Hilarious...Pitbull takes man for a walk....

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NoName : That sigh wrought with emotion at the beginning, priceless!

psisky : My whole house is rolling around in stitches at this.    Brilliant!     Hope he recovered.

Jack : that is some funny shit right der

Ralph Alden : First time I've ever cried watching YouTube

Bitmaid : Is this Ethan from h3h3

Michael E : press 5

Banks Ethan : Is that guy in blackface this video is racist!?

zjetman : The best video I've seen today)))

Luke Davis : Makes me laugh every time with this clip, I don't have a pit bull but my dog has done similar too me whilst walking and I wasn't happy lol.

danny v : this video got me out here 🤣😂😃😂🤣😂🤣😂 so many questions hahaha

The Hoax Hotel : Fascinating. Tragic. Mud.

Christian Brunet : He looks like zwarte piete 😂😂😂😂 we'res sinterklaas 😂😂😂

thenumbern9 : There is a guy that is always getting drag by his pitbull it’s hilarious

grunkert : at first I thought he was shit-faced

Carmelo Arredondo : i cant imagine the shower/bath.

ChrisDanceMusic : the dog gives 0 f's

WhatAreYouSaying? : WTF happened!? Did he just wake up drunk in the mud or something?

YouTubeMaybe? : That dog should be put down, they're illegal for a reason, filthy muts.

Zen Ora : Lmao

arc1342 : wow

uzu : hugh

hahahahahahhaahhhahhahahh : XDDDDDD

Le Reddit General King Size : Another great video, thanks Reddit.

Roger Wilco : Disgusting damn shitbull