Death in the Ring: Experts describe what went wrong in fatal kickboxing fight at Eagles Club

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Esoteric Ed : The doctor and referee should be charged with manslaughter, if someone dies as a result of your negligence, you are to blame.

JC ISKING : IVE BEEN A EXPERT IN KICKBOXING FOR 6 minutes and I could see this guy was done and fight should of been stopped!!

Andrew Jordan : That's textbook manslaughter, no other way to look at it. They all failed miserably at their jobs, it's as if they let him die on purpose.

sach 101 : Guy on his phone should go to prison. What a joke

Fidensio Araguz : He was the champion of that fight that night. Despite what was going on with him he remained on his feet and fought till the end . RIP champ

RiotnRespect : This was so avoidable. Such a shame. The doctors, ref, and coach should all be charged.

Wado Ryugirl : Everyone failed that young man, the ref, the dr and his trainer seeing him like that at the end of each round and didnt throw the towl in? So wrong. Poor kid.

Julie Miles : Even his own side seemed to ignore him. So very sad

Im_That_Monk : RIP Munson :( I never heard of you but it’s sad to see dreams fade like that.. you’ll be the best in heaven x

Orlando Rao : The doctor should have his license revoked

UFC STARS : That's definitly the most disturbing death I've ever seen the ring. Terribly sad.

LesbiansTasteLikeFeminists : He looked drunk while fight, they should’ve stop it early to make sure he’s okay, very sad

wh at : 9:19 look at this cheering crowd. Discusting. And that high 5. Cant you f×cking tell something was wrong?!

BALI ORGANIK TV : What the flik!!!!, He is starting walking dead at round 2 and no body see that?????

hehehwjshdhdheiiw ejejdhdhdjrieiwodkjd : Doctor should be held accountable for his death

Hidden Star : I just watched a death match...surrounded by bunch of useless people. damn!

matoko123 : Very sad to watch. I hope the 'doctor' was struck off if not charged with manslaughter through negligence. His trainer and the ref should be banned from the fight game for life.

ChristianGamer : I hope the dr lost his license to practice permanently and the ref banned for life from refereeing anything. The manager should be banned from ringside for the rest of his life. All three should’ve been sued. Does anyone know if they were arrested for manslaughter or something like that?

Lukiito : Holy dog shit the ignorance in the comments is too much... This kid was not forced to get into boxing, but he was forced to continue fighting. His coach should know him better than anyone there and he's ignoring everything for what? <--- First fault. The kid is obviously almost in a drunken state where he can't really make logical decisions. This is why the ref is there, to make decisions on behalf of the fighter in case the fighter is clearly unable to maintain his own safety. Attention wasn't paid, and when the signs were evident they were ignored, for what? <----Second fault. The doctor has to have his eyes glued to these fighters as it is his contractual obligation to keep an eye out for life threatening signs. It wasn't apparent that he was hit in the head, and yet he is staggering all over the place. One of the most crucial moments to pay attention to the fighters is between rounds, that didn't occur obviously. The commentating doctors EXPLAINED clearly what should have been done immediately after he collapsed. Everything was ignored and he was basically told to tough it out, for what? <---Third fault. Everything was pointed out in this video, IDK why people need anymore proof to put at least some blame on the people that didn't do their jobs. I am sure you are against police brutality, I am sure you are against corrupt politicians, I am sure you are against medical negligence, WTF makes this situation any different?

Aspect21 : I hope this is a lesson for cell phone addicts.

Salahuddin Muhammad : the doctor took an oath and just violated it. he should at the very least lose his practice. disgusting

Jake Williams : tha part i wonder is did his douchebag coaches know if he was hurt in sparring ? its seems as if he was hurt before the fight ...i didn't see a big shot ... also coulda been dehydration mixed with a concussion ... as a trainer/official im absolutely disgusted with everyone involved in this

Paolo DiGiorno : Those involved should be prosecuted for aggravated manslaughter.

