Compilation of Rare 1986 Videos of Chernobyl Disaster. (English)

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markatl84 : Wow, ACTUAL rare footage I have not seen before! Usually videos with titles like this are just clickbait, you delivered!

OpCharlieBravo : 7:55 creepy music, makes me feel like im gonna die of radiation poison just by watching

Ian Thompson : Crazy to think pretty much everyone you see in this, and the others that filmed it... all died from radiation..

VJ89VJ : 07:50 real heroes working on burying and blocking all the radioactive leaks at the expense of their own lives.

Gusstavv's Stuff : Temporary evacuation... still going... for a quite bit still

abatsekki : and sweden is illegally high

john quackers : i love how during the explanation of what happened the narrator keeps ensuring brittish reactors are safer

Prasad Wagh : Those workers at 7:58 really need to be applauded for their work. Just watching them do a quick clean and run for their lives is scary as shit.

Pequod : i have to say that the people that went in and cleaned up the mess are hero's in my eyes. they are forever in my heart

7421284236 __________________________ : So many scientists in the comment section, unbelievable.

Mencius Moldbug : "hold where the smoke is!" was definitely not one of his best ideas

6Twisted : 8:00, what's creepy is I believe those people later died of radiation poisoning because they were told it was safe despite working in lethal levels of radiation. You're watching them unknowingly work to death.

MAHABO Productions : *OMG* This is so deep video!

Geoff Halsey : The guys on the roof of the reactor, clearing the rubble, must have been incredibly brave. The high level of radiation, meant almost certain death.

Lon W. : I understand that men freely chose to give their lives to help save others. Others did not have this choice, yet I know that some must have known and made personal decisions. The character of these men deserves mention and have earned a place to sit in high honor.

Pjotr Slanina : Those soldiers, shoving heavy radioactive graphite into that 'pit off hell', are the REAL heroes!! And ofcourse all the other liquidators.

Nick Jeffrey : This is one of the best videos covering this incident. Thanks so much for your time and effort putting this together. I have never seen the last clip and wish to find it in full right now.

CambridgeSurpriseMinor : 'Hold where the smoke is'...not the best idea (!)

Thogrin : this is typical russian attitude - they say nothing. alll over the world radiation is above level, noone know why, than russia confirm - yeah sorry, we forgot to mention it was our powerplant...

nazgul wraith : 8:00 the real Heroes ... not the American scumbags who would make a Hollywood movie if someone saved a cat from a tree...

HoScaleTrain Smartt : This accident was the worst nuclear disaster in history, may all the brave men and women be remembered for their brave actions.

R13 : Some idiots in the past decided to build a massively overpowered reactor with many design flaws and misused it by violated its operating rules. Now everyone is scared to death of nuclear power. Sad.

Bikfitz : That phone call, right after the explosion is highly impressive, and scary. Im amazed that even this was recorded and later, revealed. And those who are speaking are one of the heroes of Chernobyl (sry 4 bad inglisch.)

Benny Kleykens : All those rescue workers that thought they were wearing protective clothes.... It was a crime against humanity and nobody stood trial.

SadisticFella : Some extremely brave souls there at the clean up which didn't survive and dead in the forth coming weeks after they were there. Not just for Ukraine or Russia but the majority of us all.

EXTREME6364 : why not have a rad-away

Alex Vazquez : The radiation was so strong that it melted and softened the metal from that heli. Holy shit 😨

Fadilizer : Teaser trailer for the new fallout, Fallout Pripyat.

Эxodus : 7:38 holy shit i saw that clip years before, never knew it was from chernobyl

404 Not Found : Soviets were more honest about Chernobyl than TEPCO about Fukushima

BlaaK TeiR : 50 thousand people used to live here, now it's a ghost town.

SD Customs : One of the biggest negative misconceptions about nuclear power plants is that they can explode like atomic bombs, this is simply not the case.

Genghisville : This is the best Chernobyl video on the internet. Thanks for compiling and translating all this footage!

G4W Gaming : Jesus, that song at 7:53 just filled me with an absolute sense of dread. F U C K O F F R U S S I A

Chief mechanical engineer : Voluntarism and criminal negligence in relation to nuclear safety Scientific Project Manager of the RBMK-1000 Aleksandrova, designers reactor Dollezhal and Yemelyanov, as well as ambition and careerism USSR Minister of Medium Machine Building Slavskogo, that's what was the true cause global catastrophe, which occurred April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant . The real culprits of the Chernobyl accident: №1 Slavskii EP - Minister / Chairman of the State Committee of Medium Machine Building of the USSR, he was the initiator of the nuclear reactors of the RBMK series for nuclear power plants on the basis of industrial uranium-graphite reactor for production of weapons-grade plutonium; №2 Aleksandrov AP - Director of the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy (since 1975, president of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), also known as Supervisor of RBMK-1000 project; №3 Dollezhal NA - Director and Scientific Director of NII-8, then NIKIET, he is the Chief Designer of the RBMK-1000; №4 Yemelyanov IJ - Deputy Director for Science and Technology Research Institute, the 8, then NIKIET, he is Deputy Chief Designer of the RBMK-1000.

ZachTheGamer 812 : Only if i could shake the hands of the men who truly put their lives on the line knowing they have a 70% chance of living.

Sungazer : 8:34 wtf are those sounds?

Al Kaholic : They keep saying russian, but chernobyl is in ukrain

SoylentGamer : 7:40 the man recording this footage died the same year of the accident due to radiation poisoning.

Maxim Polsky : Пиздец! Официальные советские новости просто убили меня! Грёбанный режим!

Dread Roberts : they were more worried about keeping it under wraps from the Western World us but they put their own people and so much Danger

Makrelacz : Worst is, that on the west they knew that something happened sooner then eastern block. So westerners were freaking out and in Czechoslovakia we were wondering why that rain so funnily pinches on the skin.

Nicolas : 3:54 that line and how it was delivered... gossbumps, man....

oks1Ajax : When Temporarily leaving your apartments XD

Case Kirby : In the description it says "on April 26, 1986, Ukraine honored the 30th anniversary. SO IT HAPPENED ON APRIL 26, 1956???

htomerif : Something tells me that Putin would rather this video did not exist.

Reddevilgamer : my greatgrandfather worked there

Commanderd2007 : Thank you for this.

aldfjak : in the USA we have people who don't think humans have any effect on our planet or environment. we call them the climate deniers or republicans. even if this incident would have happened in their backyard, they still would deny it.

Kiel Watkins : 1000 ton lid lifted to one side