6 of Just Cause 4's Most Destructive Weapons - IGN First

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DaBeast34 : So many games coming out. Can’t get all them 🙃🙃🙃

De'Rico Turner : There's Tornadoes in the game?? SWEET!!🤩

Hasager : lol he says Just Cause 3 instead of 4 at 1:32

Defalt The rat : During the storyline , must we kiss the cow?

KRALQT : The most destructive weapon in JC3? The FPS drops.

SweetBabyJames78 : 1:14 "Rico Rodriguez is so badass he ignores Newtons third law"

SJFilmingStudios : I'm glad they upgraded the lightning gun, it's going to be a lot cooler than JC3. Also, it can summon the weather...so yeah.

D.V.P GAMZ : This over red dead imo

Eli Bbli : Game of the year

Salom902 : I wish there was options in the game to customize ricos looks.

Juan23 Galvan23 : Best game

Alvet Goodridge : When I get my hands on the Lightning Gun, it'll be Shockingly Aweful for the Black Hand.

TheDark Force : Has anyone actually seen the Just Cause 4 trailer on TV and if so, what channel?

goofed86 : More fun that RDR2

CornOnTheCob : It's like Garry's Mod and Destroy all Humans had a baby

Dionjz11 : Nice slip up at the end there. "While there are a lot of destructive vehicles in Just Cause 3."

James : Lol I like how the RPG is the least destructive, it just shows how insane this game is.

Ultimate Gamer : Anyone get a 2 GB update for JC 4 on Xbox

GeorgioDavid : on console .... 60fps?

Xx_m4rc1_xX : Ahhh wjhy is the jet so slow it was my favourute untill i saw the speed

AJ Hagar : Mmmmmmm destruction

XpertRebel95 : What abt the PHUCVGENHKIOPNVC-67557 lazer gun??...

Light_Bringer : This is my GTA GTA to me is garbage slave supposed entertainment

Big Gamer29 : I know it can't be done but for the shits and giggles i'm going to try and take down tornado with a tank or jet fighter. Who's with me lol:)

Ben Chilcott : Lets be real though, who's gonna care about the weapons when you've got all that grapple hook stuff

Gnomeo O : Well that's a slight downgrade on graphics

nadeem khan : What if Rico ran around in a circle while using the Wind Gun? Tornado perhaps?

Ian Harvey : I hope there will be a tornado gun (not the wind gun)

GamOholic spartan : Can they bring the mini nuke back?

Michiel Daneels : 1:32?????????????

Mr. GetzSideways : Hello

Ra ge : wow that cool bro

jack jack : Nice i am so exited

joshua _official : enyone

Random Account I dunno : The vehicles look like they just explode

snipsicle6 : It's funny that he says just cause 3 at 1:32

Badeend : I remember using the hydra rpg soooooo much in jc3

JC Gregory : Wanna know what I love about the Just Cause games? The freedom to do whatever you please. No limits. No restrictions. Just use your imagination and go wherever and do whatever makes you happy.

Ragheed Eleyan : this game is already dead, why keep reviving it?

BloopinDaThird : I think 🤔 He thinks that he is playing just cause 3 check 1:30 LOL

Mr Gill : Anyone else having problems with PS4 software update 6.02?

Rtx Meatlug : The graphics of this game are pretty. It might be the best looking open world game till date(Yep. Even more prettier than RDR2).

LordDrakath15226 : If only we could go hand-to-hand it would've been perfect.

江仁 : Can Rico roll in JC4 ? I missed JC2 the man who can roll😎

Money Monster : The only thing missing is the bright color just cause 3 covered that

Ezekiel Kraus : I can't wait for this one to come out, I'm totally getting it! Loved JC3!

Scorpio Danny T : 1:14 looks like little action figures being thrown across the universe 😂

Don't subscribe please : You mean Rico $10.000.000 Grappling hook

Yanis Mahdi : Hope they're not going to delayte this game because i can't to play it!!!

mjbDaBeast : I could've sworn there was some type of Nuke RPG