Death in the Ring: Experts describe what went wrong in fatal kickboxing fight at Eagles Club

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Esoteric Ed : The doctor and referee should be charged with manslaughter, if someone dies as a result of your negligence, you are to blame.

Salahuddin Muhammad : the doctor took an oath and just violated it. he should at the very least lose his practice. disgusting

Chris M : That doctor should lose his license. The ref should be banned for life. Both should face manslaughter charges.

Thirteen Villains : This was actually hard to watch... Like anyone with eyes could see something was wrong.

Eddie Lombera : What about the opposing fighter? I mean cmon I understand you wanna win but I’m pretty sure you can tell when your opponent is out of it. No sportsmanship at that point.

RiotnRespect : This was so avoidable. Such a shame. The doctors, ref, and coach should all be charged.

bike bikle : Don't get me wrong. Coach, ref and Dr. should definitely pay consequences. But most of all the coach. This punk is sitting there actually communicating with the guy, he had to know something wasn't right. How could he not. But the other 2 are looking for some cause and reaction.

Byron Fickett : The 32 seconds that were missing coincidentally contain the damning footage of the ringside doctor ignoring his obligation to the competitors. This was painful to watch.

a stegosarous : The referees job is to ask the fighter if he can continue not demand to continue for the crowd smh fire both the referee and doctor specially checking his phone like he’s got hot babes texting him every minute

William Suiste : is he really a doctor or does he work at Verizon worrying about his phone the idiot

Hidden Star : I just watched a death match...surrounded by bunch of useless people. damn!

Hall House : The other fighter could have stopped as well. No regard for anything but a win. Dick bags all of them.

Shree Nation : My heart is broken for that man. This was a slow murder and his own people did nothing.

Donovan McDabb : I feel like the different color lights and strobes and lasers didn’t help his situation any

drew laredo : At first I was like, 'Big deal,' but as it when on into the 2nd round you could really see it. Between round 2 and 3 with the way the coach pushing his head up between rounds 2 and 3.

UFC STARS : That's definitly the most disturbing death I've ever seen the ring. Terribly sad.

Raj & Shima : OMG. This is pure murder. The doctor and referee couldn't see so clearly that the poor guy was already out looking at him in the second round.

billie eyelash : Im sure that even a 10 year old could see that something was wrong here.

Sub Dolphin : To those posting here that the fighter himself is responsible for his own protection from injury or death: Why then do we even have a ringside physician and referee involved? Think about it...How many other people have been injured by the incompetent, lowlife physician, or this incompetent referee? And Munson's death should haunt his coaches' sleep for the rest of their lives. I hope to god they are not still coaching youngsters...Geezus!

The_black_Frank_White : Poor family of this guy.... 1 tear from Switzerland 🇨🇭

Joshua Gooden : I would have pulled him out in the second round he wasn't even holding his hands up he was just taking hits to the face hope to God his family is suing

AzNightmare : *That's the problem with ameteur contact sports, especially combat sports, where injuries are expected. You have second rate useless staff who aren't qualify to handle and read situations accurately like in the professionals, and mishaps like this happen. Not just doctors and refs, but everyone with proper experience, even his own corner should have noticed their fighter was off.*

Joao Rocha : Until 2:00 I thought you were talking about the other kid. He was already preparing the defence before the round start. But after that the kid was in zombie mode.

dave ortwine : This makes me so mad. The ref coaches doctor should all be banned for life. The doctor should be charged with manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. This is absolute negligence on part of the doctor and ref and should be charged. This kid died because of THEIR negligence.

Shellie Ochs : Why the hell wasnt this fight stopped!So apparent even to a amature eye!

Nobody : As someone who has dealt with a serious head injury this video is so sickening. How any of those so called men can ruin someones life by simply not doing the thing there were hired to do. Bunch of assholes who should have been tried for negligent homicide.

