Live PD: I Live Right There | A&E

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RCSJ11 : Can't believe these officers. Arrested these people for no reason, I mean come on, he lives right there!

Dalton Smith : If I was driving that hot id be driving like an old lady. Lol whats wrong with these people.

Erik Acosta : 3:00 Out of all things they censored, did they really censor Jesus Christ? lol

cake : Officer:Any sort of weapons in the car there sir? Driver:Nah we good *under breath* just an assault rifle and some ammunition along with a stolen glock. Officer:What? Driver:Nothing my guy.

iamDervy : Pull up on your block with the draco lol

pyronite59 : But they live RIGHT there!

Aaron : lMAO, am i going to jail for this? "we are going to try to not to" ---5 minutes later finds small armament and gang ring complete with groupie, drugs, protection, and transportation. WHAMABAMBMABAMAMAA

daniel wright : Thank god they didn't shoot the cop glad everybody is ok

Prestonation : Machine Gun?? Assault Rifle?? SKS?? wtf is this guy on?

Peator : What's the point of more strict gun laws if people don't even obey them? It just hurts law abiding citizens.

Fbgm : My brakes are trippin 😂

DesertMayhem88 : But but . . . . They din du nufin

Talking Things TV : Bunch of dangerous felons off the streets. Well done officers!

DestroyNations : Alex Jones in his prime

SANDMANRICH : Best episode I've seen !

Seraph Espada : not an assault rifle. AK style Pistol.

w m : Thank you for getting this trash off the street.

Bob Smith : MLK would be so proud.....

dylan krebs : Nice arrest guys!

Mike Yousif : Big Soulja with the Draco

siberwolf33 : That ladies is a seasoned professional officer. Great stop.

rchbuns : 2:10 when he said holy macrole I got so excited

llamaslyr : MLK would be so proud

NoooUGH : Am I the only dude that really doesn't like the officer here? Yea, I appreciate what he did and does but just the way he acts and talks is really cringey for me.

AstroFather : I just love Arizona

utfan26 : This is a perfect example of why law enforcement is on edge these days. 2 ED-209's and 2 BT-1000's

Some Crew : Don’t worry guys the internet gun experts are on the case!

Nina Bee : Well that went from 0 to 100 very, very quickly. "We just live right here..." *finds assault rifle* "we just live RIGHT HERE"

Josh ATX : Assault rifle? Machine gun? I'm sorry.....but do they teach police officers anything at all about firearms at the academy?........

bløôdhöüñd ñïtó 330 : draco on me and it got a cooling system 21 21 😂😭😭

John Doe : It's funny cops don't know the names brands or types of firearms. You'd think they would. An SKS assault rifle? Really dude? Lol

Rannnddy 407 : That's crazy at least the police officer wasn't gun down. I want to be a police officer. I did a ride along they go through a lot. I support thin blue line and black life matter.

JustLetMeDrive : aww u just rayciss!

Cortney Hamblin : Why do all cops touch the back of peoples cars everytime they approach ur window in a traffic stop

Milspecmachine : That's an AK-47 pistol variant it's not an SKS nor is it a Machine Gun.

Boris Markov : That is not an SKS.

God of Chicago : Video after video of this bald cop he’s not right he got bullied as a kid way too much this guy should seriously go for a psych evaluation

Mr. Doughboy : Just think what could have happened if he didn't call for additional units

YG Keshawn : the police officers​ could have got gun down 💯 like if you agree

Eric x : But it’s systemic racism....

Jack Jones : "I aint do nuffins man, I aint gotta gun... come on man, I live right here..."

Waylon Quiggle : “Machine gun” 😂 “assault rifle” “SKS” BOY

First Last : That's a pretty sweet sks brother

Lifegoesonbrahh : "Anything else remarkable in the car?" lmao

ApOcAIlyPsE : He looks like Alex jones

Duck Sauce : Obamas sons.

Josias von Leiswolf : Good work, officers. Those thugs definitely earned their jail time. That was not an "SKS Assault Rifle," however. That was an AK (carbine or pistol variant, not a rifle), and most likely not fully-automatic.

bigrub tocool : I don't like that cop is it sema or is it fully automatic

Sergio ThaG : Lmao when i got arrested for smoking weed in the alley by my house i kept on sayin i live right there like 5 times hahahah

T B : Hey we have a bunch of illegal firearms in the car so how should i drive and reckless and draw attention to us...ok got it