Tim Hortons | The Away Game

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Coach Jeremy : We need a 15 minute long video! I want to see more of Nairobi!

How To Hockey - Coach Jeremy : There's something about hockey that brings people together. No matter where it's played, even in Kenya, it connects people like no other sport can. Props to Tim Hortons for bringing capturing that feeling. I think Crosby said it best "I think I had just as much fun as those guys did" Whether you're a pro, or learning to play in Kenya, you'll fall in love with hockey!

DramaAlert : Great work Time Hortons! Great work!

majooismajor : "IS this you ? " hahah I love it

Jordan Dankowich : 0:40 "Ice hockey is fun 'cos when we are in the rink nothing matters...the whole world stops." THIS GUY GETS IT RIGHT HERE. So true. Love this.

Jeff T : I'm a Leafs fan. Are these guys free to play defence?

Vincent Desmarais : The Marketing Director of Tim Hortons need a pay raise. 10/10

TheHowtoDad : Feel good story... Tim's coffee is still gross

Judith Achieng' : As a Kenyan, this video brought me to tears. Thank you Tim Hortons, and thank you Canada!

Gabriel Ducharme : I’m not crying, you’re crying.

HollyPollyDoodle : Im crying. I love Sid so much.

Sean Harney : How can i donate equipment ?

ohsnapzbrah : How am I supposed to continue my dislike for Sid as a CBJ fan after this?

Dave Casserly : This is what it's all about. You can hate the Pens, you can laugh at the Avs. But for Crosby and MacKinnon to go out and participate in this is amazing. This is why we love Hockey. 🏒 I love seeing Hockey being played around the world, having games done in China. Seeing rinks in Africa. Thank you, TH.

Amber DeRose : I don’t understand how anyone could not like this story. It’s not about Crosby or MacKinnon. It’s about hockey. Growing this amazing sport. Well done Tim Hortons!

Coushatta LaRue : This is absolutely beautiful. And I love Crosby! I would love for this team to come to Texas and play the Stars! So I can watch them and meet them too. I think NHL should definitely help them become part of the league! Their jerseys are absolutely beautiful too! Such a great story. We're constantly surrounded by negativity and terrible news so this is definitely a refresher and a reminder that there are good people in this world that do good things. Love this. P.s you should definitely put some links to any website or Facebook or social media this team has. So we can all help support them. :)

Jim B : I want to buy one of their jerseys.

MrSadernation13 : Ugh this video makes it hard to hate Crosby. Dammit

byron whynacht : And how proud we are to have two native Nova Scotians to be a major part of this.

- Locke - : Wow, that was amazing. I have no words.

Eric Njeru : Wow this makes me so so happy to see my kenyan brothers given such an opportunity. Thank you Tim Hortons

kyliam80 : The only thing that would have made this even better for these guys, is if they got that little rink just absolutely loaded to the rafters with fans, or just anyone really. And let them really feel what it's like when the crowd goes wild when you score.

Philliam Jond : I hope these guys kid's make the Olympics one day even if they just get beat huge every game it would be so awesome to see them make it there!

Swinging Southpaw Style : This is awesomeness! Clearly 8 people have no soul.

nickwick35 : "When you're in the rink, nothing matters. The whole world stops." Damn, that is incredible.

C DiNardo : This makes me so proud to be Canadian.

Danny Bailey : Being a Minnesota Wild fan, I never liked Sidney Crosby, but I think I just changed mind. Sid, you're alright in my book.

kristoph17 : Timmies marketing doing an A+ job, once again. Great video!

margaret muthoni : This is so heartwarming, thanks Horton's for making this guys dreams come true, Kenya might end up having more hockey teams in the future.

Tom Royce : Dayum, do they sell Tim Horton's coffee in North Carolina? I want to support this company, to repay the sport that brought so much joy to my kids.

Obozo MustGo : Two thumbs up and a hat tip to Tim Hortons. Great work on this one. Really awesome. Thanks also goes to Syd and Nate, as well. That had to be a great time.

Pavel Caldr : Cool Runnings vibe anyone? FEEL THE RTHYTM, FEEL THE RHYME, GET ON UP, ITS HOCKEY TIME! :D

Mike Hodgson : Jamaica has a bobsled team. Kenya has a hockey team! Nice work Tim Hortons. #87 #29 #legends

Matt Tallant : Makes me once again believe in humanity

fnd822 : Way to go Sid and Nate! Love the way the Kenyan player felt Sid’s face to see if he’s real! Great video! Love hockey!

Gustav Qvist : This is what sports should be about - bringing people together - We are all the same when it comes down to it. made out of flesh and bones.

LovelyLadyBumps1974 : Here I am crying at my desk....and as a Caps fan who despises Crosby, his presence and just what it meant to the Kenyan gentlemen is what made me get weepy. Well done, Tim Hortons. Well done.

Purple Sword 5 : American here, we need to bring them to the 🇺🇸... Would be nice if the Flyers or rangers or fill in the blank do this...great story...

Trevor Browning : Is there any way I could donate some old equipment?

Tree Stain : Tim Hortons is the most Canadian subsidiary of Burger King, as owned by a Brazilian investment company ever! Yay Canada!

MLB Prospect Portal : This is amazing!! Thank you Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon and Tim Horton's for spreading Canada's game across the globe! - Proud Canadians!

Tynomac Gaming/Sports & Vlogs : Awesome. Loved it! Sid and Nate are the best!

Alpha Puck : As an Avs fan and a hater of Crosby, its awesome to see them work together. The joy you see in everyone's eyes is tear-jerking to say the least.

Taryll Smith : Need to create a charity that lets people donate sports equipment to all parts of the world. I know people with an entire garage full of old sports equipment.

erindizmo : Oh, my heart is full of joy right now. And my eyes are full of tears.

Leo Kurban : G'Day Kenya, how's it goin' eh? Welcome to Canada eh!

Mike B : 13 people need a high-speed visit from Tom Wilson.

Mike Johnson : he can't hold back HIS tears? damn try being so Proud to be being Canadian and seeing this... Well done Tim Horton's and all

Marc Rosenberg : Absolutely awesome. Great job Tim Hortons. Just awesome.

Twine Sniper : All of Africa needs this