Feeding Bull Shark | Bimini, Bahamas | Underwater Shark Footage (GoPro Hero 3+)

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Dayron Uzquiano : dont feed the wild life people

Cars1999 : By feeding it, now the shark will always hang out around here and you've put people in danger. Way to go.

helt kört : Would be cool if it threw a burger back or something.

Safet Hamzagic : dont feed wild animals...especially a damn shark

The7Purplekirbies : as cool and rare of an opportunity as something like this is, it's also a wonderful way to keep that shark coming back to shore( can't exactly tell how isolated that water way is judging by the video but I can tell that there are CLEARLY people hanging around that area.) Considering that bull sharks ARE man eaters who don't need to be provoked to attack it might not be wise to do that. other than that it's definitely an interesting video.

Glow Worm : that goldfish is so big

Fathappykitten : JUMP IN!!!!!!!

Syberian : I'm quite certain it's not a bull shark. I rather lean towards a reef shark. It lacks the massive build of a bullshark and the nearly right angled transition from head to sides. Also it moves differently from a bull shark. Somehow less "determined"...

Phil : In England we only have shit in are seas! 😕

Collin Green : i recommend not feeding massive predators for the simple fact they become attracted to humans....really dumb honestly

Anna Kraft : That's awesome! The water looks so nice, too.

Definitely Cortez : soooooo, I'm guessing this would not be a great place to have oneself or one's child accidentally fall off the dock..and a child wearinga life vest would just be bait on a bobber. shudder.

Abortion is Murder Liberals are cancer : imagine tripping and falling in

Tampa123 : Whatever you feeding it, I hope it I hope it's gluten free..

puckmaster1342 : Thank you YouTube for over 600K views! Wow! I thought I'd reply to some of the comments that I've been seeing. A lot of people have just really liked the video in general, but let me address the people who are saying to not feed the wildlife, especially sharks. This video was taken in a marina in Bimini Sands Marina, Bimini, Bahamas. This is a shark free marina (no pun intended). That means you cannot fish for sharks and bring them to the marina to clean, etc. In the video, we are cleaning a wahoo that we caught that day, so the carcass was going to be in the water any way you look at it. We just decided to have a little fun with this young bull shark (yes, this is a bull shark). Some people have argued that this looks more like a reef shark, but I am sure it is a bull shark because we know some of the people that work with the Bimini Biological Field Station (the shark lab). Also, reef sharks don't typically come in the marina (They're reef sharks). I will probably be posting another video like this from a more recent trip soon. So, stay posted!

Mitchellin man : That looks like a big bull shark as well it could easily take a leg off

Miki Seius : Don't feed sharks! They start associating people with food that way!

tomtalker2000 : I have to agree with some of the other commenters. As intriguing as this may seem too see this fish up close. Nobody in there right mind wants a "rogue" Bull Shark patrolling there harbor. And potentially bringing his friends along with him. And then someone ending up severely hurt or worse...(g)

Drusus Nero : It's not a good thing to do !

asianboy8969 : Try feeding the shark a feminist, I am pretty sure the shark won’t dare to come back in that area anymore. Toss in an millennial feminist who is a member of PETA and had just finished up with a day at the LDS Church. I can assure you that shark will likely die from everything bad that it just consumed and then nobody has to have any concern about the man feeding it anymore.

TAPP Channel : nice video but its crazy to feed shark right by the shore... In US its illegal to feed them within 2miles of shore...

Derek : Don't think thats a bull.

Kolsch221 T : Here is an idea, get into the water and hand feed it. You idiot.

August Wilhelm : People always complain of aggressive animals, why do you think the attack happened in the first place? Oh because people feed wild animals and they get so used to humans that they hang out right under their boat or in their backyard. Dont feed wild animals!

Sakura : 怖すぎやろ…

jimmy jeter : that is straight salt water. I know where that is and ive been there.  there is a little rock jetty that leads you in there to the marina right from the ocean

Roger : Literally the coolest thing I've see on youtube in a long time.

AzureHeartSong : I don't know why the bull sharks keep hanging out in the bay, it's so weird. Also, it's so sad that your child got eaten. Tragic accident.

Xiao Hei : Why don't that shark eat those small fishes swimming around him? Why he prefer processed food to fresh food? Bad shark.

The Gaming Parakeet : The shark are a big fish at 6:05

Char Shark : QUIT FEEDING IT!!

LaserHawkFTW : Nice pet you got there 🙂

禁中並公家諸法度 : 後ろからツン

Jay the front fliper pro : Leave a like if you wanted to have a pet shark to teach you how to swim in the deep

RandomGuy211221 : Wooow the water is is is BEAUTIFUL... in Romania the black see isnt like this :C

tomtalker2000 : Bull's are WORSE then White Sharks. There testosterone levels are SUPER high when they get into a frenzy. And they also are one of the few sharks that DON'T "test bite" before they go in for a larger one. They just BITE PERIOD and continue to BITE...!!! Again this is all do to there elevated testosterone levels. Definitely NOT a shark to have hanging around a harbor. There really are some stupid people in this world.

ふたみ. : 4:07

Rhian Basty Panganiban : Dont tell me you came down

nana : Triggered comments.. the shark clearly says "Thanks bruh" around 2:20

Cameron Hawkins : hey my son caught a shark

Chef Adam : Bull Sharks highly territorial and full of testosterone and aggression. One of the most dangerous. Might not want to chum the local marina for them.

Alan Peterson : To me sharks are the most fascinating creatures on earth, and Bull Sharks are among my favorite species; nice footage indeed, clear waters and, most of all, quiet, no screaming overexcited lunatics, no dramatic Jaws soundtrack nor silly comments about killer shark or crap like that. I much prefer these home-made videos than most pumped up, sham documentaries around. Thanks for sharing.

Bull shark : Hey you forgot to tag me

Effram Coleman : it good video but now it will it will stay there and bull sharks bit more people and it lives in freshwater so now somebody that's working on their boat snorkeling will get bitten by 300 pound bull shark because you guys are throwing food in there .Loose a-arm fingers hand just say thanks guys with your other hand or foot


ليث قيمر lays gamer : 😱😱😱😱😨😨😨

tomtalker2000 : You deserve to get bit...(g)

Tactix : That's so cute!

General Obi Wan Kenobi : OH hell no. Nope! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!! I can duel my crybaby failure of a padawan, but I would rather be no where near a bull shark.

zack Carlson : go for a swim I dare you