Cop Harassment

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Des Nebula : Be careful bro it looks like he wants to shoot someone today

Harold BeaumontFinns : Love our boys in blue keep up the good work.

Eric : Abuse of power and the situation was escalated by the officer. Definitely send this to the local news.

Medovukha : Only good cop is a dead cop.

Joey Maher : guy driving... exists hangry cop just trying to meet quota civil temper tantrum dont tase me bro

michael eli : dirty bacon?

Tony Gee : This why people hate cops...cops like this make other COPS look bad

UnderageBeerHere : The only harassment going on here is you harassing my ears with your dumbass arguing. You don't need to get clocked by a radar gun to be ticketed for speeding. This is just a video of you talking out of your ass making assumptions about speeding laws that you clearly have no clue about.