ESPN TV reporter Britt McHenry caught on video ranting at towing employee

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Jennifer G : Father Time will show her how cruel life is, when she is no longer young and pretty and fired from every news station.  Then she will wish she could get a job at a tow truck company.

Nyc travis : What impresses me is that the lady she is berating had the courtesy to tell her she was being videotaped. But then she still continues with her verbal abuse.

Aguerooooo : "I'm on TV and you're in a trailer park, honey" .....and you're only on TV because you landed on the right dick, "honey"

Pete Subowicz : ahhh, the old "I'm on TV and you're ugly" routine! A tried and true classic!

Mista Coward : OMG OMG She is a real life TV REPORTER! WOW My hero!! It's people like her that make my life better and make this world a wonderful place. Thank you Thank you, Britt McHenry. You are so important You are the best ever. If you dropped dead, the world would never recover. There certainly aren't thousands of other people better than you waiting to take your place. What can we do to thank you for being such a wonderful human being?

Sitizen Kane : Her neck is already going down the drain... She is going to look older than she is in a few years. In 5 years, she'll look 50.

BBoySmurf : what a dumb bitch

Sam N Ella : Too bad your biggest TV performance will be this ugly, vicious, bullying assault on video FOREVER!!! Do people still not get that video is everywhere these days? Get off your pedestal princess. You deserve to be fired. Your true inner self has been revealed and "honey" she is one ignorant, hideous creature. Kudos to the lady working at the counter for having the grace & class not to sink to this repulsive level. Never forget that we have no idea what someone else has experienced or what hardships they have overcome. Where would we be in our world without the blue collar, hardworking people, who are just doing their job to make ends meet? If the blow to your ego of someone having the "audacity" to tow your car and make you pay the impound fees is too much for you to handle......then use that "brain" you say you have and don't park in a tow away zone!!! And finally, remember this, people can lose weight, get their teeth done & dress fancy if they wanted to, but your ugly inner self can never change and now it's out there for everyone to see. Blonde, busty, TV eye candy does not mean you are valued anymore than any other person.

Stacy Domio : I've worked with the public for many years and it can be the worse. "The customer is always right" is so wrong. When I was working in a supermarket I had a 401K pension plan and insurance. Oh and I do have a degree and started on my Masters. People shouldn't knock people working in the public

One Voice : What a cruel-hearted brat! Fire her butt asap.

Mark Hunter : i can't lie she's a hottie ms britt

Eliza M. : "That's why I have a degree and you don't". What a bunch of elitist drivel.

Uncle Duke : WOW! You aren't suppose to berate parking lot attendants? News to me!

Leony Nation : if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all.

Iki Cash : fuck this bitch

Raymond Bermea : 3 words: What a cunt.

s mast : suspended for a week???!!!! she should be fired.  she is representing espn.  is her behavior is representative of her bosses???!!!!  sounds like they think its funny with a slap on the wrist for getting caught.

The Psychonaut : what a douche bag!!

Scott M : What a cunt... I hate girls who think just because they are physically attractive that they can treat people like shit. I hope her career flops

Dindu Nuffin : only in murica

morderteufel : funniest thing is... she was talking shit about herself when she said "no skillset" bitch... u only have a job cuz ur looks, ur out the door when ur 30 or so, there will be a younger hotter gurl taking ur place biotch... cuz guess what? it doesn't take skill to read off a prompter... ask ron burgundy

Coolrockndad : Yep you're in the news alright. The news of being a total jerk. LOL

MatTube : Another privileged, pretty girl with a fake tan exposing her empty soul. The sad fact is that most pretty girls are very similar to this bitch.

e g : All this video shows is what money can turn you into, what a great personality..... I pity the guy that hitches his trailer to that wagon....gotta be for the looks.

MrCodynapoleon : Actually lady your not that big of a deal cause I watch the hell out of some ESPN and I have no clue who you are?? So you might wanna check your self!

T. Cynthia Duran : you are the disgusting one bitch!!!

lilithskyblue : Oh Lordy, who's the dumb one now??? It's all the little people that watch ESPN! You will NEVER get your job back! You didn't just have a tantrum, you showed with flying colors, how you really feel! You can't take that back ever!

wild about you. : espn must be getting a lot of calls on this

RobynnexPaula : She only got 1 week suspension from her job apparently

Debra Sheers : Ms. McHenry appears to be ugly on the inside. 

magicrat555 : omg...she really thinks she above everyone. What a cunt.

pdoggy10inch : she needs a good hard deep throating...

xxxYYZxxx : ESPN: do the right thing or face becoming another irrelevant corporate media behemoth.

indez23 : So...having a degree makes you better ? It didn't give her any manners (or common sense)

Davethepickleman : Apparently, her so called "Fame" went to her head. Rude.. just rude.

notimportant9876 : Sounds like there are many who share her opinion of this company! Check out their yelp reviews...

Nscoaldrag : Wow she reports on what others DO and she thinks she is so great? Wow. get some makeup on please.

lastEvergreen : Team Lads!

DJ Kemp : College educated and she couldn't read the No Parking sign? Appears the only people hiring "trailer trash" is ESPN.

Neal Aitken : What a loser.

Andy Delgado : This fucking SLUT! can't get back on ESPN! They've to make an example with her! KARMA Must Destroy Her!

Lonchanney1 : Tired little t.v. tramp picking on a working class citizen.

Kiamat Datang : What a bitch

Ivy Anderson : Fucking. Idiot

D Gyll : This evil woman should be fired.  This is the same prostitute that breaks into men's locker rooms.  I wonder if she insults men's bodies the same way as she watches them shower and dress.

goongalay : Oh my goodness. A disgusting display of self-importance in ridiculing another person in the process of which she demonstrates her palpable lack of intelligence. Intelligent people don't behave that way. ESPN should do the moral thing and dismiss her, fire her !

Golden Rule : While college educated, Britt M doesn't even have the intelligence to realize her "15 minutes of fame" is happening as she spews her insults. Too bad, Britt, that you'll be most remembered for your bad behavior than any ESPN segment you ever do. I know that I will be changing the channel if I see her face.

Tomahawk2387 : She just mad cause no professional player gave her the D yet... She behind on mortgage payments and car payments and now a tow payment 😆 she need a sugar daddy and haven't got one yet at age 28 she's getting too old now lmfao she'll just be a side bitch with a masters in being a cunt.

Larry Hubble : This reporter needs to be fired!!  She is much too hot-tempered to be a reliable reporter.  And she is also highly opinionated.  I'd kick her butt right out into the street, and tell her to go find another job with her "skill set".

EaglesFan4NRA : Just like ABC fired Hank Williams Jr, (are you ready for some football?) for his insults towards President Obama, ESPN should  and probably will fire this woman for her verbal attacks towards this attendant. When  you work for such a huge company like ABC, ESPN etc, you should understand  that as soon as you walk out of your door in the morning, your are representing your company & expect that  you are probably  on camera somewhere in the public. This woman has disgraced herself and ESPN beyond repair and Im sure she will be gone soon. At least I hope so. HEY, maybe if she's really nice & smiles real pretty... she can ask that attendant if they're hiring?