Harnessing evolutionary creativity: evolving soft-bodied animats in simulated physical environments

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Sara3346 : How about eveloving them with two goals, 1. To move. 2. To collect reasorces. ?

PartyPants : Love the jelly look of the creatures. Can't wait for the code!

Joona1410 : When do you think it'll be avaible for download?

Karl Muster : The fish example at the end is interesting. You'd think the spine comes from the biology of animal development, transporting nutrients, protection, etc. But it's functional just based on locomotion. Maybe bony fish evolved just to get away from predators or catch up with prey.

OminousPineapple : I would love to see a game based around this! Maybe a "God-like" game where you first come up with a shape, give it an environment, (ie,, water, ground, food source) you drop it somewhere, and let it go to see if it can evolve to survive. Keep up the great work man!

trallawan : we live in a simulation

LockRay : Very nicely done! Now I need to learn to code so I can make this sort of stuff myself >3>

Ser Albi : I rarely comment on youtube, but this is mindblowing! 😵 Please tell me this is open source or at least if there's like a standalone version that we can experiment with! 😍

Rec0iL : Every week i check this tab i left open... i cant wait for the source :D

Kathy Stevens : This disproves Creation.

newM0nkey : So cool! What physics engine? Any source code you can share?

XregularC : I'm learning to program in school and I love it. I'm not nearly capable of creating amazing things like this and it's making me quite jealous. XD

Skythedragon : Next step? 3d of course!

DrWrapperband : Super work, please release to Github, a lot of people are starting to get interested in evolving systems and this is great stuff.

Daley McPaley : Wow, this is truly the best ALife example I have seen since Karl Sims.

Jabrils : this is quite possibly one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Mateusak : This is just amazing. Neural Networks are the closest way to understand nature. Wait, when I see the fish "developed" a spine, we already understanded how this world was made right!

Kdron : F*cking beautiful.


Comedy Mask : This is a such a cool simulation. I love how they can change to their enviorment.

iTzAgus _ : Soy el único que viene por la piña Kawaii?

Pablo Manuel : Like si ves esto por que esta en la lista de reproducción de la piña kawaii

Spencer Kraisler : Please make a video showing the process of evolution from like randomness to efficiency. This is really interesting :)

robbiedef : no way. I don't believe this project was 'unsupervised' machine learning.What were the parameters given to the 'animats' for evolving?

Jasper Lusson : wheres part 2

Chris K : “So what next?” Don’t play dumb, I think we both know the answer to that: world domination.

Moonray Murray : Hey I'm really interested in the state of computer-programmed evolutionary algorithms and projects, do you use a site for recent information on it or a forum? It's hard to find current videos on youtube at least but this video is only 3 months old compared to most of the others that people upload, which can be up to 9 years old and a bit dated.

DB : VERY COOL! what software allows you to have soft hexagons like that?

Phlimy : This is awesome! I can't wait for the even-better-how-is-it-even-possible thing you previewed, so hyped :D


Zackapo : You should make the animat loops longer, some of the animations were too fast to register properly. great job!

Aaron Estes : I have been waiting for a new, well made genetic algorithm video for a while. Thanks! If there are any more similar to this, I would love to see them!

Thekeygen36 : Man i love this kind of work! Keep it up! Cheers from Argentina!

Fucked Gplus : make them kill eachother and the prey run

Isaac Hemkes : Very cool and interesting. The forever looping music tho..

Across Earth : Damn. I'd like to see one move all day

gyurto : When will this be ready for download?

Fireleaf of Dawnclan : Give me

Kami sama : This is amazing

Pooti McBooti : these are so cool! i cant imagine how other lifeforms on other planets look like

Bit Crack : Kiedy to wyjdzie?/When will it release?

Rymegu : This would be pretty cool if used for a 3D model, I wonder if there is a program like that? I've seen about motor evolution but not physical.

Squid? : i NEED this

fumomo fumosarum : you should absolutely continue working on this thing and make them procreate with 'survival of the fittest' in mind. or in short LET THEM HAVE SEX !

xl : My cat definitely noticed something worth smelling at on the screen

Evan Bialo : 3:14 Spiderpig!

GoogIe PIus : There's two things certain in life: 1. Death. 2. Some nerd uploading his evolution project with no accessible download link.

Lee Kiwi : Great work, may I ask you what engine or environment for making this project? Thanks.

Murad Beybalaev : "Animats"?

Rebecca Armstrong : looks good but .. its click bait as fk ... 2017 sep 6 .. and still no show on the download ??? hmm and im guessing everyone has to come back here to see if 1 becomes available increasing the youtube clicks ... fyi the new system doesnt work like this anymore and actually demotes your channel the more times someone clicks your link but doesnt view the video/adverts the latest views are just a refresh of the system