How To Do A Plot Twist

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JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : spoiled scooby doo for me smh. i'm only on season one

ProPepper : When you started speaking I thought it was Velma...

Blake Thompson-Dodd : I think that study is utter bull. To me what that study says is that reading after knowing the twist is a more enjoyable experience, BUT only if you are going by the metric of 1 single read through. Spoiling first denies the enjoyment of discovering the twist. Going in blind you can get the enjoyment of not knowing, and then get the greater enjoyment of knowing when reading again. So (unspoilt + spoilt) > (spoilt).

zynbw : I absolutely hate when endings are spoiled lol.

aunesty jones : Primal Fear still has me shocked to this day

Clint Ashley : I was very surprised by the ending of Titanic. My wife said surely, you should have known two people can't float on the same door. I told her, it's completely plausible given the size of the door, and don't call me Shirley.

Aidan S : People like stories that are spoiled because they can now see everything that lead up to that moment in the story. It's like reading a book a second time to get a better grasp of it. But some things are better unspoiled. Have you ever looked back at something and wanted to experience it for the first time again? Those types of stories are best unspoiled, because they rely on you're reaction to truly make them great.

Populous3 Tutorials : some good plot twist movies: the prestige 6th sense fight club shutter island primal fear the usual suspects identity the invisible guest the game se7en

Obviously : The best plot twist was in BvS when you got to know that Batman is Bruce Wayne

Waki Siffredi : Darth Vader is Luke's father

wayne johnson : I NEVER got the villain right in scooby doo. I'm almost tempted to rewatch them to see if I can get a few correct the next time around.

Christopher Menz : Now you see me is overall pretty garbage.

bluemonkey223 : spoilers are ok if they are small. revealing the death of a major loved character in a book will take away the desire to read it. same applies to movie and tv series.

bibbobella : I am actually a bit suprised that you didn't use the movie "Shutterisland" as an example in good plottwists. One of the great things about shutterisland is that the reveal is believeable in every aspect even down to the different slipups from some of the people that are trying to play along despite disagree with everything is that is going on. We learn pretty early on that the main protagonist have some serious mental issues mirroring those of the people on the Island. This however is shown as just them trying to brainwash him and make him part of the island. it isn't untill the end where everything is revealed all the small questions like "How the fuck is that old lady surviving on her own in that cave when the weather would be deadly!" and why several of the patients treat him so weirdly familiar.. It was so obvious from all the clues we had gotten but thanks to the point of view we follow throughout the whole movie it isn't as obvious.

Cheeseboss Finch : Best plot twist: Usual suspects

Heather Holt : Oh my god I love Edward norton ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Richard Returns : To avoid spoiling anything I will be vague, but I completely agree with what you said about going back through a film/book/game after knowing the twist and looking for foreshadowing. There was a video game I played recently where a supporting character (ironically one of my favourite ones) turns out to have been set up to be a somewhat tragic antagonist in a later game the entire time, and was ultimately responsible for unwittingly empowering and enabling the game's main villain. Despite fighting alongside you, and obviously only doing what he believes is right, he is ultimately responsible for every bad thing that happens in the games plot, and has further goals that make him a serious threat to life as you know it within the setting. At one point in the story he has a conversation with another character, who is an author. He says he doesn't like the villain of one of the author's books, saying that he prefers villains that the reader can relate to on some level. And then the fucker literally says "A good villain could be standing beside the hero the entire time, and he would be none the wiser" but the character is so well written, and so unassuming, I didn't even bat an eye ( his unassuming nature also being a topic of much foreshadowing) Hearing that line, knowing how that character winds up, was frankly incredible.

Pia Fortuna : How about when the reader/viewer is lulled into a false ending? Like in Atonement? I think that's one of the best plot twists ever, and it still gets me every time.

Beta Ray Dave : I dunno, I personally hate when a twist ending is given away before I watch something. The best way to enjoy a film or book is to watch it through without knowing, then rewatch or reread it afterwards.

Zach T : But the plot twist in frozen that did work was that Anna and Elsa saved each other. They set up that Anna needs an act of true love to save her. And they assume a kiss will do the job, but they break that assumption and still follow the "true love" rule from earlier. It's also hinted throughout the film

emiltc : If you want great plot twists. Go watch Shutter Island or Memento

Emmy Norton : Does Hamilton really count as a plot twist?

DEATHSTROKE621 : Arrival (2016) has the best plot twist ever

Adrián Céspedes : Actually, the fun part is when you know the final of everything and upon a rewatch, realize where are all the key elements. Happend to me with various books specially and also had the same opposite effect when I tried to rewatch Gone Girl, which had nothing of that and it was almost a pointless build up

Zach T : A good plot twist was Moana. It never felt expected but was completely satisfying.

