which is a great thing to say.

Anne Frank Hiding From Hitler : I know his voice from somewhere... where is it from pls help 😭😭😭

TheNinjaDC : Paging Dr Netflix We have a new non-Disney patient needing your immediate attention.

The next generation : Dis boi will master chidori

The One : It’s badass level is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramen resangen : *ANIME?*

Kyushio : Go support their kickstarter for me I'm broke

Supreme Wolf MT : This gives me an odd feeling. The feeling of waking up at Saturday morning... The sight of dim light rays that are coming from the outside... The invigorating smell of fresh air... The taste of that sweet, delicious breakfast mother made for you... The feeling you get when you wake up at Saturday morning to watch one of your favourite shows... I like this feeling.

Ben Lawrence : Amazing, when is the show going out?


AngelOfIron : What I would give to be able to hire you to realize my own dream for an animated series aimed at young adults...

Z A Y N E : Action scenes were good, conversation was alittle awkward though.

Fawrik : This is like Calvin and Hobbes as a very dramatic sci-fi anime

Isabelle Southivong : I need to know the voice actors for this!

Andrelloween : It DOESN'T look like WAKFU, it looks like AVATAR

Eudes Santos : Ótima animação muito foda gostei pra caramba só faltou aquela legendada em português do Brasil

James Adarna : I really love it😆so much fun😆

MegaBlackk1d : This looks awesome loved Avatar, Korra, and Voltron!!!!

Noah McDonald : I wonder how sisters does he have?

Enezti SanchezGamingYT : yes this needs to be a show please show channel acept this animation and make a sieries on it

BJ The Hedgehog : Whatever this is... I WANT 6 SEASONS OF IT!!!

BJ The Hedgehog : Whatever this is... I WANT 6 SEASONS OF IT!!!

AA *A* 123 : So I have decided instead of university I am watching this

BJ The Hedgehog : Whatever this is... I WANT 6 SEASONS OF IT!!

Hex Hub Music : I'm getting a _Avatar: The Last Airbender_ vibe...

Audrey Lemberger : That kid gives off a Ben 10 vibe

gboi gamer : Is this everything in my entire childhood ever? 👋🤓📖

M JoJo : dont let cartoon network or other studios touch this, let adult swim or netflix handle this.