My best finds from my first year metal detecting

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The Hoover Boys : Great first year! Very nice variety of finds. Congrats!

Couch Collectibles : Awesome finds dude! I need to start detecting myself I live by some great spots. My house was built in 1890.

ProCali Adventures : A very well balanced year, great job, it can only get better. Good luck on 2017 and happy hunting.

Coins for Amateurs : Dude, that is an incredible first year of hunting! Thanks for sharing the year end wrap- even the clad count was impressive! Looking forward to 2017! HH

yerdigginit metal detecting : Incredible finds! I would've never guessed that you were a relative rookie, just at it over a year're going to be dangerous, a force to be reckoned with once you get good at this. 😎

olga colon : Great video my friend. Blessing 👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

MikeTheMGTOW Monk : Someone did some history research b4 searching... Well done

jayabhaen : your voice is really soothing to fall asleep to. could you make a video just reading a chapter of a book thatd be just amazing of you. ill subscribe if so.

Diggin Canada : Amazing Collection! This is a lot of great stuff for your first year of detecting! I love those military finds and cool toys (especially the train). Hopefully this year will be even better!

ITISMEBRIAN : wow awesome job keep up the good work man i love the video,love itismebrian

Darkhorse3211 : Wow! That horse statue in the children's toys looks like a replica of the flying horse of china---not the best, but I recognized some similarities :D Or may just be a coincidence.

spynlcolmn : I want to say, "Thank You" for showing us your finds WITHOUT a lot of profanity.  What a pleasure, my friend.  Ole  Johnny B.

DeepDiggerDuo : Holy Crap, you dug a TON of very cool stuff. Congrats on an excellent year!! Best of luck in 2017

Mishelle Rauth : Really interesting collection! Great job sorting and identifying them 👍

Dog is my co-pirate : got to love this hobby, great Hall for the year you have some great relics, I love the vintage kids toys too they're up there with my favorite things to find. I love history, especially the history below our feet. it's like Christmas every day I get to dig. can't wait to see what the new year brings for every one. best of luck cheers Nathan

Arizona Ghostriders : I just subbed. Great stuff! Love the RCMP medal.

Jason Vectrex : I did it just on my own yard only for fun and found a lot of cool stuff, no gold, maybe some silver and wheat pennies, and a few Indian head pennies, it was fun I just didn't have the drive to hunt elsewhere, if I ever buy another house maybe I'll pick it back up again :) good video, don't know how this showed up in my suggested videos....

M&O Diggers : Very nice an awesome first year

James Taylor-Shaw : noooooo don't crush the batman car!!!!!

Spiritual Warrior : were do u find this stuff?

Jeff S. : The toy soldier without legs, is that Lt. Dan?

Mark Narducci : Great first year! Seeing the mass of pull tabs sure keeps it real. With 3 months in, I gotta say I just Love this hobby! Excellent work!

22KPAR1X Cyberdyne : Nice video. I didn't know what some items were. One of your motorcycles is a early 1970s Hotwheels. I recognize the front wheel, spoke design. It looks to be missing the back half as these were 3 wheeled choppers.

shawn shedseeker : all this nice stuff Gabe me a super boner!

4K : Hey look I'm a palestinine. We found a jar of gold dust but when we open it boooof! All in air . Hope I buy a metal detector soon.

hoborock007 : Good commentary... you knew a little something about every category It's fun to watch the video... must be a thrill to dig some of that stuff up I like the class ring.... someone lost that a long time ago.... probably wondered what happened to it for years.... there was a Stephen King movie Christopher Walken was in it... he had this power ...that when he touched something.... he could see the person who touched it last .......wouldn't that be cool...

Diggers Down Under The Comic Chef : Totally Amazing Mate...Thank You So Much For Sharing.Kind Regards Neil GL & HH

Pro Llama : One ring to rule them all...

chuck smith : So wild to see other parts of the world and what they find. In the North east USA I get about 10 Indians heads a year and get some mid 1800's silver but not a a lot. A few large cents and the usual stuff. You have a lot more variety then we have hear. I am dancing if I find one old Colonial shoe buckle a year! and I dig a ton of trash. Good video!

Dalton Graham : Here in Canada 🇨🇦 golds Going for a pretty penny. Full price each gram is worth $50 as of now and totalled around $1,500 an ounce. some places where I live, pay upwards of $28 a gram 😬

QueenRoyceSmh IDK : Wow! I should do metal detecting !

MetalDetectingMichigan : Heck of a good year. My absolute favorite item is the class ring, it's killer

Tube77 : I subscribed, and do you have a recommendation for a cheep beginners metal detector?

Lucky Scoop : А тут еще поярче, и прикольней

Hooked on History : One heck of a great first year! Good luck in 2017.

BW Gracia : Oufh..., you make me jelous Man, great finds !

lee new : hello from england..thats a great find mate..what will everything there be worth.

Robert Blain : the 30-03 blanks could be very collectible, only made for 3 years or so. the 30-03(1903)replaced by the 30-06 (1906). nice job!!

Victor Dubuque : Nice stuff! I've been wanting to buy a detector after this video I'm going online now and picking one up!!😁

Ohio farm hunter : what kind of places do you hunt?

ShadowShocker36 : Him: it's GT an E on one side and an A on the other Me: EA sports it's in the game

Paul BC,Detecting : Great video, some awesome finds well done,GL & HH for 2017

Deep Digging Iowa : One hell of a year detecting! Keep it up. GL and HH

Terrestrial Treasure Hunter : CRAZY first year! amazing. so much more cool stuff down there. im slightly jealous...

Henke Westman : Hey there! I can actually identify a coin amongst the foreign coins. The second from the left, first row 5 öre. That’s a Swedish coin, not in rotation anymore though. But a damn cool find over there.

Jamie James : The meaning of the ring is anno domino.

Lost and Found Metal Detecting : Very nice finds! Good Luck in 2017 Van Jr.

Fred Sanford's vintage sewing machine parts : Wow that's insane how much you found! How often do you go out?

JL DIGGER™ : Very nice collection man! Lots of nice stuff there! Those Tax Tokens must have fallen from the sky over there lol. Nice job on the Rings, Coins, Tokens, Relics, etc! Very cool presidential pieces. That wrench at the beginning, I found one exactly like that and soaked it in used motor oil with kerosene and it now works perfect! Nice job and good luck this 2017 season!!

sakrotan111 : Congratulations