Live PD: I Live Right There | A&E

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RCSJ11 : Can't believe these officers. Arrested these people for no reason, I mean come on, he lives right there!

Dalton Smith : If I was driving that hot id be driving like an old lady. Lol whats wrong with these people.

Erik Acosta : 3:00 Out of all things they censored, did they really censor Jesus Christ? lol

cake : Officer:Any sort of weapons in the car there sir? Driver:Nah we good *under breath* just an assault rifle and some ammunition along with a stolen glock. Officer:What? Driver:Nothing my guy.

iamDervy : Pull up on your block with the draco lol

Fbgm : My brakes are trippin 😂

Peator : What's the point of more strict gun laws if people don't even obey them? It just hurts law abiding citizens.

Aaron : lMAO, am i going to jail for this? "we are going to try to not to" ---5 minutes later finds small armament and gang ring complete with groupie, drugs, protection, and transportation. WHAMABAMBMABAMAMAA

daniel wright : Thank god they didn't shoot the cop glad everybody is ok

pyronite59 : But they live RIGHT there!

Prestonation : Machine Gun?? Assault Rifle?? SKS?? wtf is this guy on?

DestroyNations : Alex Jones in his prime

Talking Things TV : Bunch of dangerous felons off the streets. Well done officers!

w m : Thank you for getting this trash off the street.

Bob Smith : MLK would be so proud.....

SANDMANRICH : Best episode I've seen !

1phone1gamer : He lives right there, might as well check his house too lmao

Seraph Espada : not an assault rifle. AK style Pistol.

llamaslyr : MLK would be so proud

Nina Bee : Well that went from 0 to 100 very, very quickly. "We just live right here..." *finds assault rifle* "we just live RIGHT HERE"

dylan krebs : Nice arrest guys!

siberwolf33 : That ladies is a seasoned professional officer. Great stop.

Mike Yousif : Big Soulja with the Draco

rchbuns : 2:10 when he said holy macrole I got so excited

Mr ATX : Assault rifle? Machine gun? I'm sorry.....but do they teach police officers anything at all about firearms at the academy?........

Some Crew : Don’t worry guys the internet gun experts are on the case!

Jack Jones : "I aint do nuffins man, I aint gotta gun... come on man, I live right here..."

10,000 subs without a video? _ : I don’t understand it’s just an AK 47 and I live right there

utfan26 : This is a perfect example of why law enforcement is on edge these days. 2 ED-209's and 2 BT-1000's

NoooUGH : Am I the only dude that really doesn't like the officer here? Yea, I appreciate what he did and does but just the way he acts and talks is really cringey for me.

John Doe : It's funny cops don't know the names brands or types of firearms. You'd think they would. An SKS assault rifle? Really dude? Lol

droptopdad : I just love Arizona

bløôdhöüñd ñïtó 330 : draco on me and it got a cooling system 21 21 😂😭😭

Eric x : But it’s systemic racism....

clt lilboy : Pulls out and Draco and call it and ak

Rannnddy 407 : That's crazy at least the police officer wasn't gun down. I want to be a police officer. I did a ride along they go through a lot. I support thin blue line and black life matter.

JustLetMeDrive : aww u just rayciss!

Waylon Quiggle : “Machine gun” 😂 “assault rifle” “SKS” BOY

Duck Sauce : Obamas sons.

Cortney Hamblin : Why do all cops touch the back of peoples cars everytime they approach ur window in a traffic stop

Boris Markov : That is not an SKS.

Borrachin10 : 0:39 notice how the officer touches the back of the vehicle. I didnt believe it but a friend of mine said they do that to leave their prints in the vehicle if anything were to happen to the officer then the officers finger prints would match the prints on the back of the vehicle. Interesting huh ?

Mr. Doughboy : Just think what could have happened if he didn't call for additional units

Milspecmachine : That's an AK-47 pistol variant it's not an SKS nor is it a Machine Gun.

YG Keshawn : the police officers​ could have got gun down 💯 like if you agree

ryan Kidd : Yo thats amazing and I want to be a fireman when I grow up so hopefully my dreams come true

Teamligtz : I love how every live PD video starts with like 7 seconds of silence and the camera on the cop lmao

Mathis Gales : lol the liberal gun grabbers, this cop called that AK type pistol a "machinegun" and an "Assault Rifle" can't make this stuff up lmao

_F.B.I._ : Trooper..... that is not a machine gun.....

Lifegoesonbrahh : "Anything else remarkable in the car?" lmao