Jealous cat wants to get rid of teddy bear

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Felipe F : Milo is increadible beautiful and funny!! Happy to see videos of him!

Stop This Nonsense Hamdia and zunaira : Omg that anger is so adorable

Nancy Maschio : Milo: 💬finally! SOMETHING that almost feels like Otis, until he arrives this teddy bear will do. This was like playing with a catatonic kitten....who cares! I WON!💪🐈🐾

Linda Ciccoli : Milo got an angery over that bear.

rudi kazooti : Milo i Love you

tina : I think I love Milo ! this is too cute I can't stand it. LOL

Rosalin Mishra : there is only one cutie pie in the house and that's Milo😻....The Teddy can't stay in this house 😾😾😾

haruka -san : Milo is on a mission to kill the teddy!

fabribeijing : i laughed just like you taking the video. That was hilarious!

snoopy the cat : Cyout.mailo

Khai Gopro : Hahaha so funny cat milo.

Phone Hack : milo the fluff ball 🤣

Evon Williams : So cute and funny my kitten use to do the same thing

shariys1 : 😂😂😂😂😂 How much catnip was that thing laced with? 😂😂