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runicMechanist : Does this idiot even know what "life hack" means? None of these are life hacks.

Michael Gamp : These lifehacks just make your life more difficult

Deepak Agarwal : Not practical tricks. Just time filler.

Mauricejuhh15 : A fish? Seriously?

Minteez : All the pranks are just simply putting toothpaste into food, nothing special

Atsushi Katusro : Why use a condom

yamyite : It’s cheaper to buy value window cleaner than a bottle of coke and toothpaste 😆

Clarkkent The Gamer : That's Sharp att 2:04

VaddirextTM : Full of waste, my time too

Dash : Obviously don't brush your glasses with toothpaste never.You will make them awfully scratched.

Hritika Kamble : Crazy who no one wants to add colgate in sneakers no way . Waste of things and money😑

tara a : When you're bored brushing your teeth.

هاشم جهاد/ Hashiem jahad : هاااااي قويــــــــة😂 وحده متزوجه واحد اثول😐 فد يوم من الايام اجه رجلها من الدوام وجان صاحبها يمها فهي گامت وضمته ورى التلفزيون😄😄 اجى رجلها وشغل التلفزيون وگام يشوف لعبه مال العراق واستراليا هي راحت للمطبخ وگامت تكسر بالمواعين حتى رجلها يسمع ويجيها وصاحبها يگدر ينهزم وره اشويه اجاها رجلها وگاللها شنو السالفه 😳 گالتله البيت بي شي غريب المواعين تتكسر من وحدها زوجها گال الها يا بنت الحلال هاي تهون قبل شويه الحكم طرد لاعب من المباره وطلع من وره التلفزيون يركض للشارع . 😂😂😂😂😂 اذا عجبتك لايك وشتراك والله جاي اتعب على قناتي حيل 💔✌

ASHES : Прикольно


Stupid Engineer : when i saw this video thumbnail i was laughing. cause its mean "he take toothpaste for brash that fish tooth" ha h ha ha ha.

Noise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Нафиг презики переводить

Tita Hartati : Saya orang indonesia

all rounder : easr or west mr gear is best

GAMER FOHUNT : Hi bye see you

Давид Цатурян : Отписываться пора

Now_forl Патрик : 1 лайк плюс один день лета

Aushnik Vijay : Just osm osm osm osm osm

Lolo Roro : حلو😗😗

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : Syringes & condoms, surely going to lead to an accident, or a mistake.......

Nóra Mikula : Nice!

Skye R : 6:44 you should put the condom on the syringe 😇 be careful!

DIY Mania : good bro 😎 guys welcome to my diy channel 😍

Tim Löffler : Hi

Fox _ Fox : Нечего так!

luiza Chagas : Hello

Small WolfYT : Rip fish he has been killed by toothpaste in thumbnail

Café café Cortado : Holiiii

electronicsNmore : Either things already shown on Youtube countless times, or ridiculous "Hacks".

samvel yeghiazaryan : likeeeeeeeeee

Geovany Zamora : El #26

I'm A TV : 3th


Boeing 737 : best channel

Manuel TV : toothpaste addicted 😈

ZmaJo : Okeee

Allter : Fading...

iliyas video likes : 👍👍👍

Md Sarto : Nice vai

Salo Tea : 👍👍👍👍perfect❤❤❤

Aushnik Vijay : 1st viewer 1st liker 1st comment 😊

SturmZeit : 🍓🍓🍓🍓 Hehe nice Video 👍👍💪💪 🍓🍓🍓🍓

Roma Lev : Что за дерьмо?

Jewel 123 : Cool !!👍🏻

Noelia Noelia : Para que sacan un condón