Disturbed - The sound of silence (Sandro Kurtskhalidze Amazing cover X factor)

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Vedran Pavlović : If you weren't freakin' screaming all the time, maybe we could've heard him actually sing.

Bryan L : Disturbed did this one well... this guy hurts my brain.

FlyingFoxyPolarbear : Honestly, this is shit!!! He's not even close to nail it!!!

Alex Max : Both singer and judges need to be silent.

Lilligant : Tried to hard to sound like Disturbed... too hard. Screaming girl was annoying.

colomex63 : i would prefer the sound of silence please....lol

Emil Nilsson Swe : How to destroy one of the best songs ever made. This is abuse.. shame on you..

Schalk Schreuder : Sounds more like a throat cancer survivor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ClubGolfGti : Chewbacca on drugs...

fxris xmxli : Wtf. Are they all deaf ?

Bangwao Abang : Murdered the song

Todd Noah : This was terrible

1badbird72 : That sucked

David Kohner : Total crap!!!

Eumelkaiser : i only hear a woman screaming

ZeustH zx : RIP sound of silence 😞😞😞

HoOtix Gaming : He's got something stuck down his throat. He's trying to get it out and they're all clapping to it >.<

heybear : Amazing..... no! Disturbing.... yes!

A Q : Sounds like a demon singing it.

RICHARD URWIN : two voices in the one throat ( brilliant )

johnnyocean71 : I'm now convinced anyone that knows the words to any song can be a star in Russia.

Osmar Acosta : Essas idiotas só gritavam, não pudemos contemplar a canção, infelizmente!

Ninpo Shinobi : someone kicked him in the nuts before he walked on stage

SICKBOI 1317 : He sound like the pirate on the spongebob squarepants intro song

ハングリーGalacta : He tried guys, jeez, cut him some damn slack. He had the balls to at least let his voice be heard. Just saying. Don't criticize unless you're willing to do the same he did.

Eliza Stoner Eliza : Please silent hahaha

Q8cardtricks : It’s like he’s not breathing

Pille-Mari Eit : how can i find more music by him?

Nooneyouknow : dude got a nasty voice

Stuart Schwartz : Glad I watched this AFTER lunch or my appetite would have been in the toilet.

Qobamo Q : So Duplicate... No offense but being an artist,, singers should sing from their real lungs 😊😊

BoopBoop2 77 : Lmao does he have bronchitis?

Paulo Junior : Wtf

SURFRUNNER D : Something very weird here that I've never seen on one of these shows before. A couple of times he holds the mic away and his lips aren't moving yet you can still hear the vocal.

Swonit Anuran : wtf

marisella m : Its actually not that good idk why shes screaming that much😂

? : Seriously?

Ro0MSs016 : Am I the only one who really liked his voice? It sounds so demonic, love it

Art Perez : Simon and Garfunkel the originators of the this song will not be happy with this performance.....ugh!

Turbo999be : Holly crap... he is off notes almost on every notes... this is horrendous, a total massacre. This judge girl is completely hysterical.

Art Rega : WTF? Rammstein?!

Skinnypete : That sounded really awful. I was so excited like, what else do the internet brings me today.. apparently a headache.

Kix Pineda : Must be the real voice of Hellboy!

Holly R.L. : I really want a translation for whatever the judges are saying

sree Rangan : Nice and amazing RUIN.....what is this....the original was a evergreen legend song....cool ruining....👏👏👏👏👏👏

Dimitris Aspiotis : Very goot ✔✌✌✌

Dennis G : Nice way to destroy a song... :(

Eleandro Aliciewik : Esse som é de arrepiar 👻

Eliza Stoner Eliza : Mooooooo sound like a cow

Keoki Ai No kea : He's trying to sound like Disturb! Im Not impressed, dude just be you & sing the song!