A Hundred Coffees

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raksh9 : 2003: This episode of Futurama 2006: Over The Hedge caffeine squirrel scene 2014: X Men Days of Future Past This Futurama scene predated the Quicksilver scene by 11 years, for those who thought the opposite.

Sir Pineapple : Ya know. He may not be very smart. But, Philip J. Fry, has the biggest heart in television history.

madlarkin8 : In reality: he has a seizure and pisses blood.

PresidentBlackDeath : The symptoms (shaking,impulse,hyper active behavior) were a result of his body trying to reject contact with the speed force, the hundredth cup allowed his body to speed up his metabolism Enough for the rest of his body to accept the speed force

TheJIntent : A humming bird flaps its wings an average of 70 times per second. Fry witnessed this humming bird flaps its wings every 3 seconds (about, and in his perspective). If this is true, we take 70 * 3 (the average amount of flaps in a second times Fry's perspective), which gives us 210 seconds, or 3 and a half minutes, in Fry's time per second in the real world.

TacoTaco Burrito : *X men movie writing staff:* Do we have a Flash kind of mutant? *Director:* Yeah, It's called Quicksilver but it's kinda lame *X men movie writing staff:* Not anymore

Paulie Jo Mama : Hummingbird is lowkey just watching them burn

Fiercetooth : Now I wanna drink a hundred cups of coffee

Paul Thongkham : My name is Philip J. Fry and I am a delivery boy. I was given $300 and decided to drink 100 cups of coffee. Little did I know that when I drank my 100 cup of coffee I became the fastest man alive.

INeedToBangIQ : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Great Juice : First scene: Just fine. Second scene: Also fine. Third scene: a bit mad. Fourth: Insane and getting insomnia of coffee and trying to force Bender to use his one super fancy cigar. Five: COMPLETE MADNESS, LIKE A CENTRIFUGE! Six: Ascension.

MathTheHead : Ultra Instinct Fry

Ryan F : My god, the gallons of piss that must've left his body...

dylan moya : 1:19 liquid physics of futurama everybody!

cyp : “Get to the fire door!” “It’s on fire!!”

Dave : Since he drank different sizes of "cups", shouldn't it count different?

John Case : Funny thing is that is exactly what happens to you if you drink 100 cups of coffee one after another. That or you die of a caffeine overdose (which is a real thing).

Perry Conrad : I really loved the fact how Zodiberg feed the less fortunate with his 300 bucks . It showed he has a great heart. Not only that sometimes it seems Zodiberg is down on his luck that was great to see that he did that when he didn’t even have to

CHAOS : *Smells good*

DarkShine : *[ZA WARUDO]*

Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme : No way that whale was only one cup of coffee.

MidgetIdiots : After he had 100 cups of coffee, I thought he had become incredibly handsome.

Kip the Dip : I'm going to do this when UBI is implemented.

Nuclear Hurricane Universal Entertainment RCU : I'm supprized he didn't have a heart attack from that many coffees

Aiden's Face : Smells good.

cooljunkproductions : Has to be at least in the top 10 best futurama moments

marcdog95 : 1:38 So this is the power of ultra instinct..

Ivy Mike : "SHMEESH" -Amy Wong

Razak Idris : Step 1 - Go to STARBUCKS. Step 2 - Order 100 cup of coffee. Step 3 - ENJOY !!

Frederick Röders : I used to down coffee like madman just to keep up with work. Can confirm, its kinda like this

Oliver Dunn : My name is Phillip jay fry and I am the fastest man alive After being frozen for 1000 years I am the only one stupid enough to drink 100 cups of coffee I am captain yesterday

Parker Young : Smeesh! It's just 300 bucks. What is that, like a hundred cups of coffee?

Avery Disque : A S C E N D E D

Pelcogo : I can't believe the Quick silver scene ripped this off.

Daniel Rodriguez : Number error: In 0:42: Fry is taking his 52nd cup of coffee ☕but in 0:56 it says this is his 52nd when it is his 53rd cup of coffee ☕.

BokanProductions : I love how Fry just nods before he gets to work saving everyone.

Daniel Rodriguez : 1:38. It's like 👍Fry has become a coffee ☕god, the god of caffeine. 😮.

Homer Sexual : 2:19 When you're playing The Sims 4 on ultra speed and the house catches on fire

Topaz 13 : We found a new burter for the ginyu force All we need to do is paint him blue And make him 7 feet taller

Malcom Sheppard : 3018: In Futurama marijuana is illegal (on a planet scale). 2018: Canada has legalized it now into 2019. Progress?

Charles Fort : ,,Sweet dreams are made of this''

BitterVoid : Why were the flames still moving at the same speed lol

William Chami : Ultra Instinct before it was cool.

Megathorn23 : Fry achieved Ultra Instinct.

just another musician : Futurama: '100 cups of coffee' Writer of Alice and Wonderland: *hold my sanity*

Abdulkadir Cakmak : And free lern the "ULTRA INSTINCT" with his material art master "sensei Coffee" Hahahahahahahahahah

Puzzled BFG : 01:43 Steelo from Riduculousness That's What Happens For Real When You Bust

rocz x : Now remember everyone if u drink a 100 cups of coffee you gain ultra instinct

Caffeinated Nation : So....this is Quicksilver's secret. A 100 cups of coffee. :D :D LMAO