How Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Redefines Parody

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Lawrence Calablaster : Maggots, maggots, maggots… Maggots.

Lawrence Calablaster : There's something loveable about Richard Ayoade's moustache.

Zedfinite : I'd like to see a movie within a movie within the movie within a movie within a movie. It will be about a found footage of a documentary of a behind the scenes of a remake of a movie adaptation of a biography about writer who wrote about another writer who wrote a story about some poet reciting a myth about the origin of the first storyteller.

CastlesComments : Patrick H Willems: -Filmmaker -Video Essayist -DREAMWEAVER

Chris McSweeney : Garth Marenghi's Dark Place is probably one of my nation's premier exports.

ryiin : Listen to the show with headphones. When they walk on the scene from the right. The sound comes from the left. It's so funny.

Silhouetters : The third level is the audio commentary on the dvd which is still the best commentary ever put to anything.

NathanLPaylor : Not meaning to be that obnoxious hipster or anything, but I’m so glad to see someone touting the brilliance of Darkplace. I watched it in 2004 on channel 4 here in the UK, late on Thursdays (I think..?). So, so good, and it’s stood the test of time. It was a cult hit that went mostly unnoticed even here, until around 2007 ish when it was released on dvd. And even then, it’s not got that wide an audience. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out ‘Man to Man with Dean Learner’. Made by same people, with Garth as a cameo in one episode.

James Long : I have to watch this. "I'm one of the few people you'll meet who've written more books than they've read."

NoCultist : A video about making a video about a show about making a show... Good one.

Evan : Patrick grew up in darkplace

Ryan Arey : This is the most significant piece of video programming since Quantum Leap. And I do not say that lightly.

World Wide Wong : "Wow, this video essay was brilliant!!! It BROKE the mould!!! which is a turn of phrase to mean that it's different from the rest! Patrick, you're a genius, I tell you. You're smarter than Einstein who was very smart but saying that makes you even smarterer! there's no one who can match up to your brilliance and anyone who doubts you should get a real talking to!!!"

Dominic Kirwan : Always a pleasant surprise to see yanks who've seen Darkplace.

Ben Heeley : You need to track down the DVD for the in character commentary tracks in which the characters spend the running time drinking beer and variously slandering all the other cast members. It adds a whole third level (following your analysis).

timothydoingthings : Did you ever watch Nathan Barley? Similar team of people. 6 Episodes and it ends. Elements of it have dated, but other elements are more relevant then ever. You may like it.

fyz 306903 : Finally, a film YouTuber has acknowledged this great piece of art. The universe is just a little bit more stable.

mcrazza : I loved Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place. The aesthetic alone is exquisite.

Lawrence Calablaster : I love the Kaptain Kristian- esque background music.

Lawrence Calablaster : Oh boy, the word Shuggoth :)

Andrew Mayer : "I'm one of the few people you'll meet who's written more books than he's read" is a fantastic line and one I've been quoting ever since I first saw the series.

Retrodude : "I felt muscular and compact, like corned beef." Easily my favourite comedy of all time.

laughingdogges : Chill hop music, voice over, and film clips. 👍

Peter Griggs : Always loved Darkplace, it was something special. That said, it's spin off Man-to-Man with Dean Leaner, while weaker had a great final episode. But when re-watching it myself recently I've always thought: Could you bring this show back? Something like the franchise revival trend we see now? I imagine it be weaker but applying that second layer that could be the point. All the top layer characters are older and not really interested but need some money and something to boost their profile now its a cult hit (or in Dean's case just money because of DeanVD sales). You get to the point where Garth is just using it "get back" at all those who "attacked" him when the show was launched in 2004.

W Hibdon : I'm still trying to imagine someone working off panties and boots simultaneously. It is like trying to imagine a 4D hyper cube.

James Lawner : I never heard of this show until now and it's got people from The IT Crowd!

amorembalming : This was amazing. Wonderful actual. Such a fantastic show, loving dissected by an obvious fan. Thanks for that mate.

jst25 : You should check out the old Comedy Central TV show Dog Bites Man. It is a mockumentary about a local TV news crew, but they actually go out to real events and interview real people who do not know it is not a real news crew, Borat-style.

The Rocker X : I been on the fence about it for a while, but this made me finally decide to watch American Vandal

Lawrence Calablaster : My brain is hurting, thinking of Patrick as a character playing another character.

RavingZombie : Finally someone is talking about this! Loved this when I saw it at first airing, though didn't have a clue what was going on...

Jonathan Beer : "I'm one of the few writers who has written more books than they've read." I definitely need to watch this.

David Daise : that was the slickest 'like' and 'subscribe' i think i've ever seen. you just took first place from lindsay ellis, dawg

Zach DuVall : Blood? Blood.

Gethyn Thomas : There are very few comedy shows as good as Dark Place, but if you want to discover something on the same level. The two that immediately come to mind are Peep Show (the best traditional sitcom ever made imo) and the whole Alan Partridge back catalogue.

C E Three : Now for the love of all that is good and holy, can we get a Region free blu-ray release? I'd even take a Region 1 DVD. This is a show that refuses to let me give it money.

Brian Koontz : American television is like a beggar - it holds out it's hand at the end of the season and hopes for a renewal. When it really goes all out it ends the season on a cliffhanger - a kind of coercive blackmail for both the producer and the audience - if you want to see what happens next, you'd better renew us! Both the English and the Japanese systems have a lot more self-respect and dignity, and a lot more respect for the artistic integrity of what they're making. But, you know, in America capitalism is king, not art.

Kevin Conn : THANK YOU. When Sci-Fi Channel aired this, I instantly fell in love. I own a bootleg of this and the spin-off Dean Learner show, but I hope it gets an American release

WhatShallEyeDo4U : I can't tell if this is a parody of a parody that analyzes a parody within the parody that looking from the outside of the parody, you can tell that the parody of the parody is a parody... Anyone else?

mickbanner : To a bunch of stoners back in 2005, this was god. still amazing (sober). Almost every line is comedy gold.

Lawrence Calablaster : Excellent use of the Rule of Thirds in the interview bits.

Jina Hardy : That was deep

J T : It's a sad day for Dean... when I have to say... "Get a cab love, it's not happening."

Patavinity : Great explication of a great show. I'm pretty sure Dean Learner also got his own talkshow, which is a nice little bonus.

BadKarma 714 : I watched all 6 episodes i loved it that show had me Rolling

Morty Sanchez : 7:20 Its the Ha, the Guffaw, and the HaHa! Im tartuffe, the spry wonder dog!

Faheem X : This video didn't appear in my subscription feed. Is this happening to someone else too?????

A DEMON’S TWIST RUSTS : Matt Berry is a genius and I like your very La Nouvelle Vague shirt at 0:30. I still think there is something pompous as all fuck going on in your videos but, as always, the content is great and I had fun watching. So, yeah.

Jaime Castaneda : Where can I find this show? Netflix? Hulu?

Owen Symes : Richard Ayoade plays the best character in all of British art.