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Pyagrl*16 : I mean, I played it. Best endorsement I've ever heard!

The Ink Pit Ox : I'm Homestar Runner! Line. (Welcome) Welcome! Line. (To.) To! Line. ( Something dot com!

Gillian Backhouse : I remember him in a sailor suit the first time I saw this...

Jason Blooey : The spanish word for dot is punto.


Partymixel 932 : Homestar is so funny he really cracked me up especially he voice 😂😂😂

HanazukiFan2009 AUTTP EDCP VEVO :

The Ink Pit Ox : How long has everyone been following Homestar, by the way? For me, about twelve years. Man, has it really been that long for me?

DJMouthwash : Gotta love that mouse trail.

SuperBran : Wait this is how jacknjellify got its icon? But it changed

TheDuke Bros : I loved!

RedSkull 12 : 👌 it's dot com👌

Samurai Shampoo : Makes me wish mobile devices still supported flash so we could visit websites like this.

nnwp , : lol!

Technomancer : It's Dot Commmm

DesperateCreator : lol!:58-1:05

Klook6950 : 0:57 ¡Estrella de Hogar Corredor! ¡Doblaje al español!

SuperWindows78 : Take 9227, Take 289369488559968966899756857884478568798678(500000000000 million billion years later)7876866878”....