Australian Aboriginal use of Spinifex resin technology

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TheTribeOfBenjamin : wild!

Mark Russell : smart! a proccess now used today in plastic resin thermoforming

Zorgoon : Marvelous

Alien Agendalies : Obviously they weren't smart enough to make bowls out of the stuff.

omly85 : I hope this type of technology is manufactured by Australia and not sold to multi-nationals for a pitence of what it's worth long term...This really could end our nasty dependency on oil based plastics.leave it to the worlds oldest tradition to invent natural plastics...Thank you for sharing.


Syeda Bukhari : Thx nice video

Verbunden : It's like watching some documentary about animals.

ethan sellus : good for arrows

LerksInOne : im from redfern

fordge mustang : Just a note . You should warn people that there images of deceased people as it's considered taboo to see the faces of those that have passed on . Thanks

Keewee Froot : I was originally scared to click on this video because of racist comments but I see most of the people here have dignity and maturity

Rodrigo Viterbo : nice images. is it usable for mouthpiece making?

jolly roger : Aboriginals were obviously far smarter than that well known carpenter from Galilee, he used cannabis resin glue. No wonder he was delusional.

Nathan Coulthard : Yeah all you white fellas will be relying on us black fellas soon to learn to live in the bush and survive soon Wont be long

Egiza Bell productions : why can't there be one video that talks about African background that doesn't have people calling us Animals? or saying that they saved us by bringing "ADVANCEMENT" ect.

SlypherSpoons : Australian Aborigine skull have been described as extremley archaic. Australian Aborigines also have one of the lowest IQ recorded out of all human races, 62. They are literally more similar to Homo Erectus and Homo Heidelbergnesis then they our to modern Homo Sapiens, behaviorally. It shows.

Jesus Christ : Yep technology right up there with space travel and stem cell science. Let's all shed our clothes, grab a bottle of methylated spirits and go bush.

Thomas Burnett : There's so much out here to know.

nikolay kravzov : +...

Darrick Ayers : Black excellence

Mysterious Box : Definitely gonna use this epic tip! thanks!!

Swavi : We don't need to see this

Modig Beowulf : Interesting stuff.

Jane Gilmore : Please be careful of the rubbish coming in from the Phillipines that look like aboriginal art from Aussie. It was on Current Affairs. I love Aboriginal art and hate the thought that some greedy sellers have turned their backs on our Aboriginal True Blue art. Make sure there is a picture of the artist and the tribe they belong to are on the gift that you buy. Or ask the seller. Bloody Phillipines keep you cheap art with no stories to it to yourselves. We have the real deal here already thanks. Btw why are the customs and cops not bring these stealers to justice?? It’s not like you can hide 50 didgeridoos in your pants. They should be stopped from coming into the country.

YouTube Medical School WorldOrtho : Great video. Thank you for producing this resource about our great Aboriginal Culture.

ozmadman : Interesting! 

may Byrne : syperspoons watch the first footprints the documentry aboriginal australians are the smartest, have to survive 60 000 years in this contintent and still have the oldest surviving culture, whats yours meat pies, footy, beach thongs, your an embarrisment when yr overseas drunk yobbo

christopher valauri : What is the name of the documentary this is from?

Paul James : Then he made a protective cover for his Nokia cell phone.

Quetzalcoatl : Can you make a cup or spoon out of it since he said it's like concrete when cold? Amazing. The possibilities seem endless. You can make your face mask from a clay mold. This way you can record history.

lumberjack : -very effective-

Ed Bighead : Genius

Plague Doctor : If the resin melts with heat then why TF do they use a stick to beat the grass? Wrap the grass around a hot rock and you'll gather 100% of the resin. It's like they can't even comprehend what they're doing and they're just mindlessly following a recipe.

Danielchai S : Redish/blond transplants from the British Isles are sunbathing in a land where one should have darker than dark skin.

Danielchai S : A spark might fly to the vulnerable private part.

Rusty SpyGoat : black technology at it's finest!

Ashok Verma : Good

Lanie5813 : Thanks

Elle Sunshine : Wow!! 👍🙏

Mr. Sludge BURNER : Prob make a mean dildo with that

brownhippy : did he stab the white guy afterwards ?

Marie DeLozier : Burns likea mutha too...

Marie DeLozier : Looks like it could be used to seal offa sore too...

Rocket Queen : Get back to me when they put a man on the moon or split the atom.

Mohamad Ch : 😆😆🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 🔫🔫🔫🔫🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡

Jose Lebron : Todavía miseria en Australia.

weird science : Resin 😁

David Boson : ahahahah TECHNOLOGY ahahahahahahah

brady robertson : That’s a pretty small boulder