300 Angry Star Wars Fans ("Turn off the flash")

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Dillon Becker : This is the BIGGEST video game facepalm! 🤦➡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVEWIz-O1mE

PonchoBas : Perfect timing

Jay Duron : Wow, how the mood shifts so quickly. Peace ✌🏻

Hanakin Sidewalker : *Don’t piss off the fans*

Nathaniel Park : Ah, humanity at their best

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : what a bunch of neckbeards

WonderCreek : How this video went. *clapping* *swearing* *yells of anger* *clapping*

Nova Flame : One of the most cancerous fanbases of all time.

Reshad : Lol I watch this to remind myself that I live in society of intolerant and ignorant people.

funical corp : This guy has ptsd every time he turns on his flash now

Sir Klopp : Their reaction to the light flash makes sense when most of them live in their parents basements in complete darkness

TheNathanNS : LMAO, the flash is like 0.5 seconds, you ain't missing anything important.

Confessor Cromwell : virgins

SilverFang : I would hate to be in an audience like that. The cheering and clapping people are a million times worse than the guy with the flash.

Jesi Sunstrider : looks like they are braver in the dark

Caleb Collier : 0:13 Shut up Squidward

Panda Zoo : Guy: turns on the flash Everyone: WhEn wiLL YOu LeaRN ThAt yOuR acTioNs hAve CoNseQueNces?!?

Lord Motorsports : Plot twist, it was actually Rian Johnson with his flash on.

Arc : Star Wars fans are the worst. Seriously, do you have to be that rude? It was probably a mistake, but that reaction was toxic as hell.

Smith Wesson : Guy: *turns on his phone* Theater Goers: I want every gun we have to fire on that man.

Conrad Andrew : If they're watching the new movies they're clearly not proper fans... Episode 7 onwards is an abomination

SIenderplier : Anyone else hate it when the audience clap, laugh or react in any way during a movie ruining any immersion? :/ try hard fans ruin things too often

traditionalist man : I despise today's star wars fans.

JustSomeTimber1nTheLake : Plot twist.. it was a lightsaber

Central Intelligence Agency : You can practically see the neck beard from here on those dudes!

Some Cynical Asshole : Same thing happened at Thor when me and a friend went to see it in theaters. Dude was texting with his brightness all the way on and taking pictures of himself. We proceeded to pelt the man with popcorn and he got thrown out.

Jedi Jodi : Was that Kermit the frog at the end?

Jake Long : I didnt know kermit the frog was a fan of star wars

JOXCY : in retrospect I would have rather watched the flash than that garbage movie

hope : 0:13 this dude 😂

SMITHY TV : This is America in a nutshell.

HI How are you? : This is what Normies do

steelhead96 : Not sure how you can turn off Barry Allen. Eh? Eh, get it?

Eggbrt : people who clap at theater wtf?

Jane Doe : Lmfaooooo DONT ever trigger a Star Wars fan😂😂

Thom Wilson : Manchildren

Bruh : idk why but I felt personally attacked in this video

Mr Duck : aaaaahhhh, the toxicity of the star wars fanbase truly a time to be alive.

Micah Sackey : ...I couldn’t even find a “flash” to be mad at.

Jake Owers : now was they cheering because the flash was turned off or that they saw the logo?

Javio Javi : What a cancerous fan base

Corbin Morton : I felt a disturbance in the Force as if somebody has on their flash in a movie theater

Luke Beacon : Only in America

Andyamo46 : And thats love for a movie.

Edgardo Salas : Toxic crowd...

ju5tinpyne : I hope that person with the flash was recording video- I want to see their POV after having a whole theater roast them for 10 seconds lmao

Soundwave 84 : Imagine if he kept for the enture film

Oswin Pond : I lived in France and UK. In both country people clapped at the theatre. Same thing for Canada. People commplaining must live in a dictatorship country

I am a loaf of bread : A flash was turned off just for a bigger one to pop up lol

Irrelevant Peach : classic vine