(THIS IS NOT REAL ITS A SKIT) Woman Forced To Pick Up Her Dog's Poop Barehanded By Angry Homeowner

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TinyHole Timmy : you gonna let him talk to me like that? he told you to pick it up. hahahahahahahahahaha

noisyturtle : Fake, no one would actually do that shit no matter the situation.

Jan Shegers : I really do not get the Chihuahua argument...

Mia Phillips : "he told you to pick it up" hahaha

Tyson Mike : "You going to let him talk to me like that" "He told you to pick it up" Even fat Jesse Pinkman knows thots aren't worth getting clobbered.

Sweetnalia : Love this... i CAN NOT stand pple who are not responsible. I dont care how small the poop is... its YOUR dog... YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Dealing with similar issue !

Omayra C. K. : I'm laughing my face off

Michele Class : Seriously, where is this? We have the occasional ditsel who leaves their dog crap, but they know they are in the wrong. It is actually a crime. This woman acts like he is asking something unheard of.


mythreeboys66 : Oh my goodness. Wow. Good for him. So sick of people who think rules & decency don't apply to them.☮

Seldwin : I needed to see this today THANK YOU.

Richard Albert : Something fishy...Fake?

TEAPAK : what should i do for my next video

fearlesslegend : looooool junkie boyfriend

Steven fenton : Bully

Cyprus Momentz : Come on but it is from chihuahua...!!! omg great argument you convince him totally !! xD

ALCOHOLOCAUST123 : I like how the dude tries to shame the dog at the very end by saying his comment about Christmas

Dusty Baker : You da man

Ivi Almeida : This!

|_|_|_|_| 0000 : A HERO.

05Rudey : The solution is simple, take waste bags with you.

Steven Miller : This gentleman is a hero, well done Sir! I could sense your tempered anger, you delivered perfectly. We are surrounded more and more by these selfish lazy hostile cretins. And yes the are hostile as they do know what they are doing, its a method used by scumbags at trying to show they are above the law in your street and above you. While decent people are normally non-confrontational its clear we do need to act and push back when we see these things happening. I do feel for you and your family that you have to actually keep a cursory eye on the street just to watch out for these people. Do not forget to make a note on your phone of the date and time of any incidents, and the outcome. You need to take a gorilla approach to these people, collect more videos at any future incidents, speak to and request assistance from any of your normal neighbours, and send in the evidence to your local council services. Again, well done!

Doginstine : HA!

Miss Dee : she sees how nasty it is when she has to pick it up. good im glad about this. my son can't even play outside because in my area dog shit lines the sidewalks. ppl don't need dogs period they are vile disgusting animals.

thousandlegger : Fake

MrCorivatt : Typical ankle-biter owner

Edward Carnby : I know it's fake but the boyfriend's reaction is still hilarious.

Stuart Donnelly : Well done Gsd owner.

Tristan Clement : This is the most gangsta shit I've seen in a long time

Mj Verostek : "You gonna let im talk ta me liek dat?" PUSSY PASS DENIED

Tera T : Haha even a other guy won't tolerate the self entitlement of lady,

IP Freelee : he isn't the hero we deserve but he's definitely the hero we need.

Subscribe to me plz : Goat

mike bob : Only thing I didn't like was how come the boyfriend was the one threatened with violence. It ain't his dog

Wall2WallReno : that was done with true hatred . Remember ....treat others as you wish to be treated. you wouldn't like it if someone did that too your wife. you could have given her the bag she asked for instead of degrading them both like that.

Anony Moose : Thank god that boyfriend wasn’t a cuck.

Callum Macduff : That's how you getting on

gerpool7 : over reaction,