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Adelle Ramcharan : I cant ... I just... it's been 4 years and I still can't stop laughing...

Judah TheOracle : apparently this is why he was mad: There was a fun run event for the people who worked at the arsenal (it’s a government job) where they all went for a very short run. It was all for fun. And this dude is pissed cause all the people running were laughing and talking about how easy running is and they were swaying there asses around like it’s easy. And this dude is saying if they had to walk everywhere in life, they would be tired and not strutting their asses.

gunterdak : This guy looks like Putin's hillbilly cousin.

Ajay Singh : Twerking before it was cool

rhonda canter : "It ain't a far walk, it's just 38 miles." - random guy, 2010

Φόβος κομήτης : i was 5 miles on the highway and 2/3 dead. 100 degrees florida summer. i know this old mans struggle

rpg728 : This guy hits the nail on the head! The main problem we had throughout the 90s was that too many people were STRUTTIN' THAT ASS!!

Finn Mertens : Legend has it that he's still strutting that ass.


Sipodge : Can someone explain to me what this guy is actually on about? XD

djsaintevil : According to my estimate (through the use of google maps) this must of taken place somewhere in Huntsville, Alabama which is 38 miles from Guntersville placing New Hope at the half-way point. Goddamn I have too much time on my hands.

'DJ Slice' : legend has it he's still strutn that ass

NorthernHorrorStory : Its just 38 miles..

Michael Moss : 4yrs old and still the funniest!!!

Marcus : Har hol dat azz up


Azure-Sparrow : Welcome to north Alabama, y'all.

Trump Supporter : Hilarious Clinton surely won't be strutin that ass in the White House anymore!!!

TheLetterJ : Man, it's been too long since I've seen this.  Still awesome.

Checkmate24mm : "Well alright let's go" 😂😂😂

Adelle Ramcharan : 3 years later (see comment below) and I'm still killing myself laughing over his impression of "ass strutting"....WHO walks like that?!?! lol

Eddie Banks : When Clinton was in office, he was always on the news jogging. I guess he wanted to make an example for America about being in shape. This drunk guy is probably just complaining about rich people having the luxury to run while the rest of America breaks it's back on the daily grind. Class warfare, I suppose.

Checkmate24mm : The body language is crazy

Nick Haynie : So this guy was mad at all the yuppies jogging, because they had extra energy, from getting around town in their Mercedes Benz. If they had to walk every where every day they wouldn't be struttin that ass

Aaron Ramirez : Well alright let's go. 😂😂😂

Weathers95 : Oh 2010... What a great year it was.

GamingGerman 420 : this guy has serious meth mouth

Azure-Sparrow : Lord help us in North Alabama.

Gage Kinard : It ain't a far walk, it's just 38 miles.

Bladefire30 (dead channel) : Why do people in Alabama close to Huntsville keep making viral videos? First Antoine now this guy.

Cole Adair : He keeps mentioning Guntersville and New Hope. Gotta be Bama. Oh lord. Thanks for reppin' my state 😂

Patrick Broderson : Thus, TWERKING WAS BORN!

Hermit Purple : 2:11 is my favorite part 

Erik Brown : this guy for prez

Pharpsyde Hope : a masterpiece..... what a misunderstood verbal artist...

Don't Matter : old but gold

Kayla Nicole : I used to watch this video every day. I know it but heart lmao

HomegirlCasper : It's only 38 miles

'DJ Slice' : 2:08 you won't hard a'hold h'ass up

Thee Nextt : This guy is so dam funny every time i am experiencing a bad day i just pull this video up and watch It. chances my mood from bad to extraordinary good immediately. Like no kidding this guy should win a comedian award asap, Like seriously. "Funny as hell" everybody i know. That i could think of I i showed this video to . When i say i haven't seen anyone that "didn't" cry while laughing watching this video . Like seriously we need more people like him in this world today.I will guaranteed that this world would be a much better place if there was. Because he can definitely turn an upside day STRAIGHT up to the sky easy . Funny, funny, funny, LMAO .

madskrillz2 : I don't know why but 0:42 always cracks me up. "Annnnnnnd let's go walkin'!" haha

cosmoman.EXE : he does have a point on people who wanna rush in life, need to learn to take it easy and not rush yourself

gerald crawford : My favorite video of all time.

Big Six : i can't stop watching this its hilarious😂😂 because he was 💀dead😑serious😂😂

BigRig : I feel that he has a valid point.

Isabel Montelongo : I love the way he punches the air 😅

stsims23 : Sounds like a drunk Ernest P. Worrell.

Pin Head : Man oh man, look at those rotten teeth. I bet his mouth smells like a full

Matt Montgomery : everybody wants to run... he's absolutely goddamn right.

RoguesKiss : It's almost 2018, please never delete this 🤣😂