MARIO ROJAS : This was a murder from the doctors and referee together,I noticed that they been aware of everything,MURDERERS..!!

Michael Luis : All these guys killed this man. The other fighter should have stopped seeing that he was clearly not there.

Joshua Gooden : I would have pulled him out in the second round he wasn't even holding his hands up he was just taking hits to the face hope to God his family is suing

hi itsme : This is actually so hard to watch. RIP dude damn

Ateru Arts : How all the Experts know better. ..AFTERWARDS

Spartan : Corner could have thrown in the towel

Adriyan Slavchev : This guys all of them need to go to jail...

Nobody : As someone who has dealt with a serious head injury this video is so sickening. How any of those so called men can ruin someones life by simply not doing the thing there were hired to do. Bunch of assholes who should have been tried for negligent homicide.

Daniel Zylberberg : I understand how serious and horrible of a situation this is but can we talk about how bad of a fighter that Asian kid is? I mean the guy couldn't even stand straight and he could barely land a decent punch.

Rated R : Hats off to him he's a true inspiration... He couldve said he didnt want to fight no more but he kept going... Broke my heart... Rip Champ youll always be #1 in my eyes

sharon brown : The Doctor referee and his corner team should ALL be held accountable, how lax they were especially when it is someone's first fight. They should be locked up for negligence and manslaughter

Jose Vasquez : The trainer should have stopped the fight since round one.

Mo A : his own stupid corner propped him up to start the 3rd round. they get alot of the blame here. Professional fights are stopped by a ref if they see what was happening in the 3rd round, ufc or boxing. this is amateur and they didnt? seems like they didnt care

Michael Childs : Sad. A ref and a Doctor just in it for the money. Neither performed their jobs. Just sad

imunchienandalusia : that's infuriating

WORK2LIVE 75 : Dr Carlos Feliciano and ref. Al Wichgers did not do their jobs that day. Go send them a message.

Robbie Stones : Everyone was at fault.... But he's corner team was holding him up.... Guy had him in a choke hold to keep him up... He's corner team should be fired as well...... Even if fighter say no I'm OK.... Corner team knew he was done or they wudnt have needed to keep holding him up...... I see everyone saying Dr and ref should be arrested and banned and etc but he's corner team should be held as well......

Dick Steel : I have not the words.. R.I.P young fighter. You deserved better than this.

barabas1037 : I want to know what happened to the Doctor and the referee, I’m sure it went through the investigation but did they were charged or not?

Ben : So so sad....

IME I PREZIME : One Like one R.I.P

Yahjew Mandarin : I almost stopped the fight myself a few times watching this,and iam no doctor or ref

Killatunga : Bunch of negligence on their parts. Absolutely ridiculous...

Justin Butcher : Wow, the ref and doctor needs to be held accountable for this kid dying. Just absolutely unprofessional. Also the coach should of done something. Very bad situation all around

Edwen Benjamin : Sad to watch rest in peace

Doe-Z : THEY SET THIS ALL UP TO KILL THIS MAN, THEY PULLED OUT ALL THE TOOLS THIS TIME! They drugged him, the other fighter had tampered gloves and the doctor was purposely negligent to assure he died! The ref did his part, the doctor was a part of it he was documenting Munson's condition and taking all the steps to make sure he couldn't recover. THIS IS A BOXING SACRIFICE! A lot of people in attendance knew this was a sacrificial ceremony!

Jackson Mwanzau : i was completely drunken by the second round...have never seen something like this before,,,,,even his opponent could have realized the staggering movements on this young man...i just feel like crying when i watch him jumping over to the young man while he is dying... the referee was just like a chickenfucker... Unqualified referee,,,,,,useless doctors.....That young man died a warrior.... he never surrendered and despite the difficult situation he walked up and his legs were ready to fight back,,,his hands were always ready to protect his head,,,,,,,what a warrior,,,,what a champion,,,,RIP young man....