Man Made Time - Come Undone (Duran Duran cover)

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Diego Bueno : This is INCREDIBLE!!!

syed hakim : this cover deserve more views.. great cover guys..

Blankshot : *I was trying to find a video to explain time being a man made concept, instead I find a pretty nifty band*

Jnr reyes : Hot cover

Shaun Galloway : Absolutely brilliant! Well done!

AinChimMochi 94 : I love this so much❤ Listening to it in the middle of the night while looking down at the lonely street from your room feels so fresh❤

Константин Добролинский : Very good! Very unusual !

Farhan Q : can I share this?

Erwin kurshner : Greetings from Lettland. Super.

Heather Miller : Role reversal! lol. I like how you switched parts, which I wasn't expecting, along with that techno vibe. And your vocals sound amazing too. Electrifying performance! :D

Robert Nowakowski : Great!!!💪💪😎

Bruceylancer : The cover is great, but the dude is so awkward with his movements and facial expressions, seems like he is having a seizure :D painful to watch

jerry slowx : 👍 like broo ..

Farhan Q : Awesome! what a cover!!!

Astrida Fn : I love it.

speedyz4 : Love it

Anthony Newen : great job!!

Matt Borck : Always loved this song. Great version.

SuperBerlin79 : Reverse cover.

Sharon Nik : Love this!!!! Btw,this is @dittanikkitta on IG

JohnnyChicago : So, by the switching the lead with a weak female voice, you've already wrecked the song, but then by gender-swapping the chorus with an angry male, you've completely upended the whole idea of the song's original tone... and what was with the wooden spoon beats??? This is laughable. If I wanted angst this cheap, I'd buy an Evanescence album - and this is NOT a compliment. 4/10 for the pitiful effort.