Swat kats intro (season 2)

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Adam Weaver : at the age of 25 I still get goosebumps when I hear the intro

W. Brian Lane : Swat Kats: Where any threat to the city can be neutralized with a jet and a handful of gadgets.

Aegon I Targaryen : When your testosterone needs refuelling.

brian thomas : No other intro song had a more epic electric guitar than the Swat Kats!

EvilDorito : just the sound of the engine roaring when they start the jet, send chills down my spine.

Jb Sprinkles : Putting on a helmet never looked so badass

Green eyed Monster : Too good of a show to have only 2 seasons!!!

Andrew Cooke : Seeing this intro almost brought tears to my eyes. I miss those Saturday afternoons where you had your third or fourth bowl of cereal and sat in front of the tv, watching epic shows like this! Kids today have absolutely no idea what a good show is. On a final note, I have a two year old son who will be bred to appreciate the animated series of the 90s. It's my way of saying "thank you" to that decade!

SV67943 : Decades ago, a man had a simple dream. To launch the greatest anthropomorphic talking cat and super-jet action cartoon show the world had ever seen. The result? SWAT Kats.

gsam84 tmcap : Dark Hannah Barbara is epic.

Michel van der Linden : excuse me, I have some airguitar to play when this theme plays.

Smokey Pinecone : I can't stop watching this, I love it too much!!! Kids today have REALLY missed out on this.

Johnny U. : cartoon network was badass in the 90's

Glenn Nilsen : the best cartoon to ever come out of the 90's!

AfroMetalMizu : I see fans are flocking here for another reason than to get their daily dose of kick ass intro. SWAT KATS Revolution is gonna be kickstarted!

Kablacka : Such a badass intro for a kids cartoon! This stuff was so great back in the 90's and it still is!

Chan Chan : Both intros are great but prefer the music of the 2nd season. Really dark and also made you pumped for the show.

Lucy : i use to have a major crush when i was a kid on these guys :D

smaz eleu : Swat cats intro and Iron Man intro, the best 2 heavy metal intro

Jin Chu : So amazing music.... and the show was good!!!

Gopi Krishna T K : t-bone and razor, missing u so much guys

Brenden : Dat afterburner doe

shagohod666 : Why was this show cancelled after two seasons? I loved this show as a kid. It should make a comeback somehow. I'm 28 now and still miss it lol

David Smalldridge : Kicking rock music! Two cats! One mission in a jet! One chance! How hard can it be?

Devesh Pillai : brings back memories :)

Davidson1873 : God please let there be a movie in the future!

vtr0104 : I'm just sorry it's only 1 minute long :(.. They should have recorded a normal length version of this song. And the one from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest too...

GashPlague : Vintage 90's butt-rock.

Shrivas : Am I the only who likes the season 2 intro better than season 1 ? To me this somehow has more feel than the other one. what a badass show !

Blad3sofWaR : Cartoon Network/Adult Swim just released confirmation that Swat Katz will NOT be aired on Toonami or brought back.... Damn Shame!

Big O : Season 1 had the cooler music

Christher Lenander : Brings back memories :D

VikingFyre : Here's what I can't understand, I can find Street Sharks on DVD for 5 bucks for the whole series, but cannot find in any physical format save VHS tapes anything relating to SWAT Kats!?

digvijay_warrior : i am 26 and still wathing this untill 100 xD

Hyperdrake3 : You can say that again.. Metalli is Finnish word. ;3 Swat Kats rocks your 90s. on my 2008. My own dvd actually 2013. If you don't mind i try watch Swat Kats.  Scary cat.. Ah!

Alex Martinez : Best. Theme. Song. Ever.

bigbad bear : Swat Kats the only cats I love 😘😘

Nemesis Cheetor : They should've done a toy or a model kit of that awesome fighter jet. That way someone could do a stop motion version of both SWAT KATS intros.

The World Critic and gamer : guys swat cats is coming back help it on kickstarter

T-Zay : My cat is T-Bone. :3 An epic opening song doesn't necessarily need lyrics to be memorable. DAT ELECTRIC GUITAR said it all. This show was right up there with TMNT for me. Razor's voice was Donatello's old VA, which is a plus, lol.

Austin Reed : The last good thing H-B ever did before CN. And it came after years of SHIT.

BmoreAkuma : BTW the creators of Swat Kats have a kickstarter

BokanProductions : Thumbs up if you're looking at this because you saw a SWAT KATS reference in the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover.

IronZealot : Hearing the TurboKats' jets rev up still gives me goosebumps...

The Cat Man : Over 20 years ago. That's a long time.

blazingsonic : My god I remember itching to play some Star Fox for SNES back in the day after watching this, heck, I'm gonna listen to this in a loop as a fly around in my V-Tol in Saints Row 4!

Ephraim Allen : this show was and still is the shit

Nicko Lynch : I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the story board writing session of this. 'So, anyone got any ideas? How about you Jeff?' Jeff - 'Well, I know it sounds silly, but what about if we made a cartoon about cats in tactical gear in a fighter jet killing dinosaurs to the sound of the most triumphant harmonised guitars?'

ADiscerningDunmer : This show had everything I wanted as a kid. Jets. Wizards. Lasers. Giant monsters. Killer robots. Explosions.

Samaritan : Oh yeeeeeeeeeah... seeing this show as a kid was why I spent my teens getting bullied for being into furries... XD