The NPC Song (Merchant Minute 209)

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meme : Greetings, traveller. Have you heard of the High Elves?

Lmao Lmoo : They constantly call us bots but as soon as we call them NPCs they want to ban us?

Non Playable : I dont get it

Norman P. Chesterton : This video is not expressing opinions that have been approved. Delete this now!

Sam Boody : NPC's can't level up in this world. *That's why they call for Socialism*


نادیا نوری : •⎝⎠• ᠌ ᠌ ⎳ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ▬

sniperkitty 1400xx : while youre here: There's a Jewish supremacist plan to systematically eradicate the white race by breeding it out of existence by flooding most white countries with millions of nonwhites. It' called the 'Kalergi plan'.

Cis White Male With Extra Privilege : I've been arguing with SJWs for a long time, and the responses were so predictable that to save time, I actually made a folder containing several premade arguments and citations because I knew exactly what they were going to say. I even had them in a certain order because I knew the order they would say certain things.

Cato's Speech : Nothing like coming home from work and listening to a new Morrakiu song. :)

hero13 : Twitter is holocausting this meme as we speak.

Npc 14876283638394638392937367382928363754884688545 : Delete this now

megastoejoe : They've already started banning it.

MrCool Mug : I want to hear Shapiro say 'Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle-East' with some TES Oblivion music over it. Every boiler-plate response, I want to hear it.

ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! : isnt calling people nazi, russian bots, troll, etc dehumanizing as well? hmm, it seems that twitter and other social media platforms support dehumanizing the right while they ban the right for doing the same. seems a bit one sided, almost like they are programmed to do these things...

Barbarossa : Communists are mad because they can’t meme.

Ricardo Santos : SJW are just NPC with bugged quests.

NoPetCat 828282 : Gray Power. #resist #orangemanbad

Kaiser : You cannot fast travel while commies are nearby

Arcauriel : The true war: NPCs vs. Russian Bots

Ville Koskela : this vine compilation totally cured my depression 😂 😂 😂 the walking dead is soooo good

KaiserSpaceman : "Hello, I am famous NPC No.10068-C here to tell you I agree and support ideals popular with people focus group tested with ages 16-35, please see/hear my next project made with other famous NPCs"

Steven Lopez : Family guy is a funny show. I like to play fortnite. I love marvel movies. Man babies ruined star wars. If it isn't Supreme or Gucci, I dont want it. The Oscar's keep rewarding indie films that no one watches, they should make a popular film award. Single player games are dead and I'm all for loot boxes and pay to win microtransactions.

satanicpriest13 : Banning the NPC meme will only make our power stronger

Pun Pun : When the meme is so good that your only option is to ban it. Ha! Pathetic. (((Twitter))) once again proving that they were never different than Facebook.

End me : (((NPC)))

ohno : You did it again /pol/

Dries du Preez : I absolutely love how triggered this has them

Jay See : this meme isn't even edgy yet it's triggered a lot of mainstream media. For this reason I support further growth and development of the meme for maximum normie confusion and internal strife.

metalfaust19 : Another thing about the NPCs is they literally never progress, they always remain the same level consistently. As the player character, you are intended to surpass them in every way until they're nothing more than a weak nuisance to your main quest line. Remember to take care of yourself and level up at the gym and gun range as often as possible.

xifaskia59 : And so it bengings

American Patriot : Thank you CNN. You make us complete. Happy we are.

Andreas Sonne : The new anthem of the Democratic party :)))))))))))) #SocialistsAreNotHumans

Invictus : Patrolling the Mojave Almost Makes You Wish For a Nuclear Winter

Huns With Guns : 1:25 you forgot the blue check mark


Chris : Got word of a group of Vampire hunters setting up in the old fort near Riften, might wanna check it out.

Tim Kramer : Ok, this is epic

kyle ober : Npcs arent human

Definitely not a troll : These are dark times.

Heruagarwaen : I used to be a rational thinking adult like you, until I got my liberal arts degree.

N-word Surfer : Too short, humans, fix this.

Shidelerdan The ogre : The fact that this meme has the MSM as triggered as it does makes me almost believe that there really are non human “people” walking among us.

Tonto Kemosabe : Not all humans are People.

TheLiamis : >logic detected >not narrative complaint >Error 401 page not found >insert buzz word.. NAZI.exe >logic detected >syntax error. >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

0xygenIsOverRated : NPCs never learn. The more you freak out the more things will become popular. That's an NPC for ya, they don't even understand when they're being trolled.

kilmindaro3 : >no inner monologue does... does that actually happen? Are there beings out there without one?

Pesthuf : You shouldn't hate NPCs. They are quite useful creatures as long as you're the one programming them.

Constantly Correct : This meme illustrates to the normies exactly what their problem is. And it's totally blowing the Leftists' cover. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.

Bedric : Another name for lemmings and sheeple.