Eminem - "Not Afraid" Clean Cover by Sparsh Shah (PURHYTHM)

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Sparsh Shah : Hello Everyone, I am so excited to announce the release of a cover album: "Tribute to Eminem" in Purhythm style. Please share it with everyone you know and help me make it a huge success: https://youtu.be/VbmeiZgn4Ek Love, Sparsh💖

ajay jawar : He just killed it

Eren İzci : Reynmenn

LionsMane : One word. Lit.

MaC Ways Mayank : Respect u lil bro osam those asshole who disliked u don't deserve this planet but haters also give motivation fr improvement go on brother

Disco Prime : this should have atleast 5 million likes

Burak Can KILIÇ : Reymeden gelenler


Chinonso Charles : I found this channel by mistake. The voice alone made my day complete!

THE HUNTER : So cute you have Talents

Pasindu Dulanjana : 2017????

Karthik Raju : Classic example of respecting your roots and embracing your adopted country

Luke Oosterbaan : 2:29 The teddy bear was like "I'm outta here!"

Tktroff 3 : Turkiye? ❤

Sparsh Shah : I am humbled by Salman Khanji's kind gesture https://twitter.com/beingsalmankhan/status/709597875563433984

Shwensdz LiveVivoFans : Keep your dreams kid and I'm so proud of you. I hope things goes well for you. As an artist like me if I find your music in store I'll buy it just to push you forward Because we need you out there someday. (Artist Shwensdz D)

muswere : Wow you are good, and you just inspired this 44 year old, keep doing yr thing

heliois : Reymenden gelenler bi like

prince maan : Nic love you too boy

Sparsh Shah : http://youtu.be/c6T0d79Wf8A I am pleased to announce the launch of my new original/inspirational song: "No One Knows". Please share and inspire everyone around you.

Peerybaby : May the real Slim shady pls admit that YOU ARE THE REAL SLIM SHADY! You are amazing, stay the way you are. Cant wait to hear more of you. Greetings from Germany

AnónimoGames p : Nice BRO POWER FOR YOU

Maydinez Adi : Reymenden gelenler

Love Trolling : I first saw u at school last week in form and now I've seen ur channel and what u can do I just want to say u r amazing never stop what ur doing u r a true legend

Sparsh Shah : Once again, thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments. You all have inspired me a lot to reach more heights in my life. For many of you who do not know my story, please feel free to read this and share with all your friends and family members: http://www.thebetterindia.com/47907/sparsh-shah-purhythm-child-prodigy/

İbrahim Sexyses : Reynmen <3

Z'eynep : Reynmenden geldim

hassim asim : Wow u kid legend

Melih Piskin : fenaa🔥

maximnoise : Perfect! You are amazing! Eminem is proud of you ❤️

Abhijit Das : hats off to u...u r ausam...u are really no afraid...well done bro..

Thomas Madden : This kid is the best in his competition he is 🤘🏻👌🏼🤘🏻

savage boy : He's so cute and amazing at rapping 😆

Sonup vlogs Youtube : Holy shot dude u killing it proud of you bro lots of love for 💕👍👍🎉🎉🎁🎁

Changiz K Baluch : Just watched your Ted talk. You are amazing

Lone Hunter : Pure Inspiration . Proud Of You Lil Broi 😘😘😘

Peter Jay : Lit🔥

St0Rmz : Nice bro

Joe Nichols : That was amazing great job!

Fly_ CoC : Putain t'es hyper bon en musique , continus commence ça tu gère ;)

xBuRnEeDz PW - : Shit wtf

mChach Muhammed : Morocco 🙋❤💪

nathan barrientos : Thank you that was amazing

Uğurcan Ermurat : Reynmenden gelen +1


Jakob Mitsche : Dude thats awesome

Ramazan Tüysüz : Hey children you perfect

Nick28T : You are incredible. Absolutely incredible, keep on crushing it.

franca ravnjak : He killed it

mahmod melhem : For all 12k people who disliked this video I want to say to words:- Fuck you ... who the hell do you think you are people ? Give your bad opinion to something you didn't even try to do ? Why this shit ? If you didn't like it just ignore it cause this boy this little man at least he did what you didn't try to do with my whole love to you people try to be more positive next time and no effens 🌷 ... and you little man good luck .. Johnny melhem Peace 🤘✌