The Lord Of The Rings Trailer (Avengers: Infinity War Style)

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CarpenterSound : Check out my new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War on my channel! I believe it's one of my best works yet. Especially the climax ending.

ZHL242 : This is literally the best trailer remake I've ever seen

Roman Brouwer de Koning : I just got hyped for a trilogy released 15 years ago

Luke Ernst : Gandalf I don’t feel so good

indrancole3 : I work as a professional trailer editor, and based on this I'd guess you are too. If not, you could use this to get a job in trailers if you wanted. It is incredible, every beat is perfect. Best fan trailer I've ever seen.

FreedomFighter08 : Holy shit the timing of everything is just perfect epic epicness!

Miranda Goodall : First off, I love this trailer more than the actual Infinity War trailer. Second, you just made me re-watch all the extended editions. Third, your sound editing is incredible! I have no idea how you removed the soundtrack from behind speech but it's brilliant. A lot of people won't appreciate it but you have serious talent.

Angel Montiel : "When the age of men comes crushing down" - Wall explodes. 😎

Ho There Peasant : My apologies, but I have failed to locate the ability to grant more likes.

thelostchevalier : This trailer produces in me two distinct reactions: 1) This is epic, it is so over the top. 2) When is the movie coming out? Oh... wait...

CarpenterSound : The Lord of the Rings is the movie that got me interested in sound design and filmmaking in general, so I've been wanting to make a trailer for it for a long time.

Hunter Bartley : I was like: maybe this will be good... By the end: I NEED TO HAVE A MARATHON!!!!!!!

Lord Diamond 92 : Oooooh so hawkeye wasnt at avengers becayse he was taking the hobbites to

Charlotte Gavin : I watch these movies just about every time I have a snow day. Watching trailer made it feel like I've never seen them before it was amazing great job

Savino 310 : 0:57 Pippen - so Elrond, about this plan of yours. I think it’s good, except it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way, it might be really good. Gandalf:

Mr. Krepshus : Great job

LightTrack : This one is by far the highest quality one among the "Infinity War Style" trailers, in my opinion.

Crazy fox : Imagine showing this to an 11 year old and saying "You are about to watch the greatest movie of all time."

Falathrin : Came for the memes Stayed for the epicness

Jackw00pw00p2 : Comment challenge. Which avenger are they each?

Gojiratheking106 : How did I get hyped for a trilogy released more than fifteen years ago

Arc Jason : Someone who doesn't know LOTR could think it's a brand new movie. Excellent job!

Jeff Rohrer : This had absolutely no business being so much better than any trailer ever produced for either franchise. Seriously, how did you make something that actually made me excited for a trilogy that ended years ago?

Nluvwitmuzik : The fellowship is Middle-Earths version of the Avengers. Sauron is the Thanos of the trilogy cause they both seek gems to have control. Aragorn is the Captain America. Gandalf is Thor. Sauron has followers like the children of Thanos. Witch-King, Gothmog, Mouth of Sauron. Saruman was the Ultron of Two Towers trying to find the ring to use it for his own will the same way Ultron wanted to use an infinity stone for his Vision. Tree beard is Groot. Gollum is tricky like Loki. So much parallels in both universes

triplesix : out of all things, the dialogue dubbing is off the charts.

Marco Bozic : the only thing that makes this not perfect is the absent of the true lotr music. else this is just pure eyegasm

Sigtyr : *Sigh* Time to watch the entire LOTR Extended Edition trilogy again.

Phoenix King : dude!!!!! Lord of the rings is one of my favorite trilogies, an I immediately subscribe once i finished watching the trailer. THis was fucking amazing!!!!! keep the great work!!!!

LonerLoneEmu : Anyone else find it s little funny + really good 😂

Epic Shish Kabob : Man, Lindsay Ellis' series on the Hobbit has really got me down about LotR. This has restored my faith in it.

Kubys : this is so perfect man it really feels like a marvel trailer :D

metallicak5 : Editing skills 💯 absolutely amazing but makes Lord of the Rings seem really campy and too much like a generic action movie. If this was the real trailer, nobody would know how deep, thematic, epic and powerfully moving it is.

Shay Haffenden : Holy shit I’ve never acc watched lord of the rings before but I kinda want to watch it now😅🤷🏽‍♂️

al Mamlūk : Gandalf: "Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a Narsil"


Andrey Jimenez : 0:49 Ned Stark cameo!!!

Johnpnw : We need more trailers like this 👌

Dajita g : Dang gave me goosebumps like 5 times

Hùng Super : I hate Marvel style. But i love it in this trailer !!!

BeastEstCat : this comment section literally has no negative comments

Breaze : That is the single most well-edited fan trailer I've ever seen. You sir, are a master, you have our gratitude. I would seriously consider showing this to someone who's never see these films, maybe even more than the actual trailers.


Brian Buz : You really need to somehow get involved in making trailers for actual studios. This is crazy good, the timing, the lack of spoilers, the dialogue it’s just awesome. Disney worthy work here.

Francisco Javier Fernandez Heredia : Jajajaj ea mejor ke los vengadores 300 veces

Ben Rohm : Yes I would like another helping of AWESOME with a side of EPIC garnished with OMG! Complements to the chef.

Oğuzhan Çalışkan : So beautiful... More than Infınıty War

Let's be Honest Official : That's it. I'll never be able to get rid of this boner

American Ninja Productions : So Hawkeye has been disguised as Legolas the whole time 🤔

Frank Lucas : A brilliant remake for my favourite sword and sandals movie! Next, can you please make a terribly needed trailer remake for my Second Most Favourite: "Gladiator (ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!???)"!!! 😂😂

Nimzo : This is incredible - instantly made me want to watch the whole trilogy over again