James Conway : Poor kid. Why does it seem like no one cares about the young guys? Just become you're a man doesn't mean you don't need help sometime. It just makes me so sad to see him so completely ignored surrounded by people who don't care. Then to die alone without ever getting to say goodbye to those he loved. :'(

firemedic75 : As a paramedic for almost 20 yrs here, a few things to point out. Even the slightest hit to the head can be devastating, didn't see any major strike, so it's possible he had a preexisting brain condition, or could have just been bad timing. Even if they got him out of the ring, at first noticing something, there was no guarantee the outcome would have been different. Was there negligence? Yes. No doubt. But with neuro injuries, it's a crap shoot. I've seen tons of them in my career, where the most benign injury turns tragic. As for the rest, negligence is about all any of them could be charged with. Homicide, no. As there actual actions weren't the result of his injuries. Inaction yes, but that's not how homicide, or criminally negligent homicide works. That is only from direct action. Like hitting someone but not meaning to kill them. Or striking them with a vehicle and not rendering aid. The doctor should have his license pulled indefinitely, not just for being negligent in the ring, but also denying oxygen. Sad all the way around. No good ending.

Dan T : His coach is a murderer

reynoldswrap26 : This was handled so terribly almost like the ref doctor etc. wanted him to lose and see him get his ass kicked. Round 2 he was defending himself okay but that fight should have been over at some point round 3. I’ll tell you what tho that munsen guy was a tough son of a gun

Dick Steel : I have not the words.. R.I.P young fighter. You deserved better than this.

J.C. U later : This is blatantly ridiculous what is the point of even having a doctor there he was wobbly pretty much the whole fight what the hell were they looking at

Sophos Utm : His coach should be sent to jail for 300 years minimum

Copper head 777 : His own damn corner was not smart enough to stop it

MechanoidWarhead : Jesus, stay away from this club.

Mo A : his own stupid corner propped him up to start the 3rd round. they get alot of the blame here. Professional fights are stopped by a ref if they see what was happening in the 3rd round, ufc or boxing. this is amateur and they didnt? seems like they didnt care

illyrianknight 1 : Trainer, Referee, Doctor and the speaker are bastards

Arsene Wenger : There's something more into this story. That's really the only explanation. I mean im sure these can people can actually the poor man's eyes, his breath, you must have sense something even the slightest, its their job for goodness sake. I truly believe something else is going on thst night. I hope the truth uncovers.


Wayne Turner : This has to be the most ridiculous sport going round!

Killatunga : For real though, was the ref blind???

beano b : not acceptable NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!!!😲R.I.P my son

Corsica : And the Asian fighter didn't see this in Munson either?? If he had any fucking compassion he would realize, "hey something's wrong here. I'm not going to keep fighting him". But no he just keeps pounding away. At the end he walks around like he's some great champ. The doctor, referee and corner man should all be in jail. RIP Dennis Munson.

Nefarious Cookie : When your brain stem goes an cm in your foramen Ovale you are dead on the spot.

Michael.m is the pro : That is absolutely horrible how are young kid like lost his life due to their negligence

Killatunga : Bunch of negligence on their parts. Absolutely ridiculous...

Gerson A : they should all be fired this is ridiculous in the first round he was stumbling this people deserve to loose there licenses and time in jail.he needed help early in the game and his own trainer sent him stumbling back in.all of u contributed to this boy's death so you should all pay rest in peace to a young man that try to do something positive with his life and you stupid asshole with degrees in medicine didn't give him the proper treatment he needed to stay alive to fight another day it could have been postponed till he was seen by a real doctor not one that got his degree online cuz that's what it looks like to me this is crazy I hope I never hear or see these people being referees or doctors or anything near that ring again

Phoenix Rich : That coach deserves to be killed...

RAYSHUR MILLIEN : This was a racist fight thats what

Andro guy : Wtf that referee should clearly be charged of man slaughter. Just for some trp he let that other guy kill him.