Feeding Bull Shark | Bimini, Bahamas | Underwater Shark Footage (GoPro Hero 3+)
Feeding a bull shark

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720p. GoPro Hero 3+. Underwater shark footage (3:20) of feeding a bull shark in Bimini Sands Marina in Bimini, Bahamas with wahoo fish scraps. Close encounter with a huge shark!


Abortion is Murder Liberals are cancer : imagine tripping and falling in

Daniel Timbs : Jump in. The ultimate live feed. Cmon, it's for views

Mustang Guru : Bull sharks are some of the most aggressive sharks. Use caution with it. Feeding it only makes it very dangerous for others who may not know it’s there. Not a good idea.

Butane 1980 : And that's how shark start associating people to food...

Talking_Hat : Nobody : Youtube : Hey want a Bull Shark swimming around near a dock?

NO_EYES_ON_ME : By feeding it, now the shark will always hang out around here and you've put people in danger. Way to go.

Hobo God : This is that moment when you push your friend into the water prank Also press f for respeccs for lil dude at 3:45

Arc Light : I believe they prefer to be hand fed. So make with the hands.

Boffis123 : That water looks glorious! If it wasnt for the shark I would take a swim there.

Untouchable artist Bentley : BULLS are so heavy .. you should never have fed it .. Now it associates humans with food ... You just put this restaurant on the sharks map

helt kört : Would be cool if it threw a burger back or something.

August Wilhelm : People always complain of aggressive animals, why do you think the attack happened in the first place? Oh because people feed wild animals and they get so used to humans that they hang out right under their boat or in their backyard. Dont feed wild animals!

FLsheepdog1 : Now when a kid falls off the dock the Shark will think its another Scooby snack. Way to train sharks! What next, feeding Bears in Yellowstone?

մղʂէօրրმჩlε : Everytime i come to a sea or Ocean and it´s summer i just jump in.....thx to this Video i watch next time before i jump, you´ll never know

Cris Arenio : Ohhh great! Nice water so clear I want to swim in there. *sees a shark* F*ck ! I'd better take a bath on my bathroom.

Skymaster577 : Me: holy shit this actually looks relaxing just to watch and feed this big shark Everyone else: TRIGGERED

まる : 泳ぎたくない海ランキング第2だわ

isaac straughan : I'm not sure if this is a bull shark or not buddy. I'd lean more towards a reefer. This one lacks the 'muscular' like build of a bull shark.

Jxmmy2 Carbonel : Nice dog bro!!

ドクター青 : なんか知らんがおすすめに出てきた人→

Glow Worm : that goldfish is so big

Ehcys Cowie : it's not a bullshark 🤣


Tony Loechte : Ok this is just asking for trouble.

Bryan Ludwick : Stop feeding the shark it could be your leg next time.

Adam Wilson : Feeding bull shark I’ll put my hands in the water 😂

Travel Bucket List : Wow, thats a big Bull Shar and so close to shore and where kids might play. I live in San Diego and we have Great Whites but the Bulls are much scarier.

PRO HEN : Dive in man, it's only a 10ft bull shark!

米倉玄師 : 絶対に足を滑らせたくない場所NO.1

Joseph Wagner : The Bahamas look so pretty. I want to go there someday..

禁中並公家諸法度 : 後ろからツン

nana : Triggered comments.. the shark clearly says "Thanks bruh" around 2:20

Re:S : 怖すぎやろ…

Fathappykitten : JUMP IN!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Forehead : I don't know why but it's very satisfying

Anime - Music : ฉลามว้าว มันน่าอันตรายมากๆเลยถ้ามันมาอยู่แถวบ้านของผม

Natey Boi : Ppl in the comments be saying "you've put ppl in danger". The waters crystal clear anyone would see the damn thing

Emmanuel Mendoza : Dont feed the bull shark or he'll find a way to start cooking underwater and dethrone Ramsay!!!

짱떨이 : 빠지면 ㅈ 된다

。あ : 怖すぎワロタ、もう海水浴できん

Wonkaworker : That dock is giving me anxiety

Mob Barley : Wisdom word says "why do you bites the hand that feed you?"

lord shaxx : Don't feed the shark that food or he'll evolve getting education and buy it for himself!

Loran Garos : Нихуясебе бля. Первое желание при виде прозрачной воды - занырнуть.

Mike P : Why not bait a line and catch that SUMMBITCH

忍野忍 : 鯛じゃね?!ひらめーっ!ひらめーっ!

Collin Green : i recommend not feeding massive predators for the simple fact they become attracted to humans....really dumb honestly

Lily Hey the shatted : arent u sarch it will jump up welp be careful

セルガChannel : 怖ぇぇ!