Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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Libby : she looks so broken I'm crying

Vicki Ziou : I love Billie, not only because of her singing, she is still a very real person.

AnnyeonghaseYO : whats your favourite colour? 15 y/o Billie: I like bright green 16 y/o Billie: I like black, it's been pretty dark lateley Okay but if this doesn't break you.

The birds and the bees : Baby girl you seem so broken and sad and I love you and I want the world for you.

That Weird one : She used to be so happy. I miss that :(

Emily Storey-Smith : This is so sad. Her enthusiasm has disappeared :(

Rosie Sky : Well I found a celebrity that is as sad as me . I get she hides her pain by a smile and I get that but pray she makes it through and doesn't end it. To all of you (Including me) "your life isn't a book don't end it"

Astatine 85 : I know she is young, but after seeing this video it is clear to me that fame and the industry (movie , music and etc) are not worth it . How many souls were crushed and broken by the insane expectations of the industries?

bella : How does she let so much out without crying tho

skinny : i started crying. i feel her energy

mehdigeek : hoping she doesn't fall into hard drugs EDIT: to the people saying she's already on drugs, her mom is RIGHT THERE, she is a CHILD, there is NO way her mother would let her do such things

Hi Sisters : I legit thought she is 21 or something Iike that

Joana Llama : "Don't post your feelings. Don't do it to yourself." I felt that.

Eat with Me : Billie changed so much in a year

megan spence : 2:30-2:45 .. i cried. she looks so upset and so broken. i just want to hug her and show her how much i love her

Moderator : “Her eyes used to shine so bright”

Esha Banerjee : Billie 2017: I like bright green 😄 Billie 2018: I like black...😕 That hit me so hard 😢

LGBT IsLifue : if billie called herself sad a year ago, then how sad must she be now? her eyes used to sparkle and her smile seemed to glow. now she just seems tired,, tired of literally everything

Blake Hardwick : the music adds another level of hurt to it istg. She's grown so much in a whole year and she looks so sad when the serious questions pop up and when she watches the old video it honestly hurt.

You're cool let's do something cool : One of the most beautiful videos i've ever watched

Supreme Banana : Why did this make me cry

Julie Mousa : 8:06 In 2017 you can seee the happiness in her eyes, In 2018 you see saddness and tears. 2017: Happy, not a worry in the world 2018: pressure, broken

Kendrick Fields : Honestly she’s the most beautiful and real person i ever have seen in my entire life

ccenduro : Who wasn’t depressed at 16 though

Timberwolf Official : Then her eyes were bright now there dark it feels like you can see the pain behind her eyes she’s broken inside, like someone I used to know...

Olivia Ruby : can i pls reach thru this video and hug her

Bacon : If I can I want to give her my happiness.

Gracie McDowell : What happened in the space of a year? I really want to just hug her and tell her she is amazing and she is worth it and whatever is happening to her at the moment will change soon. I loved how excited and new to everything she was last year but I hate how much sadder she’s gotten. I really hope everything gets better for her bc she is still young and has her entire life to live🥰

e d i t s f o r u : its crazy to think that some celebrities want to be like us, *normal* and not be noticed all the time and just have privacy and time to themselves without people always coming up to them. Yet again we all wish we were “popular” or “famous” for doing something we love and get whatever we desire and *crave* or *want* the attention. idk it’s crazy to think about in my opinion

tara. b : so why exactly is she so broken and why and who mistreated her

Lobe Berlin : You can see the pain in her eyes. Fame breaks people down. Stay strong billie💪🔥

Syn Jab : Famous but *broken* 1 like= one soul of happiness giving to Billie.. *edit* : I'm not begging for likes I'm just trying to spread this and atleast get people hope.

Hannahisntabanana : Honestly, kudos to her for staying humble and being so genuine. So much change has happened in such little time for her and she’s managed really well. Change is scary. Good job girl, remember to always do what you want to do. Always take our time for yourself, family, loved ones, and of course, best of luck. 💕

Markisha Laquan : Girl your putting yourself in such a negative head space

Famus People : She's like the Avril Lavigne in 2002-2003

imaniwhispersASMR : when u find out shes 16 & realize you've done nothing with ur life

Presilla Van sool : She lost a piece of herself when she became an artist 😓 that s sad bro

Mowsers : I wish she would get like a therapist or something and take care of her mental health,it's more important than our wants.

Folkenv2 : Say Yes to the Drug they said...

Gabriel Sagadin : Puberty depression in it's purest form, empowered by fame.

Diana Potra : I think Billy’s extremely worn out. I’ve been there before, and that’s exactly how I acted: I was quiet, not very reactive, my eyes were kinda dull, and it was hard to smile genuinely. I can only hope she rests and gets better!

jules crocker : the light in her eyes is gone. the brightness, the enthusiasm, the passion... :/ so sad

G Swervo : Bhad bhabie laugh

Anne : I love her so much😭❤️ I'm so sad that she's so depressed atm😢❤️😪

Kathy Thao : Make one of these every year

fat pussy lemonade : This make me sad and want to almost cry for some reason

Amy Macmillan : She is 16?! Excuse you.

- Anyella - : who else never knew about billie eilish before this video?

Niamh .k : This has broken my heart 💔 but I am thankful everyday for this human being. She is so wise.

Seleena r.k : I wish i could break through the screen and give her a biggggg hug