My best finds from my first year metal detecting

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The Hoover Boys : Great first year! Very nice variety of finds. Congrats!

Jeff S. : The toy soldier without legs, is that Lt. Dan?

Couch Collectibles : Awesome finds dude! I need to start detecting myself I live by some great spots. My house was built in 1890.

jayabhaen : your voice is really soothing to fall asleep to. could you make a video just reading a chapter of a book thatd be just amazing of you. ill subscribe if so.

ProCali Adventures : A very well balanced year, great job, it can only get better. Good luck on 2017 and happy hunting.

Mishelle Rauth : Really interesting collection! Great job sorting and identifying them 👍

Diggin Canada : Amazing Collection! This is a lot of great stuff for your first year of detecting! I love those military finds and cool toys (especially the train). Hopefully this year will be even better!

yerdigginit metal detecting : Incredible finds! I would've never guessed that you were a relative rookie, just at it over a year're going to be dangerous, a force to be reckoned with once you get good at this. 😎

spynlcolmn : I want to say, "Thank You" for showing us your finds WITHOUT a lot of profanity.  What a pleasure, my friend.  Ole  Johnny B.

DeepDiggerDuo : Holy Crap, you dug a TON of very cool stuff. Congrats on an excellent year!! Best of luck in 2017

Ray Suazo : Sell me that w ring let me know

robbiesmile3 : Fascinating and your historical knowledge is wonderful.

chuck smith : So wild to see other parts of the world and what they find. In the North east USA I get about 10 Indians heads a year and get some mid 1800's silver but not a a lot. A few large cents and the usual stuff. You have a lot more variety then we have hear. I am dancing if I find one old Colonial shoe buckle a year! and I dig a ton of trash. Good video!

MikeTheMGTOW Monk : Someone did some history research b4 searching... Well done

Coins for Amateurs : Dude, that is an incredible first year of hunting! Thanks for sharing the year end wrap- even the clad count was impressive! Looking forward to 2017! HH

hoborock007 : Good commentary... you knew a little something about every category It's fun to watch the video... must be a thrill to dig some of that stuff up I like the class ring.... someone lost that a long time ago.... probably wondered what happened to it for years.... there was a Stephen King movie Christopher Walken was in it... he had this power ...that when he touched something.... he could see the person who touched it last .......wouldn't that be cool...

Krazy Kracken : First is the Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector a good one for a beach, and how much money is all that stuff?

ww2 colorizer : that luger toy is awesome. id buy that

Quetzalcoatl : The gold and silver alone can get you more than $400.

Leonard Lovett : Neat stuff! How do you get it so clean?

Haley B : Fascinating

Cass Yves : Wow, there is Indonesian 500 rupiah, that with Garuda logo, where u found it?

trinton stewart : what kind of detector do you use

Salty Hater : thats one cool looking ring

ismail jameel : Hi

Tammy Chapman : My son would love doing all this he's only ten and loves old stuff.

olga colon : Great video my friend. Blessing 👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

Christopher Smith : Oh shoot! Vancouver, Wa!

Donald Schmenk : Bravo!! So this is how I will spend up for a terradyne gurka

Claudio Tamburrino : At 16:23 it's not a simple "pipe". It looks alot like a Pitot Tube.

Aiden Curtis : Any rings that you do not.want i.can i have them please

ShadowShocker36 : Him: it's GT an E on one side and an A on the other Me: EA sports it's in the game

Nathan Stills : The junk ring with CTR stands for “Choose The Right”. A CTR ring is a special ring that bears the CTR shield. The letters CTR stand for "Choose The Right" and are placed inside a shield. The most well-known CTR ring features a green shield. Since it was created, the CTR shield has not only been placed on rings but in teaching manuals, posters, and other pieces of jewelry. It is not only a fashion statement but an outward expression of faith. Members wear CTR rings to remind them to make good choices and follow Jesus Christ

Burhan al Aziz al Hajriz RASHANI : I give you 8000$ for the big Gold Ring !

wzl87 : It was a while ago you posted this video but have you got some of these stuff valued? Seems like some of the stuff can be worth a bunch ..anyhow great work 👌

I'm listening : If you want to find the owner of the class ring, I've heard Josstens keeps really good records. You might try them, anyway!

Stevie Darling : Cool stuff thanks for the inspiration.. God bless

tammyrules2000 : What do you do with the stuff

MrMBKANI : happy new year! i have an quistion: i thoughd metal detector was only made to detect metal,but you got me confused when you say you found some marberls and clay! i have never juse any metal detector so can you tell me what materials does it pick up and how deep??? thanx

Markus Patients : Some if not all of those bullets were used to kill native Americans Indians.

Jose Luis Gracia : The old vintage toys you have are super rare and collectable! Especially the lead toy soldiers and the trains and some cars! Check them out, investigate what they are worth before you give them to your kids! That's what I would do if I was you! God bless!

Ben Button : a 1945 sold for 1,700,000 online already u may be sitting on a gold mine

Paul Geivett : I see you hunt behind officers row.

David Austin : You found all that in the first year??

Viktor Belanić : hmmmm.....this was all in 1 year?????????????????????????????????? holy buddy you have a lote of time on your hands.....BUT IM CURIOUS....I noticed a dog tag stating Vnacouver on it, so was wondering where abouts are you in BC? IM on Vancouver Island in Nananimo and Ive been here now 3 years I GOT AHERITAGE HOME AND I BOUGHT ONE OF THEM METAL DETECTORS CHEAP, one like $40 from MID Island tools, i found a couple item a silver spoon its been melted down now and a very old Players Smokes tin cig holdr that i found withing the neighbours houses framing as he contrated me as the general contractr to rebuild his heritage home that was deemed unsuitable to llive in so i didnt know much of tyhe history here as im from ontario but not that lawn is just riddled with screws and nails debris from tradesmen i contrracted ...going off topic there i soldthe cig tin to a collector for easy $100 i got some other things from mty property lipstic i havent opend it toothpaste tube cap or the top where paste exits....and curous i was actually about but i shifted into writing a novel but where did you find the american stuff in canada or states? was wondering since you sre from BC and maybe you know the island history you think it would be smart to invest in a real metal detector other then this fischer price hunk of junk that i stupidly purchased....and if so what kind of plaes would i look for here that would produce good quite impresed with your finds....yyp thatsv it

I'm listening : Great things you found and very enjoyable video!

Tube77 : I subscribed, and do you have a recommendation for a cheep beginners metal detector?

Shawn Miller : A civil war memorabilia considered historic memorabilia? I'm looking into getting into the hobby so just wanted to know and you did a great job.

ringhunter 100 : what do you use where are you hunting city county!!!?!!! me mid texas close to killeen I use a at pro and g pointer. doing very well

silverdragonfour : This is so cool! How do you find out what some of the buttons and coins mean after you find them? Do u have someone u go to or a reference book or do u just use Google?