Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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Libby : she looks so broken I'm crying

Kasi Kay : *i want to reach through the screen and give her a hug*

Jen Jel : I am the only one who sees her eyes are somehow......idk, sad,deep,depressed or something??

John Paul Luluquisen : Promise me VANITY FAIR you will do this interview again this year.

Slippy The Toad : “whats your favourite colour?” Billie 1: “i like bright green :)alot” Billie 2: “i like black..... its been pretty dark i just wanted to be dark with it...” this hit me hard cause even in a year you can change so much positively & negatively :/

Kylie Lipford : She looks completely depressed, stressed, and broken. Words cannot describe how sad she makes me feel just through facial expressions.

みmami : are u pressured? old billie: nah present: yes. my heart :'(

Charlene Smith : 2019 Anyone?!?! Or just me?

Tydasloth : I hope she gets past her depression and live a happy life, I don’t wont her to be another life gone

mehdigeek : hoping she doesn't fall into hard drugs

Martin Zamo : Now She is totally depressed, i hope she gets better):

Sarah Khan : 2:40 when she started talking she sounded like she was gonna cry 😢

Alina builds : *i wanna cry Billie just looks broken hearted :C*

Olivia and Aubrey : This is so sad “I like light green like a lot” “I like black everything’s been dark lately so I just wanna be dark with it” 💔

Kp Skills : This is one of the best interview it just shows the difference before famous and after famous Hope she can get rest and have sometime with her Family..

edits vibes : *she's not okay* and that breaks my heart 😔💔

CrimsonShadow : I don’t want sad Billie anymore bro

ShadowMoonHunter : She was such a happy person but she has change I’m so sad I love you Billie please get happier and not worry about life it will get better

Seljan Muradova : "I like black... it's been pretty dark lately, so I just wanted to be dark with it..." me

MonsterKat : More fame more stress.... she looks far healthier and happier in 2017 despite not having everything she has now. Hope shes ok!

Glamorrous : She seems so refreshed in 2017 and now looks very very sad. It breaks my heart

Crazy Psycho : You can tell she’s sad. Her eyes don’t match her smile.

Leon E. O'Brien : She's so young. I find it a bit worrying at the least that her family are helping make this happen if it's too much for her... I mean, I'm not gonna lie, but you only need to look up videos of her family on YouTube to see that it's just a bit wierd. They encourage this way too much. Like most young people who go into fame, the parents seem more interested in the kid being famous, than their own child themself. I really feel they should step in and at the very least say she's going on a break. They need to tone this down she started so young and she's like only 16 or 17. This is too much for a young person, most of the time. This is one of those situations. God, I hope she has time to be a kid. This just isnt right. It's wrong, she's a kid.

Jakium : This is so sad, Alexa play "idontwannabeyouanymore" by Billie Eilish.

Rapidsongs : She’s so talented, I hope she's okey and happier in the future, she deserves the world 🌎❤️

Pixie Pixel : She looks like she wants to hide her emotions, her eyes are so sad I just want to hug her 😔

Blue .gloomer : She hits a part of me that just one other group of artists get

Diane Denis : She’s looks so happy back then with 200k and 1mil then she’s like oh a few million cool, whatever.

OhHiAlayna White : You're ocean eyes are too sad for such a beautiful person 💙

Thomas Barry : She looks like she's about to cry

Ramdom Guy : This is a genuinely sad person it’s not a “Mood”

Imani Randle : I can feel her pain. Her eyes don't match her smile 😞💔 She's broken *and that hurts me*

Lexie Graceee : "i met him.. I met him, and it was great.." aww... Billie, you sound so hurt. :(((

Maria Inês Silva Magalhães : it hits me every time she says “black, everything’s been pretty dark lately so I just wanna be dark with it” 💔

Ameen : Fame is not easy to handle

Aya Channel : I really hope she doesn’t do anything harmful to herself. She seems so depressed god bless her

Cat MeNot : You can tell that there's spiritual oppression happening here. I hate to say it but these beautiful, soulful, and artistic individuals only get so far if they sell out to the dark-side of the music industry. She is so young yet emits such drag and emotional exhaustion it's very sad to be honest. Billie, if you read this, please know that a Christian is praying for your soul, your heart, and your salvation. Letting go of the world and embracing the Lord will shatter all that you think you know. He will take you to the greatest high. Singing for the Lord will renew you 1,000 fold and give you true purpose. I love you yet I do not know you. You are loved Billie, not by me but by the Lord. You are gifted not with a beautiful voice, but with a beautiful soul. Your voice is your channel, let God speak through you. Let Him give you the healing that you need to overcome the darkness. Let Him in.

Valentina Herrera : She looks so sad omg. Look at Billie in 2017 she is happy and smiling. Billie in 2018 is very sad and deppresed. I hope she gets better this year 2019. 😭

Rose Mohtsa : It’s sad, she’s practically emo. She deserves happiness in her life. I think she needs a therapist.

Thomas Barry : The background music makes it way more sad well I guess that's the point

Swag Nonstop : Anyone watching 2019

Little miss Flexible : What state will she be in next year...😔💔 My heart aches for Billie😭😭😭

John Laurens : It's so much sadder than what I've expected. I hope she's getting better.

Shachar Grimberg : 8:55 i know this laugh. it's when u feel so awful u go around with this feeling like ur on the verge on crying and u carry that for days and then smt makes u laugh and then u laugh for a second and then ur done laughing and reality is back and u feel like ur dead again

Kitty Meows : This just goes to show that fame doesn’t always make people happier..

cemø : this is not a mood this is just a 17 years old sad girl (not tryna be mean im just sayin that she is so sad and depressed than ever)

Lilyzside _ : hoping she doesn't fall into hard drugs

Eleonora Lodesani : Guys people change. Everything change. Are you always happy? I do not think so. Is billie is a famous person does not mean that she should always be happy. She is only uman. 🖤 : now we shall wait for *October 18th, 2019*

Emily Storey-Smith : This is so sad. Her enthusiasm has disappeared :(