How To Do A Plot Twist
How To Do A Plot Twist

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Some of the most exciting movies are the ones with crazy plot twists. But what separates a good twist from a bad one? Let's take a look at a few movies and see what separates the epic from the boring. Twitter: Patreon: Song:


Security Possum : Uhm the ending to Hamilton was spoiled 300 years ago.

Aidan S : People like stories that are spoiled because they can now see everything that lead up to that moment in the story. It's like reading a book a second time to get a better grasp of it. But some things are better unspoiled. Have you ever looked back at something and wanted to experience it for the first time again? Those types of stories are best unspoiled, because they rely on you're reaction to truly make them great.

Clint Ashley : I was very surprised by the ending of Titanic. My wife said surely, you should have known two people can't float on the same door. I told her, it's completely plausible given the size of the door, and don't call me Shirley.

zynbw : I absolutely hate when endings are spoiled lol.

JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : spoiled scooby doo for me smh. i'm only on season one

Obviously : The best plot twist was in BvS when you got to know that Batman is Bruce Wayne

Blake Thompson-Dodd : I think that study is utter bull. To me what that study says is that reading after knowing the twist is a more enjoyable experience, BUT only if you are going by the metric of 1 single read through. Spoiling first denies the enjoyment of discovering the twist. Going in blind you can get the enjoyment of not knowing, and then get the greater enjoyment of knowing when reading again. So (unspoilt + spoilt) > (spoilt).

Populous3 Tutorials : some good plot twist movies: the prestige 6th sense fight club shutter island primal fear the usual suspects identity the invisible guest the game se7en

Time Dragon : How could you not mention, the biggest and most iconic plot twist: I am your father

aunesty jones : Primal Fear still has me shocked to this day

Iggy Zen : While we are on the topic of good plot twists i would tell you about the Fight Club but unfortunatelly one is not supposed to talk about the Fight Club

Beta Ray Dave : I dunno, I personally hate when a twist ending is given away before I watch something. The best way to enjoy a film or book is to watch it through without knowing, then rewatch or reread it afterwards.

Strangegrape_777 : Plot twist THERE IS NO PLOT TWIST

bibbobella : I am actually a bit suprised that you didn't use the movie "Shutterisland" as an example in good plottwists. One of the great things about shutterisland is that the reveal is believeable in every aspect even down to the different slipups from some of the people that are trying to play along despite disagree with everything is that is going on. We learn pretty early on that the main protagonist have some serious mental issues mirroring those of the people on the Island. This however is shown as just them trying to brainwash him and make him part of the island. it isn't untill the end where everything is revealed all the small questions like "How the fuck is that old lady surviving on her own in that cave when the weather would be deadly!" and why several of the patients treat him so weirdly familiar.. It was so obvious from all the clues we had gotten but thanks to the point of view we follow throughout the whole movie it isn't as obvious.

Nyundaa : One of the problems with that study is its only considering a single metric "Did you enjoy the movie". A good movie with a plot twist will be good whether or not you see the plot twist coming that isn't why I avoid spoilers. If you spoil a movie for me you are taking away my choice to view that movie "blind". I can still enjoy the movie in the same way I would have enjoyed it on additional viewings but I will never be able to experience it without knowing that information. Some people might think "why is that important?" and to some it isn't. But for me one of the thing I really enjoy is to re-watch a movie and compare how I feel watching it the second time knowing all the twists with how I felt the first time knowing nothing. Seeing how my opinions of characters change and picking up on bits of foreshadowing I missed on the first viewing.

Emma Campbell : I think they did a good job with this in A Beautiful Mind (spoilers, obviously) . . . It's not so much a surprise that the guy in the hat is a hallucination (don't remember his name) but Marcy and Charles are more surprising, but if u rewatch it there's a scene where Marcy runs through a field of birds and none fly away.

emiltc : If you want great plot twists. Go watch Shutter Island or Memento

sammy copley : aaand now I know why the plot twist in Frozen of Hans as the bad guy didn't work- it makes the same mistake as Now You See Me

Soup : why is Tom Scott in prison in the thumbnail?

Rofl-El : *Primal Fear* *Primal Fear 2: Fight Club* The more you think the more it makes sense.....?

Nicholas Hobbs : i paused before he spoiled NYSM bc i hadnt seen it, went and watched both films, and have now come back and finished the video

Heather Holt : Oh my god I love Edward norton ❤️❤️❤️❤️

ProPepper : When you started speaking I thought it was Velma...

Tea God : Now you see me is overall pretty garbage.

IcecreamDoto : The thing is that you can always rewatch a movie, but can only experience the surprise of a plot twist once.

Dude I see you everywhere : The Sixth Sense and Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back have some of the best plot twists in my opinion

subseven : Knowing the twist for Unusual Suspects certainly ruined my enjoyment of the film. I didn't really know about the movie, but when I heard the twist I thought "That sounds really cool" and decided to watch. While watching I couldn't shake this unsatisfied feeling I had throughout the movie. I wished I didn't know what was going to come. Two times I watched it and both times the movie felt sour because I missed out on the experience. Now, while I don't dislike the movie, I don't particularly like it either, and I can't help but feel that I would have really liked it if I had no idea what was in store.

Annihilated481 : You should do one on the sex scene. Why do directors use them? When are they necessary? And what can they tell us about the characters or the movie in general?

jack wiśniewski : *Shaggy blessed this video*

The Essayist : Oh my god I was lucky enough to had never had the 6th sense spoiled for me years after it had released and DAMN

Aileen Hill : Can you do a video of the evolution of tv show intros??? please! I want to know why and how they changed.

Adrián Céspedes : Actually, the fun part is when you know the final of everything and upon a rewatch, realize where are all the key elements. Happend to me with various books specially and also had the same opposite effect when I tried to rewatch Gone Girl, which had nothing of that and it was almost a pointless build up

craftchunks : wow spoiling Hamilton smh. I'm only on the colonial period

Martu BTX : A movie I found totally rewatchable after the plot twist is Fight Club. Just... Is like seeing another movie, so awesome!

Nathan H : How does he not talk about 'the usual suspects' which blew my mind. If you havent seen it, watch it.

Kazza Jaxon : Bro I don't think Hamilton is an example of a twist... That's like saying the Titanic sinking was a twist in the movie.

Sepia Smith : but god that moment when a twist gets you so good that you sit there and gasp OH MY GOD

TheMr Manav : I hope i know my life's plot twist

SmashbrosGod 111 : Harry Potter has the most plot twist, *CHANGE MY MIND*

Sniper Olink : Bro I never saw that fight club twist coming it was so good

Geri Zanócz : Is that a Bill Evans Trio song remix in the bacground? Oh, my god. I'm getting chills

Josh Silver : One of my favourite twist endings was in fight club that had me reassessing my entire life purpose

Lance Miller : Fight Club blew my mind and it's replay value is crazy amazing...

Alice in Bookland : The Usual Suspects is a spectacular plot-twist

bina : Shutter Island has a great plot twist as well

UrbanCryo : So I guess Mega mind had to deal with what happened? Or perhaps Dead pool? When they ask you how they ended up this way?

tobWHY : Snatch had a good plot twist

Farhan Nafis Rayhan : I think the reason why i love Now You See Me that much is because i watch the Sequel first

FKalo : Edward Norton does a great job of portraying mentally unstable people. Primal Fear/Fight Club