Akademia Szermierzy - Fior di Battaglia: Chapter II (The Guards of the Sword)

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Avant-garde Student : Wow this is really top notch editing. I maybe biased as someone who favors Fiore but you guy make some of the best quality content to watch in the community.

greenoak1 : The addition of the graphic crown is very helpful - great addition.

Math M : "Europeans had no martial arts and just bashed each other with dull swords"

Oscar Alberto Guerrero Adames : So no one could say European Mastial Arts doents exist 🗡🏹🛡

wowthungsten : This makes all the sense in the world. You wouldn't hack away at someone for 10 minutes like you see in movies. This is the middle ages. There are no doctors worth speaking of. You're not there to tickle the other guy, you're playing for keeps. These are winning moves. Any of those blows landing will do major damage, you're not keeping that up for even 2 minutes. The man with the better technique is going to win it most of the time.

Illuminati : I feel like playing the Witcher 3 again.

TheGodTell : Another masterpiece, thank you! can't wait for the next part guys

Federico Malagutti : Good video, as always :)

Samuel Caicedo : Imagine how these were actually employed centuries ago. Duels could've been over in seconds. What a sight to behold!

StarCat : Fantastic - thank you for breaking down the guards and showing them alongside the manuscript. The costumes and music are a nice touch as well. Please keep up the good work!

aierce : What is your opinion on the technique in Gladiatoria, a German series of manuscripts from the 15th century, manuscrip KK5013, where you can end your opponent rightly by throwing the pommel.

CardinalKaos : I see sooooooo many similarities between this and the Japanese swords arts like iaijutsu, kenjutsu and kendo Really top notch style here

Marco De Giovanni : Super! As Italian I found pretty strange the translated names of the guards, but your work is amazing!

VelmiVelkiZrut : That winding from bicorno towards the end was beautiful.

Кирилл Поляков : That was an AMAZING piece of sword-fighting video! Your cameraman, director and fighters are superior and music is magical. Please, don’t make us wait 3 months again for the next video.

horrorhouse16 : this must be the best HEMA channel i know!!! quality over quantity!! keep on the good work guys!! i fucking LOVE your video's!!!!!

dl666 : Those guys needs to be placed in Witcher netflix series choreography team :) Like really!!

wacky iowa : Anyone else notice how cool sword fighting with longswords is but games uses swords and shields and magic and fantasy because they think sword fighting was boring?

Pieseł : 3 miesiące czekałem ale na teutatesa jak było warto

ad8aj : I love the interpretation of bicorno

Duron0 : No nie wierze. Zasubskrybowałem kanał z dwoma filmami, po pięciu minutach wrzucili film. Dbają o nowych, a i szybcy są, niech mnie gęś poszczypie!

Iron Gate Swordfighting : Absolutely fantastic work once again! You are an asset to the Fiore world! Much respect!

knarf Cornelissen : From what I gather most of the stances referring to women actually rest a bit of the weight of the sword on the shoulder. Was this actually developed with women, who had less upper body strength, in mind?

Isto : Amazing, thank you! Your work is the best thing happened to the Fiore side of HEMA for years!

WAT AR YE DOIN IN MAH SWAMP?! : kingdom come deliverance

Cor Serpentis : Finally some justice for poor, old, misunderstood Maestro Fiore: a dynamic fencing system which is as practically sound as the latest interpretations of KDF, very effective AND consonant with the sources. Keep up the good work! :D

kubix025 : 3:52 :)

Marek Kowalski : Dobra robota, będę czekał na kolejne materiały.

Giovanni D'Este : Wow. Beautiful and intresing techniques. I also like the idea of the crown.

Jolly Leprechaun : Nice to see this hit a general audience outside of HEMA. We need to get more people into the art.

CD Lozano : That was amazing! The whole “To be continued” gives it the whole story arch feel

Валерий Ш : двуручники самые опасные

Vortallify : What's title of this song? :D

Oskar Toledo : Wish i could live near where people have proper sword fight teaching/training. I own books and sword, i learned on my own, but it's not the same, nor the best way to do it 😥

Chung Lee : awesome job keeping the art allive!

Heron Myer : I will think of you when I watch my minions fight in medieval total war

Élise Elsinski : Very nice for practising, thank you! :D But this is the second time you do that cliffhanger by putting Alan in a bush...i'm so hurry to see what happen next!

Oussama Aithsain : I feel quite hungry

Anthony Oliver : were the blades that flexible ?

wacky iowa : I have never seen such beauty since when we first took Jerusalem

Michel Chaman : I cannot tell you how many times I've seen this, over and over again, I just love it! It's super informative and just straight badass to watch!

Anders Jackson : First I do LOVE to see your sword fighting and the references. Actually, the song is "Den förtrollade barnaföderskan", "Silibrand" or "I riden så". Same song, but different versions of the lyrics. The story is basically the same though. Anyways, the lyrics is "Linden så grön" not "Linden so grön" Look at those three interpretations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YN2jL-olYM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZGsRXiI3-w (best versions in my opinion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiCLJCUPai4

Exostin : Nice editing! And this crown addition is really awesome!

Kyuudousha : Beautifully composed and shot! There are some details of interpretation I would question, but this too is a good thing as more different interpretations help strengthen our understanding.

Ебaнутый исламист : Хоть я и не интересуюсь фехтованием, смотрел не отрываясь.Действительно большая работа проделана. 4:47 так вообще каааайф.

*genuine confusion* : I wish i could learn to spare

Warren Reed : I stumbled on this by accident, this is so interesting, well done!

Lea Kaderova : I wonder how much cost all that equipment?

Bangkok Historical Fencing : Great executions, great cinematography, and again great taste of music! Bravo!

kenneth francisco : Why were these arts forgotten?