Death in the Ring: Experts describe what went wrong in fatal kickboxing fight at Eagles Club

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Amateur kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. died after his debut fight in March 2014 at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee. Independent experts say there was a cascade of errors by fight officials.


Gig Young : This is sick. All of the ring officials should be summarily fired and charged with criminal negligence.

Mazahery Ahmad Reza : My goodness it was disturbing that no one had a sense of urgency after the poor kid collapsed. WTF?

Jon R : I don't know anything about kickboxing, but you don't have to be an expert to see that he couldn't fight after round 1

Fabian Tarantino : At first I'm thinking "Well, these are pretty subtle signs" and then soon I'm thinking "Wtf are the ref, the doctor and his cornermen doing?". It quickly becomes so obvious that this guy is in serious trouble.

Esoteric Ed : The doctor and referee should be charged with manslaughter, if someone dies as a result of your negligence, you are to blame.

Scott Cherry : This is so sad I can’t even watch the whole video

Mr. Tower : Murder in cold blood😤 they literally watched him die

Sean Snowden : His foot buckles when he stumbles to his corner. Very sad officiating. RIP

Mark Green : He died because the ref, doctor and coach did not care enough about this young kid. Complete BS - we all know what this is.

adao ramos : Who else wants to knock out the ref and the doctor

Eddie Reyes : This referee should be ashamed of him self he should be punished and license revocation AND SO THE DOCTOR WHAT OF SHAME!!!!! Along with the couch, for GOD sake this is a murdered !!!!!!

hmoobmeeka : It's an amateur referee, a man with an honorary doctors degree, and a wannabe coach. That's recipe for a disaster

iUFOm : Doctor and referee deserve life sentence. And only that.

Rid : Doctor definitely should go to jail

GiirlHeSooNastyy! : If I was the opponent and notice how strange dude is reacting barely being able to stand his own balance to fight back, I’d stop the match myself.

Robbie Stones : Everyone was at fault.... But he's corner team was holding him up.... Guy had him in a choke hold to keep him up... He's corner team should be fired as well...... Even if fighter say no I'm OK.... Corner team knew he was done or they wudnt have needed to keep holding him up...... I see everyone saying Dr and ref should be arrested and banned and etc but he's corner team should be held as well......

Nica Baliguin : This video is quite disturbing. Rest in peace D.M Jr.

sharon brown : The Doctor referee and his corner team should ALL be held accountable, how lax they were especially when it is someone's first fight. They should be locked up for negligence and manslaughter

Adriyan Slavchev : This guys all of them need to go to jail...

RiotnRespect : This was so avoidable. Such a shame. The doctors, ref, and coach should all be charged.

jason tiro : he knows he cannot continue, but still he continues to fight??? damn

Phil Hand : They let that young man die. They should alk be prosecuted.

Curtis Johnese : That was some incompetent SOB’s in and around that ring. The doctor was there for a paycheck and the referee was there for a paycheck and his corner man was there trying to make a name for himself instead of watching out for his student. All three should be barred from participating or officiating any sport. Then there’s the problem with this sport in general , it’s absolutely a dangerous sport to get in and when you decide you want to do this then you yourself are subjecting your body to this punishment and you will have to live , or die with the consequences. I’m a huge fan of MMA and kickboxing and other fighting sports but there must be competent referees and doctors and ringmen in this sport or just like this young man did , people will lose their life. It’s a sad situation that this happened.

PoetMagic : That hurt my soul...damn

skelki Galatasaray : If this one man can be called a doctor,...than im an austronaut.

Tevitta Kaloris : I bet this was cheating.. Asian's right hand seems too heavy when throwing it..must have got something in dem gloves😏

John Dockert : I am not an expert but even I could be see the Munson should not have been left to go on. Arrest that Doctor!!!

G webster : Social media killed him. Doctor playing with his phone.

Benoit Messier : I'm totally disgusted...Poor guy can hardly stand on his feet ffs! RIP young man. What a tragedy

Brade Bronson : That doctor should get charged ...

Adrian V : They killed him with their ignorance, id give life locked up to the referee doctor and his couch.

Stew Meat : That 3rd round good grief. It's clear as day

Joseph Taverna : what happened to the referee and the manager they got away with that scot-free didn't they

Sidney Duverneau : Fire all of them, including the host of the event, and jail the ref, and especially the medical examiner 🤦🏾‍♂️smh, could’ve EASILY been prevented.

Uri Gonzalez : Wow maybe the 1st round you can make a case but once you get into the 2nd round and 3rd it completely obvious. They failed this guy terribly .

AJ V : What happened to the officials, were any of them held accountable for such neglect?

Sky Sports : Bastards staff

Josiah Paz : A lot of people our bringing race into this and insulting the other fighter when it’s just a tragedy anyone of us they were all just equally useless

Thirteen Villains : This was actually hard to watch... Like anyone with eyes could see something was wrong.

Mac Yah : He was beat to death and his people and officials stood there and watched. Smh. Crazy.

okayajrenne : this makes me so sad my heart is just broken for him

T West : This is murder via negligence! my heart goes out to the family and friends of this young man!, someone should have gone to prison!

angelo jara : Wow what an incompetent team they should be charged RIP

Shumi : The doctor and the medic were completely negligent but im even more disgusted at the coach. How could he send *his* guy in there like that?!?

Adu K : This is extremely shameful … The referee and the doctor caused his death

Nicole Mantip : 1) if you don't lose your job here, when do you lose it ? 2) the doc license should be cut in half 3) might go to prison as well

banty boss : This makes me soooo god damn mad!

TheMarvelous1310 : Everybody failed. Nobody did their job. And a kid DIED. NEVER fight in Wisconsin.

Hidden Star : I just watched a death match...surrounded by bunch of useless people. damn!