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Jenny A : You're hot and weird!

Quadmft : so bizarre

CosmicMapping : You are seriously one of the most unique and interesting content creators on this website. Keep it up man, This is honestly gold.

Alberts stuff : Shit bro, I can't believe you showed off your number plate collection 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Savage! Also loving the goofy humour and editing. Good job! 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

BasementDiaries : Your videos somehow are getting weirder

k : I remember subscribing to this channel, never expected this sort of content although I’m not complaining

Stuggoto of Cwmbranistan : what has this man come to

ImOnTvMom : This is soo strange i remember the catching predators and now this is strange

Marasma101 : Lmfao this is brilliant stuff. It's almost psychedelic in its erratic weirdness

SirBird : Honestly when he stopped exposing child predators I thought the channel would die but if you ask me it’s just gotten better.

Kentleigh : It's so refreshing to see non-explicit comedy that's actually original. Keep up the good work.

Boo Boo : He's like a white and more chill version of Eric Andre

JTsuits : you are SO H0T and EROTIC!

yeah : Slightly concerned by the title

Forest Sense : Honestly I wonder what it’d be like if anxiety war and Garrett watts met (both so quirky and random)

chhehehhe lopiksda : this right here.... Is fucking art. What a bizarre but yet so majestic video lmao. I like the catching predator stuff, but this great content.

Jonbenet Ramsey : He’s loosing his mind...and pedos are reaping the benifits.

Panagiotis Tsivikas : You’ve become a meme lord

Pickle Rick : I like your taste in music good sir

Kaelyn : you and Garrett Watts would be perfect together lmao

Raquel Escobar : If you were to start a cult, I would join it. I was laughing the entire time.

2ez Editing : Lmao wtf random ass. it

Justin Smith : This guys stuff is so hard to jack off to. I'm gonna get it done though!

Anthony Gudgeon : This kids messed up, Probably brutalised as a kid

Eat My Shorts : Omg you were singing lily Allen 😍

Nihilistic Nirvana : Where can I get that NO LIVES MATTER shirt?

Casey Galloway : This content and your humour is so fresh and I love it!

Alan Lyne : The last seconds are kinda scary, I was really shocked. Hope your okay man <3

Internet Dinosaur : This is what YouTube is about. Thank you for bringing us amazing content <3

NoneOf YourBusiness : I was so ready to hate-watch this public nuisance, but broke into a fit of giggles at "Oh fudge." I guess he is growing on me 😧

lamplava : Something is bothering you mentally. You seem very lonesome i would offer my friendship but sadly you don't really respond. Anyway, i hope you are doing well i like your weird videos just remember to stay sane.

Boo Boo : Weird but attractive

Karnicle : 3:55 after becoming a paedophile hunter anxiety war is now battling anxiety

prinniesforeveryone : You guys have no idea but this is Sam Hyde's son.

E Wooding : is no one else concerned about this guy?  At what point do we alert the police? I'm being serious this guy is off in a major way.

Canoe : this strangely helped my anxiety

Sun Blend : Your a clown bro 😂😂😂😂😂

mona g : I love your goosebumps pillow.

eatmyshorts : this may be your strangest video yet

The Milk Jug : I got so excited when my phone notified me about your new video, after watching this I had to go back and find those songs of my childhood. your channel is growing more each day, you must be so happy. I hope you had as much fun making your video as I did watching it! Your Video put me in the best mood today, I hope your doing well and I look forward to your next video! stay safe!

Pablo Pintos : Wtf happened to this channel

April May Jenkins : was that even real dude

Angel Ca : Hey man! I really enjoy your videos , keep it up !! Don’t worry about what other people say about you. Keep it up !

Invincible Nightmare : You should buy a spotting scope and do something with it. Like filming people that are far away through the spotting scope or something like that. You would be like a hunter but who traded his gun for a spotting scope. :)

ContactingTheDead : *This is by far one of my favorite YouTubers! So random lol, I love it!* *You’ll be at 1,000,000 subs before the end of the year!*

Geographicae AJ : Just slightly concerned

Simon B : M8 ur weird

Lou : UK fans like 😥

Sgt. Johnson : He has become a Shit Lord

Super Mexican2056 : I LIVE IN GR MICHIGAN ALSO