Old Anti Marijuana PSA "Surfing Monkey Coin Bank"

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SchwerMetall154 : "How many did he buy, 15, okay let's calculate that out, let's get the calculator real quick... $363, I mean what's that three tickets to Disneyland? If you get that much fun out of a monkey-surfboard-piggybank GOD BLESS YOU! God bless you." - Jon Jafari 2016

yolognos : it took 1/8 of a monkey turn!

Cameo64 : you dont have to be high on pot to spend hundreds of dollars on memes. trust me, im high on memes now.

Corey Murray : From the co-creator of that PSA (which dates to 1999, BTW): "A buddy of mine and his wife totally smoked out one night. The next morning, they woke up on the sofa, their ribs and stomach muscles were hurting. They didn’t remember much of anything, other than laughing their asses off. "About a week later, a UPS guy knocked on their door, bearing some boxes from QVC. While they were all gassed out, they bought a Star Trek collector’s plate, a Chi-Wash-Wa home car washing system and a Michael Jordan in-flight pewter statuette. All in all, about $400. That must’ve been some great weed. "When they told me the story, I thought that’d make an awesome commercial, but all of that was too much to put into a :30 spot. We needed to drill it down to one item for simplicity and comedy’s sake. My buddy Greg hit on the idea of something really ridiculous like a surfing monkey coin bank. We shot the spot for like $300 and sold it through to the Partnership For A Drug-Free America. It ran in 1999-2000, and, to this day, remains one of their most beloved and recalled commercials."

BlakeShawn Music LLC : sounds like a good time

Dom Jenkins : This is suppose to be a bad thing? that's the least harmful of drugs.. Imagine if the caller was on coke instead. He would be thinking the monkey was trying kill to him instead of laughing at it.

Fat : Papa jontron brought me here

ThunderMelon : GOD BLESS YOU

Andrew : Inb4 this blows up.

Timmorrisjr : This makes me wanna smoke weed. Hilarious. “Chill, man, I’m on TV.” 😂

Adi Wadi /Digstreme : that's about three tickets to disneyland

Bilbo_Gamers : How is this anti-drugs. This almost makes me want to smoke weed.

D'angelo JacobHymenShits : Jesus....that's something the homie would do. Inb4 Jontron memes

Sol IV : that crackup after he said yeah about killed me

Bob Smith : This makes me want to die marijuana

Timic83tc : can you actually buy this

Zane : I feel like this makes me want to take drugs

Creighton The Wanderer : This just makes me want to smoke weed

Sean Motsch : Did the math, it would cost 352.00 dollars for fifteen of these banks. Worth every penny.

490o : This is Pro-Marijuana.

Kiabeta Main : You can spend a lot of money and still not be on drugs I should know because I'm high on life!!!

Hammering Hank : The dangers of Marijuana

Bilbo_Gamers : Bruh, a gram of weed is like 20 bucks at the most. How tf is it expensive?

Dominick Boren : This is also elligible for lottery ticket commercials

The Blue BlobFish : Memes are the only drug I'll ever need

Sewer Rat : I don’t understand this

Joey : $299.25, did the math, wtf

Sir Jimmy : Oh kaaay?!

3SE : even if i wasn't high i would buy 100 of those things

Beemanq : I lol'd so hard at this. Also, this is not how weed works at all XD worst you can do on weed is go to a store and spend 7 bucks on potato chips and nacho dip

DonPeyote : I don't get it: is the point of the psa that when people get high, they make bad decisions, or is it a play on the slang word "monkey" from 1930s that meant drug dependency?