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Hi there! Enjoy our toothpsate life hacks and pranks! And watch our team's member reaction and suffering.


Deepak Agarwal : Not practical tricks. Just time filler.

runicMechanist : Does this idiot even know what "life hack" means? None of these are life hacks.

Michael Gamp : These lifehacks just make your life more difficult

Minteez : All the pranks are just simply putting toothpaste into food, nothing special

DeadYanothai Kiropool1Chaitawat : Prank and killin' ha interesting ._. Now gonna use chemistry knowledge to make this more dangerous

Cosmin Căpățînă : Perfect ❤❤

KyMa B. : 1 1 G E N I U S T O O T H P A S T E L I F E H A C K S

Damian Kupracz : Zajebiste pomysły

HaMa AA YouTube : Your YouTube really changed

Lil Gamer : Cleaning the sink is the same as using a sponge

Syed shah rafi Uddin quadri : Sponsored by colgate😂😂😂

Stupid Engineer : is it called lifehack.?

TheBlyatMachine : Stress ball condom

Stewii : I saw the cut in the table life hack lol

OwO What's this : Don't clickbait at 3am

Galaxy TV : You are brilliant bro >>>> Guys welcome to my DIY channel !!

sonu kamble : Dead channel 😂😂

123 456 : You know your life has hit an all time low when your using a condom filled with toothpaste as a stress ball

Wolf : How does this have nearly 9m subs?..

Mauricejuhh15 : A fish? Seriously?

Saghir Haider : L O L ...

E-102 Slyco : nice beard my guy

CandymationsYT : Umm I don’t like that stress ball 😂😂

White Wolf : Are you sponsored by Colgate? :]

Clark Plays : That's Sharp att 2:04

EntonBlazing : think its time i unsubbed...

Excite Rashi : I came here for the tooth paste fish not some other HACKS

ツツ TerrainNS : Here from jamskii

Arnold Javier Sierra Sandoval : Whats horrors this man.. this channel

tara a : When you're bored brushing your teeth.

Slimey Diamond : 1:34 I am beyond disappointed at this point

ceenight : Fish + tooht past! Rip................. Tooht prus!

Lachlan Zyp : this guys like to dislike ratio tho

Liam Mackay : 10:22 When you know your channel's a failure.

DMC Kamikaze : Why use a condom

Señor Taco : Umm can someone please explain the thumbnail

Samuel : I know that Mr.Hawkings is dead but dont worry guys we got Mr.Gear


cem lafçı : 1:10 hahahahaahahaha 😂😂😃

ASHES : Прикольно

Rainer Abel : Pranks are not life hacks.

ChopinPiano11 : um, your glasses were clean to start with.

AyoubGaMing : Why did you eat the oreo

Hritika Kamble : Crazy who no one wants to add colgate in sneakers no way . Waste of things and money😑

GAMER FOHUNT : Hi bye see you

UNITY : you take that condom in your part

Peter Georgiev : Yea.... that's unsub from me

Kacper : Mr gesr is the end

علي مناي : يا شباب تره هذا ولد يمقلب نفسه 😂😂😂😂😂