Epica – Unchain Utopia (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

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Astrid Pinel : WHA! I didn't know they were uploading live versions of the videos...the footage is fantastic! Even better than Retrospect...and this band is on fire! Why doesn't this have like millions of views!?

Arthur : By far the best symphonic metal band nowadays! Excelent performance from the whole band! I'm proud to be a fan!

Cyan_ : The drummer doesn't get the enogh credit.

Chloe Gordon : Epica >>>>>>> Nightwish

DiscoClam : Epica must be the masters at playing in the dark

V Reacts : I reacted to this on my channel. beautiful video guys!

stroodle01588 : It's should be a federal crime for this to have such low views...

Gabriel O'conner : Una banda que por mucho ,se esta alzando como la mejor banda de metal sinfonico. AGUANTE EPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karsten Klaas : Friends- :"Kim Kardashian is so hot and beautiful !! I - Did you ever see Simone from Epica ? Friends - No I -So please Shut up !"

Thomas Paxton : The whole band is in great form, I have one thing to remark on though- it seems Simone has really gained a new dimension to herself and carries a different sense of great confidence when she performs. Its awesome.

Stein17 : I am gay for the guitarist man

Cristiane Silva : wow, Simone is getting better and better.

BloodyRed : They perform amazingly, but you can't deny Simone's voice is not what it used to be :( the "technique" may be there but the power has been fading among the years, still great band

Boo's Wonderland : Simone's voice is just perfect <3

LuG4m3r BR GPLAYS : epica better than nightwish...now and yesterday.

Leticia Alves : My favorit Symphonic Metal band!

Tanya Leshenko : my favourite band

João Becerra : Can't believe how impeccable their sound is. Amazed by how Simone is always on tune on such a difficult song. Flawless <3

Daiane Silva : de 03:14 a 03:40 é incrivelmente perfeito. O final é surpreendente. Assim não dá pra enjoar vocês, pessoal hahahaha. Que banda magnífica! Sinto muito orgulho de gostar disto♥

Jill : This is the best symphonic metal band I have ever seen! <3

Saad Fachqoul : Thank you god for creating a women with such magnificent and mesmerizing voice.

Killian Hackenschmidt : I'm starting to think there's some sort of Core influence in Epica's newer stuff.

Ligeia Noire : Symphonic metal masters. They will surely have a very hard time trying to surpass or at least even The Quantum Enigma epicness with the new album.

Clan Dragonas : Simone is in great shape! I think becoming a Momma has made her even hotter. Everyone in the band is in fighting shape, congrats Epica!

Zach Korman : amazing.

Albert Feuerstein : wow, great music and Performance 😊

FAYSAL : It is always a blessing and joy to hear Simone Simons's voice been more than 8 years now and still gives me goosebumps every time I do so awesome band awesome members awesome music awesome fans \.m./

Rodrigo Andrés : This has to be one of the best live performances I've seen from Epica Looove it


Jose Carlos Patiño : nighwish va sonando más ligero y Épica va con más potencia Aguante epica la mejor de todas

Buscandomundos : No me canso de escuchar esta canción! The Quantum Enigma es mi disco favorito! Saludos desde Venezuela!

Be'lakor UK : I am proud to have almost completed my Epica CD discography, all I need is their debut album and I'll be up to date :p can't wait for their next release!

Wilde Kylee : I didn't need anymore feels for Isaac, dammit...

Fik Fikmonskov : More guitars, please.

Death Walkthroughs : I love this song's breakdowns! ♥️

lovingMETAL20 : where did they perform this song?

JRZ FROM HELL : nice nice nice

Steven Richards : I wish this entire concert would come out on Blu-ray or DVD. I sure would purchase it. It never ceases to amaze me how people can put down Floor and Nightwish. Epica is great and so is Nightwish. Let it go guys. Love both of them as I do. The endless put downs of one band over another are pointless and silly. Good job Simone. Your voice has never been better. It seems motherhood agrees with you. What a lucky little boy you have.

George Jansen : Great performance, Simone is really on a roll here.

TheBlindingLite : Ah i love this song so much. it's even more beautiful live <3

ulus : ❤❤❤

Husin Bawafi : woooowwwwwww

Muerta En Vida : This is amazing!!! I love EPICA!!! See you in february in Bogota Colombia!!!

Viviane Marques : This band is so confident, and so proud of their own music <3

Drdeniz Kaan : this is powerfull track

Jean-Francois Pelgrims : Can't wait to be the 1st of february 2017... Already have my tickets ^^

Alisson Bryan : Wow.. That performance and this song is so mystic

Luis Fernandez : I love their perfomance, it just magnificent

Carlos Fernandez : hermoso *.* desearía que regresen a Perú, muchos éxitos :)

James T : Powerful