Why Isn't Cling Wrap as Good as It Used to Be?

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Animefan764 : Didn't know that this was even a thing.

Sebastian Elytron : To be fair to them, all wraps are becoming less good. Just look at Wendy's and KFC.

Jonathan Green : I usually store my food in the skulls of my enemies. It's great for the environment.

Donald Hudson : My cling wrap works as good as it always has... Though mines not see thru. Wait, never mind, I just use duct tape. ;)

Gavin : Its developers were spending all of their time improving the stuff. They realized this, and didn’t want to be clingy.

Uriah Siner : Wtf. People call it ‘cling’ wrap?

stiimuli : less clingy, eh? I still spend half an hour trying to get a sheet to stop clinging to itself before i can use it =/

Craig Corson : I challenge you to name something - anything - that IS as good as it used to be.

bamdadkhan : well the 'right decision' would be to not burn it at all.. : / this is just like making everything lead-free. in some cases it's understandable, but in others.. e.g. soldering iron. the stuff barely works since they removed lead from it. even though with enough ventillation you can protect yourself from toxic fumes. people need to be less stupid, not more protected.

Brandon Rainwater : I knew something was different. The new stuff just slides.

fUll 951 : I knew I wasn't crazy

Hustle Hank : Yeah I remember back in the day using this to wrap up all those stolen valuable possessions

Muscle Hank : Becaus it has gotten weaker... 😑

Rahsaan Footman : Question: How does water ruin electronics? And why doesn't it correct itself when the device dries out?

Quaglium Quagnarr : I use Ziploc bags and plastic bins.

elusiveEntity : or we could find a less damaging way of disposing of it

DatoneGuy : Aluminium foil >

NWBackcountry : Why not use a glass, metal, or ceramic container with a lid? No plastic, and no waste.

Christopher Burke : Been using Glad Wrap for decades, nothing seems worse about it than 30 years ago.

Daniel Dulu : I am truly amazed that a big company made the right decision and did it quietly.

Stop Feminism : can you guys do a video about Tarrare the hungriest man in history?

Twinrehz : Here's a revolutionary idea: don't burn trash! (Or at least sort away the stuff that will release harmful gases when burnt?)

jevansturner : Maybe the correct response wasn't to eliminate PVDC. Just stop incinerating trash!

I Annihilate I : You guys ever get an ad on your scishow videos and watch it all the way through? Like even though it has a skip add button. And the only reason being you're too broke to support them on patron.

Budget Bogans : Talk about clingy...

Rebel Assassin : Whelp, Dexter is screwed

etotheitauequalsone : So... where can I get PVDC wrapping?

Solokv Por : What, people call it cling wrap?

teambeining : I think it’s great that they removed a toxic product, but the replacement is worthless. If it don’t work, don’t sell it.

Hyrum Diesen : Just use Tupperware and move on with your day

Bethany Lade : I generally prefer just using a container. Reusable is more cost effective than disposable. Even if you don't have a dishwasher, the dishes for 1 person aren't much, and with a family - take turns.

LudicrouslyLiam : I thought you meant when I try to unwrap it and half of it sticks and I end up having to roll out more than I need to unravel it lol

yayap001 : OMG I thought about this years ago but thought my mom must have switched brands or something, it used to be easier to tear straight because it would stick to the box better.

ScopeEva : Same sad story as asbestos. Apparent wonder material... with less then healthy by-products when it comes to disposal.

fordhouse8b : Is the new formula completely free of dangerous compounds, or just have lower amounts of other dangerous chemicals? Because if it has only one fifth the toxicity of the old formula, what good is it, if I end up using five layers of plastic to keep my food fresh and fridge odor free?

Jam : Clingfilm not wrap ffs

Nicholas Bailey : Not quite first

D Bone : Nah. I'd rather have the old formula back, please.

Ckasp : This further reinforces my belief that if you want something to work great you have to find the most toxic/poisonous product you can commercially get your hands on. Chances are that if they still haven't switched to a less harmful alternative, the product is exceedingly good at what it does.

Glyphed Architect : The real question I have here is: "Does the benefits of the freshness sealing power of polyethylene, while less than the Saran wrap, outweigh the toxic pollutants it puts into the atmosphere when destroyed?" When they destroyed Saran Wrap, it puts a lot of toxic pollution into the atmosphere. When they destroy this new formula, does it put any pollution out there? Does it put out more pollution than the value of just throwing out the food when it goes bad? And also, how much longer does this new formulation keep food fresh compared to just not covering it? Or using a tupperware or other sealable and reusable container? Is it worth it in the long run to use this new formula as opposed to nothing at all as opposed to saran wrap?

Generic Name : Interesting. I too noticed rap just isnt the same as it was in the 90s.

woodfur00 : Well—yeah. I have noticed that. Pretty sure I AM imagining it though, unless my memory as a four-year-old is really that good. Weird.

Andre Vieira : Kinda of like the asbestos thing. Hell of a paint.

Uncle SweetSucc : He he ha ho inside Nates rectum I shall go! EpicNates candy is so sweet, it makes such a yummy winters treat! When his rectum is warmed with the pale hearth light! His happiness spreads throughout the night!

Helge Moulding : The production of PVDC was only partly stopped due to environmental concerns. Chief among the reasons was cost - it actually breaks down very near it's production temperature, turning it from transparent to brown, which means only a small error during production can ruin a batch. I suspect if PVDC were cheaper than its PET replacement, the stuff would still be made from PVDC.

Justin Chipman : I like to use pyrex bowls. The round ones are particularly great because plates can be used as tops once the plastic tops get melted in the dishwasher or your Labrador chews them to uselessness. I try my ass off to never use plastic.

Adam W : Ha!! I knew it!!

I : I just thought I bought a bad brand recently and I was about to go the store to buy a high quality one as soon as I run out of this ineffective Cling Wrap :P

Spike Volcanohead : Sticks to the roll..but not to the bowl.

Dan Coulson : I think I'd rather have the better version, and accept the possibility of pollution. If we keep banning everything, and restricting things the way we are, then everything in the future Is going to suck. What's next? Bio-degradable tires that only last for 100 miles,  and are water soluble... Oh, but they'll still cost as much as regular rubber tires. Or maybe we'll all be limited to government dictated food portions. Every time something changes, it's always for the worse. I'm not saying that the chlorine free version is 'bad', but at least leave the original formula available for people who want to better stuff.