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michael bloom : What do you guys wanna see from me during the remainder of 2018? Leave any creative ideas in a reply and maybe I could add them to my list and mention you :)

Gamers Therapy : this is pretty good bud. I was able to connect really well and even subbed. Curious to see what happens to you in 2018. Cool editing as well.

Jessica M : Good job/ good luck💓

Dapper Dop : Yo, honestly, I don’t know why... but I like your videos. They aren’t super fancy, nor even in a style that I think I like... I can’t put my finger on it but... I like this. Keep making videos man. You’re an excellent narrator.

Created By Doug : Not sure how I found your channel but good luck. I sub so looking forward to your 2018 vids

ZelniteGaming : I'm fanboying right now. LET'S GO BLOOM I'M HYPED AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. Also you forgot to say your signature outro line: "And don't forget to eat your breakfast."

Rams : Dope

Jackson M : great editing! I havent seen anyone as young as you spending as much time on editing and filming. Love your videos!

XX Temple : You should mak more videos with jack and vlogs and skits btw on your old channel my favorite skit was probly the iPhone 7 leaked or how to transform into anything also my school gets of in 2 weeks keep up the good work tho

Vibranium GD : Make flogs with ur friend and do some gameplays. Also skits too.

Jackson M : your editing reminds me of feel-good inspirational movie editing. very cool!

Ivonne_ Martinez. : I like how you voice over!

JJA : First