The Lord Of The Rings Trailer (Avengers: Infinity War Style)

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CarpenterSound : Check out my new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War on my channel! I believe it's one of my best works yet. Especially the climax ending.

FreedomFighter08 : Holy shit the timing of everything is just perfect epic epicness!

ZHL242 : This is literally the best trailer remake I've ever seen

CarpenterSound : The Lord of the Rings is the movie that got me interested in sound design and filmmaking in general, so I've been wanting to make a trailer for it for a long time.

Mr. Krepshus : Great job

Gojiratheking106 : How did I get hyped for a trilogy released more than fifteen years ago

Brian Buz : You really need to somehow get involved in making trailers for actual studios. This is crazy good, the timing, the lack of spoilers, the dialogue it’s just awesome. Disney worthy work here.

Hunter Haller : Aaaaaand time to watch LotR again! This was awesome

Thibaut GUERQUIN : How is it possible that EVERYHING fits with LOTR universe ? Oh I know, because there is no story that can beat this mastapiece. LOTR for ever !

American Ninja Productions : So Hawkeye has been disguised as Legolas the whole time 🤔

Multiverse Creations : You sir are a damn genius. This is my favorite trilogy of all time, and you absolutely crushed this trailer. Great sound design as well!

Jacob Cook : Well damn. There goes my day watching all the extended editions.

LoL LOL : 1: it's amazing 2: the lines are just perfect 3: if someone actually haven't seen it yet, it doesn't give away big things

AD_edits : Amazing work! As always!!! Watching your content makes my content better!!!

Dashtag Mania : Amazing

theflash3100 : The video editor that was promised has returned

Miranda Goodall : First off, I love this trailer more than the actual Infinity War trailer. Second, you just made me re-watch all the extended editions. Third, your sound editing is incredible! I have no idea how you removed the soundtrack from behind speech but it's brilliant. A lot of people won't appreciate it but you have serious talent.

indrancole3 : I work as a professional trailer editor, and based on this I'd guess you are too. If not, you could use this to get a job in trailers if you wanted. It is incredible, every beat is perfect. Best fan trailer I've ever seen.

Llamad Mow : YES! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! Generally, I hate fan-made trailers, because of the number of spoilers they include, meaning they don't work as actual trailers... but this! And covering a trilogy of movies without spoiling any of them! My word! This is perfect!

MRdaBakkle : This is the power of post production.

Shreks newborn son named Larry : My wife was in the other room and could only hear this and she said "omg please tell me they are not making a 4th LotR movie"

Angel Montiel : "When the age of men comes crushing down" - Wall explodes. 😎

M B : This Is a Masterpiece. Simple as. Timing just perfect. Really knocked it out of the park this time around. Just jaw droppingly insane what you do!!!!!

Andrew Brammer : This puts a smile on my face...

Honorio Navarro Mesa : What kind of audiovisual wonder is it? Great job

thelostchevalier : This trailer produces in me two distinct reactions: 1) This is epic, it is so over the top. 2) When is the movie coming out? Oh... wait...

al Mamlūk : Gandalf: "Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a Narsil"

RPD : I don’t think you understand how utterly perfect this is. _Thank you_

Charlotte Gavin : I watch these movies just about every time I have a snow day. Watching trailer made it feel like I've never seen them before it was amazing great job

LightTrack : This one is by far the highest quality one among the "Infinity War Style" trailers, in my opinion.

Play2Die : Amazing ! Gave me goosebumps ^^

Wo_ofy : Thank god i thought you were dead

Witty Green : Hawkeye is finally there in an infinity war promotion...

Victor Von Deathstroke : I see lord of the rings, I click. No questions asked

Roysnov : This notification popped up and I never even imagined you could mash these two together. Love both film franchises and this was just perfect! Keep up the amazing work!

the moviebuf01 : FANTASTIC! I had chills...

Callum Troup : The best fan trailer I have ever seen! Aragorns speech over the clips is perfectly done and Gimilis line at the end captures the trilogies humour which was never emphasised in the original trailers. Again great work!

Ho There Peasant : My apologies, but I have failed to locate the ability to grant more likes.

Jackw00pw00p2 : Comment challenge. Which avenger are they each?

Roman Brouwer de Koning : I just got hyped for a trilogy released 15 years ago


magmi. : Impressive work!

Luke Ernst : Gandalf I don’t feel so good

Epic Shish Kabob : Man, Lindsay Ellis' series on the Hobbit has really got me down about LotR. This has restored my faith in it.

Thomas Morris : Dang, that's pretty awesome

LonerLoneEmu : Anyone else find it s little funny + really good 😂

Squid Z-ken : God damn it dude. This is a masterpiece.

Remus : Awesome!

Phoenix King : dude!!!!! Lord of the rings is one of my favorite trilogies, an I immediately subscribe once i finished watching the trailer. THis was fucking amazing!!!!! keep the great work!!!!

Gaia Gazzola : This gives me the chills