Nyundaa : One of the problems with that study is its only considering a single metric "Did you enjoy the movie". A good movie with a plot twist will be good whether or not you see the plot twist coming that isn't why I avoid spoilers. If you spoil a movie for me you are taking away my choice to view that movie "blind". I can still enjoy the movie in the same way I would have enjoyed it on additional viewings but I will never be able to experience it without knowing that information. Some people might think "why is that important?" and to some it isn't. But for me one of the thing I really enjoy is to re-watch a movie and compare how I feel watching it the second time knowing all the twists with how I felt the first time knowing nothing. Seeing how my opinions of characters change and picking up on bits of foreshadowing I missed on the first viewing.

Dude I see you everywhere : The Sixth Sense and Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back have some of the best plot twists in my opinion

Strangegrape_777 : Plot twist THERE IS NO PLOT TWIST

Dinoclaire101 : WHAT A TWIST

OnimaxBlade : I legitimately didn't really get much from this video or understand what makes a good plot twist from a bad one besides "It's not out of nowhere".

Fart Windblows : *Primal Fear* *Primal Fear 2: Fight Club* The more you think the more it makes sense.....?

UrbanCryo : So I guess Mega mind had to deal with what happened? Or perhaps Dead pool? When they ask you how they ended up this way?

subseven : Knowing the twist for Unusual Suspects certainly ruined my enjoyment of the film. I didn't really know about the movie, but when I heard the twist I thought "That sounds really cool" and decided to watch. While watching I couldn't shake this unsatisfied feeling I had throughout the movie. I wished I didn't know what was going to come. Two times I watched it and both times the movie felt sour because I missed out on the experience. Now, while I don't dislike the movie, I don't particularly like it either, and I can't help but feel that I would have really liked it if I had no idea what was in store.

jack wiśniewski : *Shaggy blessed this video*

Naomi Coraggio : Seriously? No Hamilfam in the comments, commenting about that one clip that he used as an example? Smh. I'm disappointed. But I guess I could never be satisfied without putting my own comment down, so...

The Korbi : Voldemort dies!

GodzillaFreak : Kill la kill has an amazing plot twist

bina : Shutter Island has a great plot twist as well

Creation : Thanks for ruining that Scooby Doo episode for me asshole. I hadn't got to that season yet!

Nathan H : How does he not talk about 'the usual suspects' which blew my mind. If you havent seen it, watch it.

Rayman34128 : I'd argue that that study isn't representative of real life. Consider this: The people who weren't spoiled had to read these books they didn't really care about or wanted to read, while the people who were spoiled were—more likely then not— hooked by the big twist or the emotional ending or whatever, so they didn't mind going through a book they otherwise wouldn't have. Obviously the latter would find more enjoyment in it, while the prior would consider the whole thing work, which would actively prevent them from fully enjoying it.

daemonCaptrix : Just because you like a thing more after knowing the ending that doesn't justify spoiling things for people. The first experience can never be got back once it's gone. The second experience will still be there waiting after the first one is done. Let people have their firsts too, even if the second will be better.

Nothing to see here : But how come I did see the plot twist in now you see me coming? I didnt just guess randomly. I figuerd it out (well it just sorted of clicked in my mind). I dont think its a great film but for me the twist was satisfying because somehow it did add up to me. I wonder if i went back and watched it again i could find all the little clues that tripped me.

TheMr Manav : I hope i know my life's plot twist

Keep It Zen : Is Shutter Island’s ending a plot twist? Or what is it obvious? It threw me for a loop... Should’ve talked about that one! Love that movie

QualityGaming Studios : Mother 3’s ending is one of the best plot twists

MoonCocoon : Difficult and interesting topic. Watching something for the first time is exciting. But rewatching it can also be a lot of fun, if the quality is good and it isn't based on cheap shock effects. Like with TV shows to discover how things got started, how characters met, how they got to know each other, how different the show was back to season 4, 5, or 7. Also quality movies have something I call "substance". They are simply well written, with quality in many areas. They make you feel something, even if you know the story already, because there is more between the lines even than just a simple "we have to do this and that to get character X from A to B". I rewatched one of my childhood's favourite movie, Disney's "the Jungle Book" and was very disappointed. The characters were not the problem. My problem was that almost the entire movie consisted of Mowgli running away from the tiger, elephants, snakes, monkeys and getting saved by Balu or Baghira. Compared with the depth of Disney's "Robin Hood" from 6 years later, that was a huuuge difference to me. That is what I call substance. "Robin Hood" is not about a simple scenario, there are ups and downs and setbacks, it's touching. "The Jungle Book" to me is just about getting caught and getting fried, running away and that is what 90 % of the movie is all about: A likeable but naiv and even a bit stupid young orphan who gets himself into many dangerous situation and only gets away alive by help of his friends.

: I love spoilers

Before The Credits : Well I planned on sleep for another 30 minutes. Looks like that isn't happening. Im still kinda groggy though so I might not be able to see it...

saneill17 : I love plot twists. That study that says they enjoyed it more knowing the ending can't be that accurate. Cause you'd spend the whole book waiting for the event you know is going to happen, to happen. I love a good surprise ending. But hated the Now You See Me ending because, as you said, it doesn't make sense with the rest of the story.