Mighty Morphing Power Rangers _ Dragonzord Flute Callings

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The American Soccer Guy : Couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about how the Green Ranger had a dagger that was a flute that sounded like a synthesizer that's trying to sound like a trumpet. And he blew into it with his helmet on.

ANDREW VARGAS : it's a flute yet it plays like a trumpet

Thu Ya Win : How he blow through the mask?

BGDD27 : for anyone trying to recreate this use these notes. G D F G A G and G Bb G Bb Bb C

C&M Punk : I bet little kids today think this looks cheesy as hell but this is awesome for us that grew up on it haha

Neo Machine : 0:20 Behold, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear

Andrew Sickafoose : 8 year old me thought this was the coolest shit!

Mythology Guy : Imagine the current Power Rangers movie gets a sequel and in the sequel trailer it fades to black at the end. But you here this sound: 0:20

Axak : how tf is he supposed to even blow it wearing a helmet

2wingo : I bet that Jason David Frank is REALLY tired of people playing this every time he steps into the Octagon.

Everett Martell : When ever the green power ranger took his flute out I used to get so hype. I miss my childhood.

Samantha N. : Apparently Godzilla is a water dragon ._.

Deka Red : Has anyone else noticed the dragonzord flute's melody kind of fits in with the "go go power rangers" theme? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫ 𝄞 Go Go power Rangers ♪ and ♫ ♫ ♪ ♪ 𝄞 Go Go Power Rangers

Chuy83 : Dee - - dew too - too doo loo!! You know shiz' was bout' ta go down when you heard that. I got hype every time I heard it.

TaekookArMy BTSLoVe : Wand make my monster grow!

Mariano Calò : I am here because Wrestlemania

Vonte Paige : I can tell most people who recognized the Dragon Flute tune last night at Wrestlemania are probably in their late 20’s to early 30’s.

Metadragon : Who needs music that syncs up to the flute playing, he's the Green Ranger!

Ronzeru : My monster IS my wand Rita.....

Biracial Harambe : Tommy's flute sound be lit asf 🔥

Ren Cen : I remember when I was a kid, I always find the dagger fluter and the megazoid so cool!

G Truesdale : Always thought that melody was so badass!

Luis Ortiz : Anyone here after wrestlemania? Lol

Matt Hardy : New Day brought me here

AlbinoTanuki : you know if it weren't for the Green Ranger's mask, his dagger flute would probably cut his lips

Michael Fang : Xavier!!! YOU HAVE SUMMONED ME HERE!!

GothamKnightRX : 57 People got owned by Dragon Zord.

Paul-Octave Hébert : At 00:34, I forgot all about that second fanfare he used to play. That was rare and so cool! :)

J EZRA FELTON : Umm can we say ring tone much.


Martin V : Twitch: Power Rangers marathon made me come here lool

johann lat : If JDF would be signed in the UFC against CM Punk, this would be a great entrance song for Him.

LA TIGRE : Imagine that this green ranger play on this flute and Obama came in.

Ser_ Ryon_Vine : i'll make my monster grow.....

Donald Trump : At least when Regulate is playing you actually get a flute sound, and not a trumpet.

Another Week Music : When you look this up after seeing a meme on Instagram and see everyone basically did the same thing, except instead of admitting it, they just copy exactly what the meme said

sheldon partridge : gotta love the second half of that flute calling .. DA D D DAAH DAAH DAAAAAAAAAAH 

Alonzo Corbin : 1 Million views no comments Guess i will be first The memories are strong with this one.

Fluttershy .Windwing : dragonzord best megazord ever


Raheem Campbell : love the sound of the flute

Mega Hawk : that nostalgia feeling man o man. I miss the nineties

yostin romero : *Una daga que es flauta y suena como trompeta y la sopla un tipo con casco... pero que verga?*

Barreethoven : It’s a flute that’s a synthesizer trying to sound like a trumpet... AND he’s playing it through his mask

Ivø Kamikaze : Alguien mas vino por el meme?

Soulo Dolo : Came here because I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about how the Green Ranger had a dagger that was a flute that sounded like a synthesizer that's trying to sound like a trumpet. And he blew into it with his helmet on.

Randall the Dog : It does sound like Lord of the Rings! lol

Phire Light : Raise your hand if you came here after watching Linkara's latest video because you desperately needed to hear the "Right" Dragon Flute Riff

Rade Ue Masq : I so hope the new power rangers film isn't a bomb. I am looking forward to it.

Levi C : You know how funny and cool alongside with weird this is. 😅😂😂😂