A Hundred Coffees

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TacoTaco Burrito : *X men movie writing staff:* Do we have a Flash kind of mutant? *Director:* Yeah, It's called Quicksilver but it's kinda lame *X men movie writing staff:* Not anymore

Fiercetooth : Now I wanna drink a hundred cups of coffee

Dante Wolf : i love how he is at a fancy party and he still decides to pay for the free coffee

Oliver Dunn : My name is Phillip jay fry and I am the fastest man alive After being frozen for 1000 years I am the only one stupid enough to drink 100 cups of coffee I am captain yesterday

Brenin Maness : "I think we were saved by a mysterious orange blur!"

BokanProductions : I love how Fry just nods before he gets to work saving everyone.

Tlactl : what got me was the hummingbird majestically flapping its wings

Kaan Dagdas : 1:36 *A S C E N D E D*

cooljunkproductions : Has to be at least in the top 10 best futurama moments

Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme : No way that whale was only one cup of coffee.

D0ct0r D0ubt : Ya know. He may not be very smart. But, Philip J. Fry, has the biggest heart in television history.

TheJIntent : A humming bird flaps its wings an average of 70 times per second. Fry witnessed this humming bird flaps its wings every 3 seconds (about, and in his perspective). If this is true, we take 70 * 3 (the average amount of flaps in a second times Fry's perspective), which gives us 210 seconds, or 3 and a half minutes, in Fry's time per second in the real world.

TheRealNoel2 : 0:15 "Smells good."

EnterpriseKnight : Futurama predicted days of future past.

alex trebek : i love the spiritual glow around fry when he has coffee 100.

PresidentBlackDeath : The symptoms (shaking,impulse,hyper active behavior) were a result of his body trying to reject contact with the speed force, the hundredth cup allowed his body to speed up his metabolism Enough for the rest of his body to accept the speed force

Great Juice : First scene: Just fine. Second scene: Also fine. Third scene: a bit mad. Fourth: Insane and getting insomnia of coffee and trying to force Bender to use his one super fancy cigar. Five: COMPLETE MADNESS, LIKE A CENTRIFUGE! Six: Ascension.

Benjamin Kasson : An impressive sequence and a great scene, but it does beg the question, if he could put out all the flames like that, why bother moving everyone outside?

Nord : Since he drank different sizes of "cups", shouldn't it count different?

Jeremy Krane : Screw Starbucks, I want Starfishbucks.

Paul Thongkham : My name is Philip J. Fry and I am a delivery boy. I was given $300 and decided to drink 100 cups of coffee. Little did I know that when I drank my 100 cup of coffee I became the fastest man alive.

Alterego912 : 1:35 Sweet dreams are made of these, Who am I to disagree? All over the world and the seven seas, Everybody is looking for something...

David Selimovic : It looks like Fry had too much covfefe

vitorfray : 1:26 and thus, the true meaning of covfefe was revealed

Psymecoleesis : We're trapped my sweet hippopotamus.

Caffeinated Nation : So....this is Quicksilver's secret. A 100 cups of coffee. :D :D LMAO

MathTheHead : Ultra Instinct Fry

Winged Turd : I'd do more than hold Leila like that in super speed, slow mo...

Kyle Crofts : Fry is the greatest anime hero since Cory Baxter.

David James : that's why the Flash takes his coffee with 20 teaspoons of sugar and a little milk

marcdog95 : 1:38 So this is the power of ultra instinct..

Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer : I'm supprized he didn't have a heart attack from that many coffees

Jamie Hughes : At 51 coffees he becomes Micheal J fox

Paulie Jo Mama : Hummingbird is lowkey just watching them burn

Tyler White : 1:36 *A S C E N D E D*


madlarkin8 : In reality: he has a seizure and pisses blood.

Gyro Doughnut : covfefe

ThePapermage : From the time the 100 appears to the end is...strangely calming and serene.

0newingedcrow : I know everyone mentions Quicksilver from DOFP but to me this actually proves that Futurama predicted the end of the movie 'Lucy' 11 years before it was released. Her unlocked brain potential is constantly rising towards 100% like how Fry's coffee tally is reaching 100. And once he reaches it, he's EVERYWHERE. And you don't see him on screen for the last few moments of the episode. All that was missing was him leaving Leela a text message after she mentions a strange, orange blur.

tenzin wangyal : in the hundredth number the 00 connects to form an infinity symbol to signify him achieving zen caffein force, and also the hummingbird is a reference to a star trek episode..

communism : *Smells good*

Lauren O : I love how accurate this is. Enough caffeine puts anyone into a zen state of ultra-productivity.

Pastel_Screamss : why is this so relatable

Shadowhawk28 : Wow Fry became The Flash after 100 cups of coffee.

Ryan F : My god, the gallons of piss that must've left his body...

Sniperinde4th : How it feels to chew 5 gum

dylan moya : 1:19 liquid physics of futurama everybody!

Megathorn23 : Fry achieved Ultra Instinct.

Mard Nunez : Fry is Crazy with coffee ☕️