300 Angry Star Wars Fans ("Turn off the flash")

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Game Fiction : Old school Star Wars fans will enjoy this: youtube.com/watch?v=QQDo15O3AJA

Irrelevant Girl : Lmfaooooo DONT ever trigger a Star Wars fan😂😂

Person who hates triggered People : Ah, Music to my ears

Kaveman : T U R N O F F T H E F L A S H Y O U F U K I N G M O R O N

Josue Garcia : 0:13 I didnt know squidward liked star wars

zeke dawgg : All the human emotions in 10 seconds

SovietKia : It's like a bunch of animals that are neutral then all of a sudden attacks an innocent elk.

Ethan Mills : This is the most American video I’ve ever seen

NitroPrimeGaming : Marvel fans when infinity war comes out Ik this is star wars but still you can imagine it xD

Ichimatsu Matsuno : He sounds like kermit! 😂

AnguFeGa : At the end : tUrN Of tHe fLAsh yOU FuCkINg MOroN

johnallentanktoad 2015 : Trust me, this wasn’t an angry Star Wars fan. It was a hero. An American who gave the word hero a new meaning. This man will go down in history.

B1izzard24 : Poor guy. It was a simple mistake and him getting yelled at like that probably ruined his movie and his day. They didn't have to be such dicks about it. either way it was the opening scene it didn't ruin the movie or anything.

Efrain Martinez : 0:21 thank me later

Diamond Productions : This video should’ve been called how to piss off 300 Star Wars fans

A2J : When your fighting your sibling but your parents come home so you pretend like everything's cool

OfficialBlooms : Audience: WOOOOO!! YEAHHHH!!! LETS GO!! 👏 *camera flash turns on* Audience: Aww BOOOO!!! TURN IT OFF!! TURN OFF THE CAMERA YOU FRICKIN MORON!!! *star wars music plays* Audience: WOOOOOO YEAHHH!!! (Everyone completely forgets about the phone)

Hazza : This will remain the funniest try hard Star Wars fans reaction to a flash light in cinema video I will ever watch

DeckyStrikesBack : As if 300 voices suddenly cried out in anger and were suddenly silenced.

AlexSilva : uh oh, the virgins are getting a little rowdy

Mitch Dunlap : I was in this theatre

evildarklemons dark : Wearing headphones while wacthing this has amazing effects.

RandomStuff gAminG : MEANWHILE IN MY PLACE... *...* nothing happening...

WonderCreek : How this video went. *clapping* *swearing* *yells of anger* *clapping*

my spaghet : 0:13

Slender EnderMan : how can a man swear if a child might have been there

Nick Lindsey : Pfft at my cinema they left the lights on. Yep, for the first 5 minutes we had to watch star wars with the lights on

RunnerEye 64 : lol I'd actually rather fucking die than have to sit through a star wars movie with a crowd like this 😂 How obnoxious lol

Max Blaik : dam Americans so harsh some poor guy just getting shit on cuz he didn't realise he had his flash on.

ExtremeTyler : 0:13 Kermit 😂😂😂😂

Raf Zero : This has to be one of the best 21 second videos i have ever seen😂 instant classic!

Stan Matthew Bellido : Instant triggered already wtf!

Bonus Toons : Turn off your flash

Zarathos unexpected : I feel like doing this someday lol

Mr. Meeseeks : I feel bad for him, he had to sit on the front seat

Alex Macdon : this shit only happens in the United States

Matthew West : Never anger star wars fans we will unleash the dark side on you

Lord Defonator : I just love it how it went to cheering, then 300 angry Star Wars fans completely shouting and swearing at someone, then back to cheering like nothing happened xD

B.O.A Yang : "Eric if you're in here, we're all going to Marty's after the movie."

ifancy you : Poor person, probably went home all depressed after being insulted by a crowd full of ppl

PonchoBas : Perfect timing

zzzlez 2 : So you’re telling me they sat in a theater for 20 hours watching every Star Wars movie, fuckin nerds

Bi&Shy : I for some reason feel like the guy that said that has glasses and a bowl haircut...

John Glow : Why were people so angry and rude? Like it really fucking mattered that much? I like star wars too but a flash for 1 pic wouldn't make me go crazy

Big Boss : Movie justice!

Y.V-Young Vinny : *Hello there*

SovietKia : Whoa those transitions tho.

J Moz : I honestly feel bad for him because he probably couldn’t enjoy the movie after getting insulted by all those people

Deflated Air Mattress : Can you imagine if someone would have said “damn it Carl”

BILLIONS after YOUR MOTHER : Wow I'm scared 😕