Phyllis by Lettuce (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video for 'Phyllis' - the single off Lettuce's new album 'CRUSH' Enjoy Phyllis from the new album 'CRUSH' on Spotify: Download 'CRUSH': Video Credit Directed by: Jay Brown Animated by: Paul Mihailoff About 'CRUSH': In recent years, Lettuce have watched their fanbase expand as they’ve hit bigger and bigger stages and earned their name as a can’t-miss festival act. And in making Crush, the band had no trouble harnessing the spirit of their explosive live show. “Some of these shows we’ve played over the past couple years have been so amazing, it’s like you go home a different person,” says Coomes. “I’m sure remembering those moments in our minds and our hearts helped bring out something special when we were recording these new songs.” So while Crush offers everything from all-out party jams to headphone-ready journeys into space funk, each track was born from an unabashed joy and love of live performance. “That energy we get when it’s prime time and we’re about to go onstage and we’re just excited beyond belief—that all came out on this new album,” says Deitch. “There’s a feeling that the band is rising, and it’s a really beautiful thing.” Tour Dates:


Antonio Cabrera : Saw them at The Independent in SF in October. Packed house, they rumbled and rolled and rocked and reeled. These guys swing the groove like the modern merchants of funk that they are...HUGS to the band for such great music. Keep it up!

NoodleDreamer : Beautiful, so in love with this song/vid rn

Daniel Millage : Christ on two sticks! Where have you been all my life?

lucciano lillo : daddy yankee playing guitar?

djfingerdotcom : I'm a fan, magnificent - phonically & visually. Please, come to Poland with your groove.

MrDjango80 : This is the sweetest kind of music there is.

HEEEERESxFREDDY : Really really great song! Not really like anything I've ever heard before

flex4life : Great vid and track, wow!

Andrew Sturgess : Does anyone have Phyllis's phone number? I was around when MTV started. They showed music videos. I soon realized that there were two parts to an mv. Music and visuals. Sometimes one or the other was great but not in sync with the other. Then, occasionally there would be gems like this. Mesmerizing!

mommehK Smiff : Benny at 1:52 tho hehehe <3

joe riccardo : Holy fucking awesome !!! Can't wait to see them again

Joshua Milo Music : amazeballs

Bruno José Reolon : best mv ever

Sam Y : Hell yeah

Al Kintrell : Who disliked this is the question no one will ever know?

Queena Chao : guitar

JaviGuinea : Funky tune, sick video!

Phil Roberts : there is no dana only zuul

Flash Cat : Cool Funk

Mark Venuto : 4:08 Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

Benjamin Baldwin : How does Lettuce keep getting better? Love this band.


A fools Portfolio : Nice, something along the lines in what I want to do musically.

BobbyJay : Who else is seeing them live at lockn' this year in va??

Philipp Hofmann : im fucking Love this song

Pierre-Yves SORDES : 0:45 <3

Леонидас Фадинар : Это великолепно, братья! Россия с вами!

Александр Буддистов : На сколько понял, в этом видеоклипе к музыкантам пришла муза, или у меня шизофрения?

Phyllis Shalor : 👀

Pierre-Yves SORDES : woooww

Jakub Hadvig : Siiiick ............