Jimmy the Mad Titan (Ed, Edd n Eddy x The Avengers: Infinity War)

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Nowon & DPool Productions : “You should’ve aimed for the head!”

Ett Gammalt Bergtroll : Ironically, the fact that Plank got snapped seems to once and for all confirm that he is (was) indeed a living, sentient being.

Ett Gammalt Bergtroll : Sarah: “Did you get all the jawbreakers?” Jimmy: “Yes.” Sarah: “What did it cost?” Jimmy: “Everything.”

Cringeivore : “You should have gone for the Ed”

Wj11jam : Plank was the saddest death.

WeegeeSlayer : *Kevin looks at his hand and sees that he's starting to fade* Kevin: Oh no... Dorks...

Dankery Gordon : Ed: Guys i don't feel like butter toast

Nandi Lovric : "The Son of the Sheppard doesn't feel so good Wilfred..."

OmegaCooper Gaming : Will all six infinity-breakers, I can simply snap my fingers.....and the scams would cease to exist, I call that.....mercy.

Justin Riedmatter : Jimmy: turns to Sarah, "I'm sorry little one..."

Tyler TheNintendoMaster : Double D : Let me guess your culdasac? Jimmy: It was and it was beautiful.


Nein Shite : Edvengers: Jawbreaker War

Adrot : Probably the most sad Ed Edd n Eddy episode I've ever seen. 10/10 Would cry again.

Kamek : There was no other way dorks..

Mystical Alpaca : Jimmy: *clicks fingers* Sarah Infinity fades Jimmy: *S h i t*

vodahmiin nonamehere : Let me guess, your cul-de-sac? It was. And it was beautiful.

Here For The Comments : He snapped Sarah! The hardest choices requires the strongest wills.

Mukuro Ikusaba : What does this...monster! Have to mourn!?

Jessie Moore : Johnny: Plank? I don’t feel so good… Plank: You’re all right. Johnny: I don’t… I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know… I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go, Plank. Please. Please, I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I’m sorry.

CheatsythePimp2 : This actually made me feel somewhat sorry for Jimmy. It’s almost as if Jimmy couldn’t fully control who his finger snap killed, whereas Thanos could, leaving Jimmy alone to fly low and give a show... with no friends there to help him.

TwiligtKnight : Mr Yum Yum: "Did you do it." Jimmy: "Yes." Mr Yum Yum: "What did it cost?" Jimmy: "Everything."

Dane Walzer : Glad to see people still think of this show, I mean how can you not? It’s CN’s best! Also, it’s only Eddy, Edd, Nazz, Wilfred, Victor, Gretchen, Eddy’s old brother, a cow, chickens, and Lee Kanker left? Wonder how that’s gonna workout to take down Jimmy 🤔

Solaris321 : Ed it...run from it... Destiny still arrives

Bluryach : that killed the entire population not half lamo

humulos : Two Ed boys, a Nazz and Lee are all that's left huh? BUT WHAT ABOUT VICTOR

Isaac Clarke : Son of a shepard...

CegeRoles : So the only people left are Eddy, Edd, Lee, Nazz, Jimmy and possibly Eddy's brother.

kakyoku : 0:49 nick fury calling captain marvel

Ditto king : He killed the only person he ever loved...

CandidCamzy : Jimmy: “What have I done...”

ArronZ M. : When Plank died, I cried

Phijkchu Euphoric Pizza : RIP my boi plank

Charlie Partida : Damn, that felt just as sad as infinity war

Blight VonDrake : As much as I hate the purgatory theory, this video becomes a lot more impactful when paired with it. Everyone gets to rest in peace, except for Jimmy.

Kup0p0 : that was more than half

Googlia Sukes : Ed, Edd n Eddy x The Avengers: Infinity War 2 feat. K.N.D and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy maybe?

Classic Cartoon Network Fan 2004 : Now that I think of it, everyone got their punishment by Jimmy.

Andrew P. Soberon : If I can make one critique, I would have added Jimmy's scream from the episode where he gets a nightmare of an alien invasion.

Tino Faasisila : With Ed and Rolf gone, Jimmy can't be stopped. Ed and rolf would stomp him in a brawl. Ed might be too dumb but rolf would know to go for the head.

Mr. N : Wait why would Jimmy kill Sarah............ oh.... poor Jimmy :(

Yoshi Reaper : Sarah: Jimmy, I don't feel so good...

Classic Cartoon Network Fan 2004 : Why did only Ed suffer and not Edd and Eddy? Besides, They are Ed’s closest friends, and Eddy was the main reason why Jimmy got revenge in the original episode.

PyroDan : Jimmy thought that if he collected the infinity stones, he could use them to snap half of the Cul de sac out of existence. He would finally be rid of the Eds and everyone else who bullied and made fun out of him. But what he didn't realize was that the stones randomly selected his best friend, Sarah. Now he's all alone in the cul de sac, with absolutely no one left to play with. Well, except for Edd, Eddy, Lee, and Nazz, but they would probably kick his ass for snapping their friends and family out of existence.

SamBoy115 : *EdbOy I dOn'T FeEl sO weLL*

Cakinator 112 : Do one to where he destroys the cartoon network universe next! I'd like to see who survives in adventure time, samurai jack, etc.

Roberto Rodriguez : Top 10 saddest anime endings


Block Head : Double-d, I don't feel so good....

Kristopher Dehoyos : So all that's left is Naz, Eddy, Double D, and Lee Kanker, to take on Jimmy? I actually really wanna see that.